Father’s Day Link Up 2010

Happy Father’s Day!

This past week my son cried almost every night. Jackson was heartbroken that his Dad was going to be gone fishing on Father’s Day. Phil wouldn’t be returning from his three day trip until Jackson’s bedtime on Sunday night.

Phil-and-Jackson-Christmas-2008I tried to comfort my son. “Jackson, you are so lucky that you have a Daddy! And he is only gone for a few days!” But it didn’t help. Jackson is sensitive and sentimental. He wants his Father for Father’s Day.

But listening to Jackson’s cries punctuated my own feelings about Father’s Day. It wasn’t a perfect day in my world growing up. Let’s just say, I didn’t have a great relationship with my father.

I am so grateful that my son has a Daddy he wants so badly to be with on Father’s Day — and a Daddy who is there for him, even though he will miss this “day” by a few hours.

So, for all of you out there who don’t have your “Daddy,” or you never had a “Daddy,” or your kids don’t have a “Daddy,” I send you my love and hugs. Please remember you do have the perfect “Daddy” in Heaven — the only one who will never leave you or disappoint you.

For all you out there who have wonderful Fathers in your lives, I hope this day is blessed and beautiful as you honor them for all they do.

And, most importantly, to all of you Dads out there — please be encouraged. Being a loving, constant force in your child’s world is one of the most important things, if not the most important thing, you will do on this earth. Nothing can replace having a great father — it is an incredible gift that forever changes a person’s world.

Father’s Day Link Up

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    I had an absent birth-dad and two loser step-dads that didn’t last long either… so Father’s day was never a good day for me growing up either! And ya, watching my hubby be such a great dad to our kids brings up a whole lot of emotions- good and bad. I’m so thankful that my kids have a great daddy :)

    When I was a kid my mom used to remind me regularly that God is a father to the fatherless… I never really understood that until watching my husband be a father! Thankfulness all around :)

    Great picture!

  2. says

    You know, it’s such a tough one. I wanted to let the SO take a break from us to do what he loves, but at the same time thinking he should be doing everything fatherly as he humanly can! So I was not letting him off by himself.

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    I really thought the linky was supposed to be for Father’s Day posts, but it seems like everyone is leaving giveaway posts… maybe you could clean it up a little bit? I’m not going to bother posting mine (which hasnt’ been written yet) because it’s, you know, not a giveaway and I don’t want to get lost in the shuffle 😉

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