5 Tips for Resisting “Seconds…”

Ice cream

I was just reading one of Janice’s recent posts over at Cascadian Farms and it got me wondering.

Janice shared that her biggest weight loss/weight maintenance challenge is:

“stopping eating when it tastes too good! I can often resist until it touches my tongue. But then I am gone!”

Since she’s my identical twin sister, I suppose it’s not surprising to hear that I share that weakness. I can have a phenomenal amount of will power until I take that first bite. I can actually go for months without eating chocolate, but then once I have a bite, I eat a ton.

So we both try to follow these 5 Tips to Resist “Seconds”

But I’m wondering what your biggest weight loss/weight maintenance challenge is and if you have developed tactics to overcome that challenge?


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    I actually struggle with emotional eating- which sucks considering I really struggle with depression and anxiety. I can eat super healthy and correct portion sizes and lose weight etc… until my depression rears its ugly head. Then all I want is ice cream. And the sad thing is eating it really does make me feel a bit better- in the short term.

    Another weightloss struggle for me is that I feel defeated before I even start- so why bother trying? I just have a hard time feeling strong enough to be successful.

    I’m a delightful mess aren’t I? :)

    And no, I really haven’t figured out how to overcome that all yet- but if one more person says “just do it” to me I might punch them! 😉

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      Yup – eating ice cream makes me feel great WHILE I am eating it!!! One more reason why I never want to stop! :(

      It can all be so overwhelming. No, you are not a mess. And “just doing it” is easier said than done! I can’t even seem to lose the 5-10lbs I need to lose. Losing is HARD!

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    I have that same problem – along with several others that keep me from losing weight. Like Tara I’m an emotional eater – and right now with being off of antidepressants I am fully convinced that I tend to ‘self-medicate’ with chocolate a lot more. I need to get back on the real meds to help with that.

    My biggest problem though, is motivation. I just truly don’t ‘see’ myself as big as I am. I still think of myself as the ‘normal’ size 12 that I was before having kids and am honestly shocked to see myself in a mirror at times and realize that I’m several sizes bigger than that. I hate how I look, but I’m still in denial about being overweight since I tend to avoid mirrors (and cameras turned on me) as much as I can. I need to accept that this is who I am right now so I can start to really do something about it. I just don’t know how to motivate myself to do so. :(

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      Oh yes, when I am depressed I want to eat too! I hope you can get some help with your meds!

      I am heavier than I usually am right now. And even though it isn’t a huge amount, I do find it overwhelming and hopeless at times.


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