A Very Special Girl With A Very Special T-Shirt

Earlier this month we ran a review and giveaway for the adorable Bitty Braille handmade t-shirts. And one of our fellow bloggers, Erna from Sweet Serenity, let us know about a little girl who truly deserves one of these precious braille t-shirts.

Ivey in her Bitty Braille T-ShirtIvey is a beautiful little girl who has been handed a tough set of obstacles to overcome.

She has a “rare genetic syndrome as a result of a deletion in her 21st chromosome. She has anophthalmia, which means that she was born without eyes. She also has a trach and a feeding tube.”

But God has granted her many blessings and you can read more about Ivey’s life at her blog.

When Erna saw the cute Bitty Braille t-shirts, she immediately thought of Ivey and knew that Ivey would be blessed by a braille shirt of her own.

The wonderful folks at Bitty Braille agreed that Ivey should definitely have a shirt, and they lovingly donated a custom printed “Ivey” t-shirt to her.

You can see a sweet video of Ivey showing off her t-shirt on her blog.

Thank you to Erna and Bitty Braille for adding an extra reason to smile for Ivey and her family.


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    That is so wonderful of Erna and Bitty Braille! Ivey is such a precious little blessing! I have been reading through her blog, she is beautiful and her parents are awesome!

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    I’m so delighted to see Ivey in her shirt. I first saw it on Ivey’s blog. What a surprise to see that she didn’t get just any shirt but one with her name on it! Too cool!

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    Ivey has captured my heart!!! Watching how cute and beautiful she is and seeing her shining personality through the videos her mom posts puts a smile on my face everyday!! With much love and hope for Ivey!!

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    That’s a blessing, the video of peek a boo is too too cute (on Ivey’s blog) I’ll have to get my niece on of these shirts also they’re such a cool idea!

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