Get Organized with the Busy Body Book

by Jennifer Donovan

New Habits in the New YearOne of the overriding issues behind many resolutions is getting organized. You might be striving to plan better meals for your family so that you can eat at home together. You might be trying to find some time to squeeze in some exercise each week. You might just want to get organized so that you don’t forget school projects and bake sales until the night before!

The Busy Body Book Family Organizer can help you in all of these areas. I love my Busy Body Book! I reviewed and offered one for giveaway here back in August. I have been using the August – September version since then. It also comes in a standard January – December format, which is what we are offering for giveaway today. You can choose between the brown or the zigzag patterns.


What’s so wonderful about the Busy Body Book is not the cover (although the cover is nice and sturdy and has held up well to my four months of usage). What makes it special is what’s on the inside — each Busy Body Book has a grid of five columns which you can assign to your own categories. Some people assign a column to each family member to track individual schedules and make sure that there’s no overlap. Other people (like me) choose to use one column for scheduling and assign some of the others to things such as meal planning, work deadlines, or to log exercise.

If you’d like to win, please leave a comment on this post, and check out the New Habits in the New Year guidelines at this main post.

Come back on January 9 to see if you have won. Please be sure that the email address that you enter with is one that you check regularly, and also check your spam folder when the winners are announced if you see your name.

Busy Body Book has offered our readers a 10% discount through January 9. Just go to and enter the code BBBSP at checkout.  Remember, in addition to the organizer, there is also a great fridge pad that comes in the 5-column format as well.

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