Kukunest Eco-Friendly Children’s Bedding Giveaway

Kukunest Eco-Friendly Children’s BeddingKukunest can transform your children’s bedrooms into places of wonder and adventure that match the creativity bubbling inside them.

Laura and Teri, the moms behind Kukunest, dreamed of creating a line of children’s bedding “embodying a contemporary aesthetic that is visually arresting, colorful and eclectic and above all, meant to fuel children’s imaginations.”

Their dream has come to life with their uniquely modern and whimsical designs of children’s bedding and wall art.

As well as being beautifully designed, Kukunest bedding is crafted with the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials.

All bedding is soft, 200 thread count cotton percale and is made to Öko-tex environmental standards. Öko-Tex is a European certification process which ensures that certified textiles do not contain chemicals harmful to human health. It’s good for the environment and for your child, too.

Kukunest Lantern PatternYou’ll also love to hear that this company takes their pledge to the environment very seriously. Not only have they ensured their products are Öko-tex certified which means there are no negative effects from the manufacturing process, but they also are dedicated to reducing the amount of packaging used.

Personally I find it so refreshing to hear that a company does not require unnecessary shrink wrapping and excess packaging with polyvinyl wrapping. They use minimal packaging that is composed of recycled paper or reusable materials.

Kukunest Intergalactic PatternWith fantastic patterns for boys and girls, in sizes for twin, full and toddler beds, you’re sure to find the perfect designs for your children.

Browse through their site now and pick out your favorite design, because you may be the lucky reader who gets a set of bedding for free!

Yes, Kukunest is generously offering one of you your choice of a bedding set. So, take a look and start dreaming of your child’s new room. Then leave a comment here and let us know if you’d like to be entered. It would also be so very nice of you to share a little link love with this Mom-Owned business by linking to either this post and/or their site http://www.kukunest.com on your own blog if you have one.

(We do have to limit to US shipping addresses, but Canadians you can enter if you live close enough to the border to pick it up or if you have a friend in the US who can forward it on to you.)

We’ll announce the random winner on Tuesday, Oct 23rd. Best of luck to you!


  1. says

    Oh my gosh!!! The lantern set is the most adorable!!! I’ve got to get that for my daughter! I love anything asian, prob cause I’m chinese!LOL My daughter’s half chinese so I always want to get her asian stuff. I’ll definitely be posting about this on my blog! =)
    Please pick me! Please pick me!!! LOL

  2. says

    We just put my son in a big boy bed and I’m really looking for a cute bedding set. I love the intergalatic or the subamarine sets. They would be so cute in his room.

  3. JewelsHud says

    I’d defintely have to say teh Intergalactic set for my two year old. His dad is a self-professed “geek” who loves all things space and this would be a compromise b/c it is SO cute!

  4. says

    Wow! These bedding sets are absolutely gorgeous. I will post something about them on my blog ASAP. Right now I’m here quick while taking care of my sick 4 year old and helping my 5 month old cope with teething.

  5. says

    Oh my! I’ve been looking for something like this since we’re planning on redecorating my daughter’s room. I LOVE the Little Friends theme – Count me in!

  6. says

    My 7-year old is Vietnamese and she’d love that Asian-looking set! Of course, I saw some I’d love for my 1-year old son too.
    Oh please~ enter me!

  7. Ally P says

    I am IN LOVE with the Lantern Festival Set!!!
    Please enter me in the contest, this is one that I deffinetly would LOVE to win for my daughter :)!

  8. says

    I’m in love with that intergalactic set! I always like supporting environmentally friendly companies. If I don’t win I just might have to buy a set! Thanks for introducing us to this company!

  9. says

    So great! I actually have the Kukunest Lantern Festival duvet cover but Roo has a twin bed, so I could use another set… or a Sub Adventure set for Jasper’s big boy bed…

  10. Stacey Maniaci says

    This would be perfect for my son’s room, as we are in the process of redoing it for him. Thanks for the great giveaway 😉

  11. says

    Oh My Goodness, Oh My Goodness, Please Pick My Name From The Hat! Brooke is so in love with the Around the World Set!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways ladies, you’re awsome!

  12. Mrs.Garcia says

    My child would love to be able to redo her room even if it is only with new sheets.
    Please enter me into this contest.

  13. Carolyn Correira says

    What beautiful colors and patterns. The best part is that it is made of environmentally friendly materials. Would love to win this for a birthday gift. Thanks! :-)

  14. Rebecca Peters says

    omgosh…what adorable sets there is..I almost couldnt choose…But I think the Around the World one would fit my daughter and her personality best! Great site!!!

  15. Miranda K. says

    I LOVE the Intergalactic set! This would be perfect for when we redecorate our son’s room. What a cute site as well.

  16. Jennifer Shelepet says

    I love Intergalactic. We just re-did my daughters room, now my son wants his done too. This would be perfect!

  17. Shilo Beedy says

    My daughter has been in need of new bedding and the Latern design would be perfect! This would make another great christmas gift for her.

  18. adina weinstein says

    Since I am teaching my children about ecology and how important it is to help save our world, sleeping in a room on eco-friendly sheets, etc. would be an added bonus for my family and an added great learning tool.

  19. says

    It’s hard to find non-superhero boy bedding! So I like the intergalactic bedding. We are just moving our little guy to a twin. It has been a challenge to find him bedding. :O)

  20. Cole's Mama says

    What a wonderful give away!! The Intergalactic set is too cute for words! If it came in queen, my husband would want it for our room! :) Sign me up!

  21. sue says

    Enter me! LOVE the Asian inspired bedding and would be great for my daughter who is from South Korea! Hope we win!

  22. Theresa Sharpe says

    My daughter could really use this for her room. Right now she has a Green Sheet and a Purple Bratz comforter it makes the room look awful! Pick Me Pick ME

  23. Laura says

    It’s nice to see more and more eco friendly products. Congrats to a lucky winner! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  24. says

    I just wanted to thank you for posting about my contest. It was the first one I ever ran and people were very generous about providing help and stories and support. It was lovely.

    In fact, it went so well that I plan to do another. Right now, I’m asking people to leave comments at my site to tell me what they want me to give away.


  25. says

    cnotu me in… with three boys under three we spend way too much money on diapers to even think about bedding… so I’m definately on board!!!

  26. Sharon Seneker says

    Hi! I would love the twin size “Around The World” for year-round use! Such lovely bedding! Thanks!

  27. says

    How creative and original your bedding is! The Lantern Festival reminds me of my 2 cousins, one is from China and one is from Cambodia. The Little Friends is a great way to teach little kiddos about different cultures. I’m impressed!

  28. says

    I liked the designs so much that I’ve already posted on my blog! It’s beautiful! I love the fact that there’s no well know character designs, and it’s eco-friendly! (close to my heart!)

  29. Julie Davis says

    I love eco-friendly products and will let my friends know about your great site. These look like so much fun.

  30. Stacy M. says

    Love the Intergalactic!!! We are “Home of the Rockets” here in Oak Harbor!!! My little guy would love this!!

  31. Lauralee Hensley says

    I love cotton percale. All the great designs makes me wish I was a child again. The Intergalactic design is fantastic for boys, and I’d like to win it for a special little guy in my life. Good Luck To All.

  32. says

    Oh how beautiful! I would so love to have a gift like this for my daughter! She would just love it and I have been promising a room makeover that is ten years overdue. She has always gotten all the hand-me-downs, but nothing of her very own. I can dream!

  33. Jessica says

    Wow! This is some really cute bedding. I love the Intergalactic set. My son’s room is in fire trucks and dalmations. I wish there was something like that. But it does not matter. I still want to win. Pick me, pick me!

  34. kathleen mitchell gentry says

    my grandson would flip over your intergalactic he is into any thing related to space ships….. would make a wonderful surprise

  35. says

    I would love to have this bedding! I have a son with severe allergies both food and environmental. It is always a challenge to find bedding and clothing for that matter that do not worsen his allergies and eczema. This bedding looks like it would really work for him. Thanks for making me aware of it! :)

  36. betty rood says

    great contest!

    my grandson billy(5) just woke up and came in. he looked over the sets with me and chose the Intergalactic one.(parachute was second choice)..he really liked the color patterns on them.thanks again!

  37. Christy H. says

    Please enter me in this contest.

    My little 5 year old Granddaughter would love the LITTLE FRIENDS set ~ too cute.

  38. says

    WOW! What a generous giveaway! My daughter would so love the Lantern or Around the World set….they are both so beautiful and colorful! I’ve never seen anything like them! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  39. Emma Kieninger says

    too too adorable! please pick me! my daughter will be graduating to a big girl bed very soon — it would be nice to have new sheets to celebrate…

    (and Baby Tea age 16mo)

  40. Dawn Rogers says

    I would love to give my own little girl a set of the Lantern Festival.She was adopted from China in Feb at 3 years old.She would be celebrating her heritage every day! What a great company! Please enter me in the contest! Fingers crossed..toes crossed…

  41. Amber says

    I love all the sets but the Intergalactic one hit home, my son is 47% deaf and planes were his first love & his first word in sign lang. Little Friends reminded me of the it’s a small world ride in Disney :) Good Luck everyone!

  42. Liana de Luna says

    Oh the Lantern set is so gorgeous!!! I’d would be grateful to be entered to win that!! Either way, gratz to the winner!

  43. Kathy Thiel says

    Iwould love to win this for my friends little girl, they don,t have much money, and this would brighten up her room, like a rainbow.

  44. Tina says

    My son will be have his own bed soon and a new bedding would be great to have. Love the bedding sets that are shown here!

  45. Catalina says

    I just love the Around the World set! It’s so lively, it renders so much optimism! I’d definitely like to be entered in the contest!

  46. Willie Jones says

    How perfect would this be in a new room in a new house? This would make my grandaughter feel sooooooo special!

  47. Anna Peterson says

    I would love to be entered for the give away. With five kids five and under we’re always loooking for cute bedding!

  48. Nicole Mytels says

    That little Asian set is so cute! My best friend’s kids are half Japanese. She would love it for her daughter. The rocket set is adorable, too! Please enter me in the contest!

  49. Kimberly Francis says

    I love the Intergalactic. My 3 year old boy loves the moon and stars. We Thank God every night for the moon and the stars and the night sky. He asks God to send him a “Giant” ladder like Clifford so he can go and touch the moon. We also call the crescent moon “Gods toenail”. Please let me win this for my special boy!

  50. Melissa R. says

    My daughter would adore Inter Galactic as she is so interested in the stars and planets. Thanks so much for a chance to win.

  51. oona baker says

    My four year old would be so excited if she won the “Little Friends” set!! It’s just her style and eco-friendly–you can’t go wrong! Thanks!

  52. Heather says

    I want it I want it I want it!!!! I am moving to a bigger place and my 2 year old daughter will be getting her own room and this would look so cute in her bedroom on her new bed.

  53. angie townsend says

    Always nice to find an eco-friendly business to support — and it helps that their bedsets are ADORABLE!! Thanks 5 minutes for mom!

  54. Beth Haughey says

    Intergalactic bedding would be a perfect surprise for my nephew who recently graduated from a crib to a big boy bed. He wants to be an astronaut, or as he says, an “axternut”.

  55. Jennifer Dunham says

    We’ve been in our new home for two years and haven’t been able to decorate our 4 years olds room yet- I would love to win one of these and so would she!!

  56. says

    I would love to be entered! I love the “around the world” set…as a military family, that is one thing we are always doing, going around hte world!

  57. Erin M says

    Intergalactic would go perfectly in my sons room. I LOVE Lantern and wish it came in King size for my bed, instead maybe I’ll get it for my daughter when we redo her room.

  58. Evelyn says

    I love these designs!!! I would love to win Intergalactic but Seriously they are all so cute. I am putting this in my favorites!

  59. Jenny M says

    Around the world perfectly sums up where our baby is as we wait for her in Korea=). As we prepare her room (cant wait to get our travel call) this would help make our wait shorter and easier=). Thank you! I love the bedding.

  60. says

    I LOVE the Little Friends set. How fantastic all the designs are though! Also great to hear this company is eco-conscious. I’d love to be entered to win.

  61. Julie says

    Such beautiful things you have on this site. I would love to own some! I have 3 young children and “outfitting” their rooms is such a costly thing! Hope we win!

  62. Karin Bernard says

    Oh, how cute are these prints!! I think my kids would just love to have any of these designs in their rooms.

  63. says

    Beautiful bedding – such a smart design! I’m in. Thanks for entering me and putting this all together. I’m excited to see who will win!

  64. Christine says

    Please enter me into your bedding contest, I am soon to be Adopting a Baby Girl from China,
    Love the Lantern Festival

  65. Angelia McDonald says

    My daughter is a drama queen and likes her room changed very often. This would e great for the next big event. Enter me Please!

  66. Kristin says

    We are starting the adoption process for our little girl in a few months. We are adopting from China and the Lantern Festival bedding would be perfect. Even if I don’t win, I am keeping a bookmark on the site for later. So cute!

  67. susan says

    I love the sub adventure set! And I love that it is low-impact bedding, very safe and eco-friendly. I shared your link with my moms’ group (over 1000 strong!)

    Your designs are grand.

  68. Lisa Wartner says

    I’d love to win the Intergalactic bedding set for our son who soon will transition to a twin bed! Thnaks for the opportunity!

  69. Maura says

    So super. I love it but would have an awful time deciding between Carnival and Sub Adventure. In real life and for the sheets…

  70. T. Thomas says

    My favorite is “Around the World”. It definitely suits my free spirited daughter! Please enter me in the giveaway. Thank you!

  71. David Hoffman says

    I know 2 little girls that would LOVE to have such beautiful bedding on their beds. Crossing my fingers I can win this for my adorable nieces. Thank you so much for the chance.

  72. Terra Heck says

    The intergalactic betting would be perfect for my youngest son. This bedding ensemble is absolutely adorable.

  73. Heidi O says

    Both of my boys(in toddler beds) would both love the spaceship bed set. Then my little girl would love any of the girly ones

  74. Michelle Carter says

    Oh I love this bedding, extreme makeover just did a home here and the baby room was done in asian, would love to win this to give it to the family

  75. Debbie Childers says

    My favorite sheet set is called “Around the world”whoever design these sheets must have children,These sheets would even look good on my twin bed.

  76. says

    Brovo to Kukunest!!!
    Their bedding in adorable, ethereal, eclectic inspiring!!! Really Dreamy & Magical!
    Free Spirited!!
    What tantalizing designs. Such incredible Color! bright vivid, brilliant. Dancing with hues of happiness…I ADORE their darling charming
    “Lantern Festival!” I see one other set my 3 year old nephew would love to go to bed on time for.
    Have been working on a quilt for m 5 year old girl.
    Theme “Memories of China”.
    Asian inspired little girls playing, ponies, butterflies and lanterns.
    Most stunning bedding I have seen.

  77. Meghan says

    I love these kid-friendly graphic designs! I used to stare at my Pacman sheets while falling asleep– I love the idea of bedding that captures that same bright, friendly graphics to help my little boy create his own good dreams!

  78. Loretta Pontillo says

    What a find! Everyone around me seems to be having kids right now :) and so many people are interested in having unique, eco-friendly things. This is great — I’m bookmarking the site.

  79. Leigh says

    I love this bedding. I adopted a beautiful baby girl from China in May and the bedding with the Chinese girls would be a perfect addition to Kylee’s bedroom. Thanks for sharing the site!

  80. tiffany says

    I love the toddler bed set sub adventure! My son loves sharks and underwater things! This set would be perfect for his room!

  81. Rebel Judge says

    I love everything… especially the lantern toddler bed set!!! I had emailed them before the pattern was available in this size!!!

    Also… you must check out their GiddyGiddy site to see the most beautiful little hair bows…. oh my goodness… I have about 6 for my little girl with fine hair and they are stunning!


  82. says

    This is adorable! We are in the process of adopting our second child from China and this bedding is too freakin’ cute for words!
    I’m posting the link on my blog right now!!!


  83. says

    YES, please enter me for the Lantern pattern, I posted her site on my blog months ago bragging about it (and she so graciously offered a discount for the China adoptive families at that time), but being single and adopting, I still couldn’t afford it, so please enter me, thank you so much!! :O)

  84. says

    I blogged about this fantastic company back in April when their Lantern Festival set caught my eye! I love it, and would love to adorn my little one’s bed in this lovely print!

  85. Karla says

    I would love to win this for my daughter!! My daughter was adopted from China and loves to see other Asian girls on her things. Cute, cute!!!

  86. Colleen OKeefe says

    Hi there! These bedding sets are beautiful! What a great idea. I love the Chinese Lantern pattern as well as Little Friends and Around the World. Any of them would be so apropos for my daughter’s room. She is from China and we are also awaiting (within the next couple of months!) a referral for her mei mei (little sister). We have done her room in “It’s a Small World” theme – – so I love all these patterns! I have to say that Lantern Festival is my favorite though!

    Thanks for considering us!

  87. Becky Carlsen says

    Love the Lantern Festival set. We are adopting from China, and this would be a great set for our daughter!
    Fun contest :)