Wordless Wednesday — Strawberry Shortcake (the kind you eat!)

Strawberry Shortcake

It tasted THAT good!

Olivia digging in with her eyes first at Cascadian Farm.

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Written by Janice, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom

Did you know that Susan and I own two online toy stores where you can find unique toys for Christmas like a pedal car or an inspiring toy kitchen. You know, in case Santa needs any ideas!


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    You SHOULD not show pregnant women pictures like that or at least warn us LOL

    now I’m getting ready to go to bed and that is all I can think about 😉

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    lol! @chari, i was thinking the same thing. this is a terrible picture for a pregnant lady to see ;). that mound of whipped cream looks so enticing, and i bet those strawberries were divine!

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    That dessert looks delicious!! And you even included a link so we all know where we can go get it!! YUM!! 😀

    My pics this week are from our weekend visit to the Beirut Memorial in Jacksonville NC.

  4. says

    That looks so delicious!
    She is staring at it with such awe, like she cannot believe that it is all hers.
    What a great photo, thanks for sharing.
    Hope you had as great a time during your whole visit. :-)


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