Send Your Preschooler To Siberia

by Susan

The Little Einsteins need your preschooler to travel with them to Russia to rescue Rocket’s friend Firebird!

Little EinsteinsThe Little Einsteins new full-length adventure movie Rocket’s Firebird Rescue is here.

The message is of teamwork, friendship and compassion and it’s full of action, music, magic and fun. Your little ones will love being swept away on this exciting journey to Russia where they will help the Little Einsteins save Firebird.

You won’t even mind the hearing the movie in the background while you work around your house… it’s creatively set to the music of Igor Stravinsky’s “Firebird” ballet.

We have 5 copies to offer as prizes. So if you think your tiny tot is ready for the mission, just add a comment to let us know. We’ll draw the winners on Sunday, Sept 9th. (I’m sorry Canadians, this one is for US shipping addresses only. But if you’ve got an American friend who can mail it on to you, that’s always an option.)

Here are some Activites and Clips to enjoy with your child:
Clip 1: Ballet
Clip 2: Try to Stop Rocket
Clip 3: Instruments

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