Phonics 4 Babies

Do you have a precious baby who has yet to discover the world of words?

Phonics For BabiesIf you’re still enjoying the learning-by-the-second stage of baby-life, you may want to check out this fantastic educational DVD Phonics 4 Babies.

The adorable Tummy Tots are the perfect teachers to encourage your baby to learn to talk. In a magical world of puppets and sing-alongs your child will giggle her way to phonics success.

It’s unique blend of music and entertainment will introduce your child to vowel and consonant formation, letter and shape identification, counting games, basic manners and more that will unlock their imagination like never before.

If your baby will be getting ready to talk soon, leave us a comment and let us know. We’ll enter you in our draw for 1 of 10 Phonics 4 Babies DVDs.

We’ll draw the lucky 10 winners on Tuesday, Sept 25th. (US shipping addresses only.)


  1. says

    My 20 month old is getting ready to talk! He’s babbling all the time, and we’re supposed to understand! :) Please enter me for this contest! Thank you!

  2. Courtney says

    Please enter me. My 11 month old girl just says “ut-oh” and when she is upset and screaming she throws in a “mama”.

  3. says

    I’d like to be entered!
    (I’m the long-distance Gramma…of a 19 m/o grandson who makes us all laugh trying to communicate. He mimicks the entire sentence- not individual words – so no real simple words are coming out– they’re all strung together in one long babble!)I think he could really use this!
    Thanks for the chance!

  4. Amber says

    Oh, I have a 15 month old babbler. Only words we understand are What’s that? (sat??) ant kitty (ti ti)

    lol not even a momma!!

    please enter me in!!

  5. says

    My 17 month old daughter added cheese and move to her vocabulary today. She’s up to about 10 words now. She learned move because our 90 pound dog likes to stand inbetween us and I’m always telling him to move. HA

  6. says

    We totally need this at our house. We’ve been teaching some simple signs because our little guy is definitely a man of few words (but lots of noise!)

  7. says

    I’ve got a 22-month old boy that still making mostly jibberish sounds, and a very babbling 3-month old girl. I’d love to share this with my boy, and have it on hand when the time comes for my girl. Thanks!

  8. Teresa says

    This would be PERFECT timing for us!!! My youngest is just starting to say a few words and get all of the family member names down. How sweet it would be to win a free DVD :) Thanks for the chance!

  9. Stephanie B says

    My 8 month old is all about saying “Mama”. I was so excited to here him say it even though it was helped along the trauma of getting shots. : )

  10. says

    My daughter is almost 19 months but still not talkintg. She has a few words and several signs but these DVD’s seem like they would be awesome for her. I hope to win and if not I’ll have to go find them in the store!

  11. Katie Sandra Sell says

    WOW..this is just perfect for my daughter..she needs just a little help saying some words..She has trouble with some words..but this would help her so much!! What a great giveaway

  12. Frank B. says

    I guess you need to teach phonics at home so that children will learn how to read properly since they don’t in public schools.

  13. Linda SS says

    Perfect timing! My 15 month old granddaughter is starting to show interest in talking – thanks for the chance to win:)

  14. says

    My Granddaughter was born with a deletion in chromosome #3. No one can really tell us too much about it. We just know she is developmentally delayed. At 34 months, she is just beginning to say some words. I think Phonics 4 Babies is just what she needs.

  15. Margaret Coltman says

    Ooh, please count me in! My little one is making all sorts of sounds that are becoming more recognizable…this wouild be fantastic!

  16. Tom Wick says

    Sounds like something we can offer our 1 year old grandson. Right now he is at the motorboat phase of voicing his opinion.

  17. Marie Noguerole says

    Knowing how important communication is for success in everyday life…thank you for making all of us aware of this educational tool that gives our kids our kids a headstart.

  18. Jemma Mohess says

    please enter me for the drawing I would love to introduce this DVD to my 10 month old. Thank you in advance

  19. Brenda says

    My grand daughter loves the Phonics 4 babies and I have been trying desperately to find lyrics for the songs. Any body have any suggestions besides listening, pausing and writing the words down. LOL

  20. raphaleta cruz says

    i would like it for my son he,s two years old he just stop talking i give anything to hear him say mommy


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