Scott Stratten Says Don’t Call Yourself a Work-At-Home Mom or WAHM

Scott Stratten from UnMarketing may be a work-at-home dad, but you won’t hear him call himself one.

Scott warns that marketing yourself as a work-at-home mom may be bad for your business.

I asked him to explain…

What Do You Think?

If you’re shopping online and you see the store is owned by a work-at-home mom or dad, does that affect your decision to purchase in a positive or negative way?
What about hiring a consultant? Do you want to know if he/she works at home?

Are you a work-at-home mom or dad?
Do you reveal in your marketing that you are?
Do you feel it is a help or a hindrance to your marketing?

Looking for Scott?

If you’re going to BlogWorld, you can see Scott’s keynote speech this morning! Yes, he’s delivering a keynote speech Thursday, Oct 14 at BlogWorld.

But if you’re not in Vegas right now, you can find the closest UnBookTour stop near you.

(I was so excited that I was planning to attend BlogWorld and see Scott there, but unfortunately I had to cancel my trip. I blew my eardrum on the way to NYC for BlogHer and it still hasn’t healed! I considered driving to Las Vegas, but I just couldn’t bear to be away from my girls that long as it would have added four extra days to the trip.)

I am excited to check out Scott’s UnBookTour in Vancouver on Dec 1st.

Oh and by the way, I finally got back my copy of Scott’s book titled UnMarketing, that Janice had stolen from me.

Make sure you’re following Scott on Twitter @unmarketing and subscribe to his blog.

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder Susan.
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  1. says

    I love listening to him speak. To the point and how it is. Love the part about being a parent vs. a good parent. I can see what you guys are saying though. If someone sees that you are a work at home mom they may think they won’t get 100% of your attention.

  2. says

    Just what I needed to hear–I have been struggling on how to convey being a WAHM. It makes a little more sense on the direction I need to take my blog and website….THANKS :)

  3. says

    I was prepared to disagree with Scott, but after watching the video I agree with him.

    There are people I buy from who are WAHMs, and I love that they are WAHMs. For example, I’ve purchased hand-made toys from at-home parents who pour their heart and soul into what they do. I like that I’m supporting parent-entrepreneurs, who are in the same place as I am.

    But there are certain situations where it’s less relevant, and playing up the WAHM thing isn’t as helpful. I think it’s about recognizing your own particular niche and brand, and what works best there.

  4. says

    Scott is right on the money. How you market your product and the brand are critical to the audience you are trying to reach and influence. You are a business owner first, if you want to attract women like you then fine WAHM is the way to go but I don’t think it is important to do so when the critical issue is your competence in your field or the value of your product/service.

  5. says

    Interesting topic! My first thought is that…I agree. People should focus on their industry and specialty rather than the fact that they are a parent. That said, I always love reading bios of the people behind companies. I am also more likely to choose to work with someone and/or to buy a product if the owner is a parent (or is “friendly” to families).

    You’ve given me something to think about…

  6. says

    I don’t agree totally with him. I feel if you are working with a wahm you’re
    going to have a better more honest try as hard as they can experience.
    I’m proud to say I’m a work at home mom anytime.

  7. says

    Ahhh watching that brings back so many memories. I think it’s crazy that the first time I met this man was while wandering around on the streets of New York. Oh happy times!

    I want to support people that say they work at home because I know that they are doing what they can to be home with their kids. It is really hard to work at home so those that do I really admire!


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