How Busy Are You?

If you’re a woman, chances are you’re busy. And if you’re also a mom, well then… it’s pretty obvious… You’re beyond busy.

Life as a mom is always busy, and often times just plain chaotic. (Janice and I live deep in the world of chaos.)

But The Busy Woman, Inc. offers organizing solutions to help us crazy busy women manage the madness.

For over seventeen years, The Busy Woman Inc, has been on a mission to help women organize their lives, starting with their schedule, then moving onto their purse. Based on the simple question, “How can you find everything you need when you need it?” we found the best organizing purse that works with your planner.

Busy Woman OrganizerTheir signature line The Busy Woman’s Daily Planner® is designed by women for women.

They also have a support system in place to help you get started using your organizer.

Susie, the President of Busy Woman Inc., recommends that women start simple with their organizer. You only want to include what you need and not get lost in the clutter of extra tabs and pages.

The Busy Woman’s Basics MAUVE Binder Classic is the perfect way to get you started.

And yes, one of you is going to get started with this fantastic classic organizer for free!

Just leave a comment and let us know if you’d like to get your chaos under control with this Busy Woman Organizer.

We’ll draw the winner on Tuesday, Sept 25th. US shipping addresses only… Canadians you can enter if you live close enough to the border to pick it up, or if you have a friend that could forward it on to you. Also, please remember to add our site to your safe senders list so that you receive our email to find out if you win.


  1. Jill H. says

    funny thing…years ago I used (and loved this planner…but lost touch with the company…so thanks for digging up and oldie but a goodie! (at least it looks just like what I remember)…sign me up!

  2. says

    Oh I so need this! My oldest just started preschool and we’ve recently built a house. Trying to remember when contractors are coming and when my son is supposed to wear yellow is making me crazy.

  3. Jenna says

    Chaos. That’s what we have over here. Between my appointments, Josh’s work days and Nick’s “social” schedule, I don’t know how we’re going to fit Parker in! LOL

  4. Julie Robinson says

    I love schedules – organizers – checklists – color coding – etc. . . . I would absolutely love to win one of these!! Help with the chaos!!

  5. says

    My life NEEDS to get under control! Between remodeling our house, out of town guests, planning birthday parties, planning events for work…and well just everyday life, I’m going nuts! I would LOVE to have a great planner to help organize my life!

  6. says

    I’m constantly making list that get eaten by a baby, torn up by the dogl, lost in the cushions, etc. Or forgeting an appointment. How I wish I was more organized.

  7. says

    I would love to win one of these. I am trying VERY hard to get organized right now. I used one of these organizers a long time ago, but I never replaced it.

  8. says

    It amazes me how I think of something that would make my life easier, and later click over here and lo and behold, you’re giving one away! Sign me up please lol :)

  9. says

    Oooooh, you should see the calendar I currently have posted on the mirror in the living room. Every single space is filled . . . I had to print out weekly calendars to make sense of it all! This would be wonderful!

  10. Margaret Smith says

    Thanks for the contest.
    I could so use this. Lately, I’m such a scattered brain and any help organizing would be great.

  11. says

    Count me in. I am finding I am busier than I thought. Since my daughter turned 4 she has started dance, preschool 3 days a week then you add library, dentists, doctors, and store visits to our family of 5 and things can be hectic!

  12. Cyndi Loveless says

    Too busy here! 2 teenagers, marching band, trumpet lessons, 4H, 2 dogs, 5 cats, 3 rabbits, finches, a conure…and no job,,takes a lot of work to look!!

  13. Debra says

    Busy, busy, busy! I have four daughters and an active duty husband. After taking care of the brood I barely have time to think let alone get my homework done!

  14. Sonja Thomas says

    I homeschool a third grader and a kindergartner, have a six month old, and a dog! Never enough time to organize properly…

  15. Jennifer Barnett says

    I have to make lots of lists. Post-its are best, because I stick them around the house and even in the car to remind me of what I need to get done.

  16. Paula says

    This is exactly what I need. I’m always asking my boyfriend to calendar things for me and he’s very good at it but i’m sure he would like me to keep track of my own life.
    I need help!

  17. Becky Mize says

    The busy woman’s daily planner would so help me out in my daily plan…which i really don’t have a plan but i bet this would help!

  18. Linda Murray says

    YES! I’m the head of an organization in our state which creates a lot of paperwork. I’ve downsized from an 8+ room house to a 4 room house and it IS CHAOS! I’d love to be able to get organized again with the Busy Woman’s Organizer.

  19. Britt Brill says

    I could really use a little organization in my life. I work with kids with Autism and have a different work schedule every day…it would be nice to have a way to keep that organized as well as family events and outings. Please help!!

  20. says

    Holy cow, I LOVE the Busy Woman Organizer. I took their personality test, and I’m a type B. I couldn’t have described myself better! I’ve been searching for a new organizer (after all, only three months left in the calendar year!), but hadn’t yet found one I *had* to have. If I don’t win your giveaway (please, oh please, oh please pick me!), I’m going to order one. What a great product.

    Fabulous giveaway, ladies!

  21. Constance Swearingen says

    Busy doesn’t even begin to describe my life. And having a teenager with Down Syndrome, there is never a boring day. :) thank you

  22. Kim Kinggard says

    I am so busy 24/7 I hardly have time to breathe let alone anything else this looks like it could help organize me better something I cant keep going on like this

  23. Elizabeth Baer says

    I’m a homeschooling mom of four who does part-time childcare for three different familes. I could use help organizing our schedule.

  24. robin_kenner says

    Need this??? Let’s see, one AHDH 9 year old daughter with 3 different activities twice every week, 5 grandchildren in 3 different cities (within 2 hour drive) with their weekly events – not to mention my step-children and spouses with their get-togethers – did I mention the 9 year old has ADHD – I could use a new vehicle with a driver and another 40 hours in a week. Whew!!

  25. Jackie says

    I was just telling my grandmother I keep my info on my desk calendar and all of my work gets piled on top of it so I still miss important dates!

  26. Vicki says

    I am BEYOND busy!! Full time jobs, two kids, two houses and hubby and I just started two businesses! Do you think I need some organizing? :)

  27. Sherry Ford says

    This is great. I guess I’m like the rest of the women in America, we work hard take care of a family and more. I’d love to have the organizer.

  28. Margaret Coltman says

    How busy am I? Let’s see – professional musician, run my own business, new mom and step-mom to a 13-year-old boy who lives with us full-time, getting a qualification in a new side-business…I barely have time to fill in this comment!

  29. Kathy says

    How did you know that I was an hour late for a meeting at the bank today because I couldn’t find the important papers I was supposed to bring?!!!

  30. Joyce Pawlik says

    Liquidating my mom’s estate. caring for my daughter’s two year old while she works and picking up after my husband the absent minded professoor and crown prince of clutter means I vote for a thirty hour day!

  31. galena says

    hi well it is like thus i use my calandar to keep track of every thing and as a diary of sorts. hence i could make use of what your offering.

  32. Tiffany says

    Trying to keep everything organized for myself, my husband and our two children can be very hectic — something like this may be just what I need to get back in control of our chaos!!!

  33. says

    I would love this. I’m planning a wedding and have tons of events with my husband for his work. Our two infants have us running around too. This would help me out a lot. I’m always forgetting about something we have to go to.

  34. Letitia says

    Omg, I am definitly a busy mom, I have a 9 year old, a 3 year old, 16 month old and a 2month old. I definitly need this.

  35. Nicole Mytels says

    This would be great for keeping track of all of my son’s autism therapy appointments. Please enter me in the contest!

  36. Suanne Giddings says

    I just found my sticky note — with things to do from last Wednesday — attached to the back of my wallet. Where was it when I tried to find it at the store last week??? I need a LOT of help with organization. Please enter me!!!

  37. says

    Hi Ladies,

    This is Susie of The Busy Woman, Inc. We sold out of this set, but The Busy Woman’s Daily Planners are on clearance right now. You can still get the basic Busy Woman Basics. I hope this is okay to post. I just didn’t want the readers to be upset when they got a 404 error page.

    Blessings and Peace,


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