A Softer Side To Crawling

Comfy CrawlersExploring the world on hands and knees can take its toll… Especially these days with so many carpets being torn out and replaced by hardwood, laminate and tile flooring. That new floor may be easier to clean, and look so much classier, but ouch… that’s hard on the knees.

Your precious little baby has just discovered mobility and he’s out to discover the world — well at least the interior of your house — and he’s not about to let sore knees limit his journey. But, if there were a way to soften the road for him, why not jump on it?

Comfy CrawlersFortunately for the rest of us, one smart-thinking mom named Marina came up with a solution…
Comfy Crawlers!

These brilliantly designed pants include “cushy knee, shin and rear pocket foam pads for crawling, scooting and toddling infants.”

Comfy Crawlers are lovingly handmade in the US and are sold through Marina’s company Gissy Bella.

The soft padding protects the delicate skin on baby’s knees as she crawls on hard and uneven surfaces. And as baby begins to walk, all those tumbles are easier to handle when her knees and tush are lightly cushioned.

You can get more Inside Scoop about Marina and her comfy crawling creations in her write up in our Mom-Owned Stores directory.

Khaki Comfy CrawlersWe’re giving away 2 pairs of Khaki Comfy Crawlers! Each winner can request their desired size.

If you’d like to win a pair, please leave a comment. We’ll draw two random winners on Friday, September 14th. This contest is open to both US and Canadian shipping addresses.

And for everyone who doesn’t win,
Gissy Bella is generously offering you a 30% discount off your order.
Simply use the code: 5minutes

We trust your baby will love this softer side of crawling.


  1. says

    This would be great for our baby due in January. What a wise mom to make this product! (I don’t know if this contest is open to Canada but if it is, count me in.)

  2. says

    These would have been nice for my older girls, but I’ve got one who can use them now and another one coming who can use them later! Great idea!!

  3. says

    We are moving to a house with wood floors throughout and I have been worried about Elliott’s little tooshy and knees. This would be so great to win or buy at the discounted rate!

  4. Lisa says

    I’ve been wishing for baby-sized kneepads all summer long! These look great for fall, especially for outside where there’s so much to fall on. :) Thanks!

  5. says

    My little one is just starting to crawl and the poor little guy’s knees stay red and looks so sore. I have been looking for some type of knee pads (I know I had some way back when for previous babies). This would be the perfect answer!!

  6. says

    What a great idea! I could really use this for my crawler. He has to bear crawl because we have all hardwood floors and it hurts his knees. What a blessing for him these pants would be!

  7. says

    thank you for your wonderful comments! I look forward to sending a pair of our Comfy Crawlers to the winner! And to all the non-winners…you can still get a great deal! Use your 30% discount voucher offered only at 5minutesformom.com!
    Again, I appreciate all your kind comments!
    -Marina Westerdahl, Comfy Crawlers creator

  8. Diane S says

    What a neat idea. Giving them some cushion so it doesn’t hurt as much. So much wear and tear on their little knees.

  9. says

    What an awesome idea. Now if they only came in big size for the children with severe/multiple learning challenges I work with.

    Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway.

  10. Heather Vogler says

    I was just telling my husband how we need pants like this for our 7 month old who is cruisin’ all over the place. He said our baby’s knees will toughen up on their own but if I win a pair, maybe he’ll see how great they really could be!!!

  11. Jillian Sorenson says

    These are adorable! They would look great on my friend’s little girl who is going to start crawling any minute!

  12. Kathy says

    Great idea! My 7 month old granddaughter is ready and set to go any day now. She gets on all fours, and looks like she wants to take off!

  13. Lourdes Delfin says

    My son Jack (7 months old) already owns 2 crawling pants and absolutely LOVES them. He has been crawling for a month now and it surely helps his knees to have the padding. Jack would love to win some more for Grandma’s house and her ceramic tiled floors…

  14. Amanda says

    I thought about this too because of my hardwood floors and low and behold, someone else had too!! Though she sews much better than me…

  15. DaddysDarlin says

    Oh what a wonderful idea. My newest granddaughter is about ready to start crawling and these pants sure would be nice to begin that process with.

  16. Romina says

    My daughter is 9 months and is FINALLY starting to get up on all fours. We think this might be the week she will begin to crawl! These look adorable and very comfy – especially for my baby girl, Natalia, who has to learn on hardwood floors!

  17. Michelle Golden says

    What an ingenious invention! It’s wonderful that other little crawlers out there can benefit from a creation you designed for your little ones. My baby boy’s knees sure are glad you thought of it!

  18. Jenni says

    I bought a pair of these pants when my son first started crawling. Whenever he wore them he zoomed around the house so much faster and happier. I think they really did help protect his little knees. I love the comfy crawlers. I’m a big fan!!

  19. Fawnda Stewart says

    I would love to win a pair of these adorable comfy-crawlers for my best friend who is having her first baby!


  20. Johanna says

    I already have a pair of these awesome pants and would LOVE to win another pair. My son is 7 months old and he does not like our hard and cold marble floors, but does not stay on the carpet area either:):):)

  21. Alison McClellan says

    We love our comfy crawlers for our son as we have tile through out our house. His poor little knees were so red before and now he crawls along happily!


  22. Donna H. says

    As a child (and adult) with extra padding everywhere but the knees, I simply LOVE these and wish they had existed when I was learning to crawl. My mom has photos of my bruised knees, and I never want to see my little ones suffer this fate.

  23. Tamara Leonard-Merritt says

    How cute what a great idea.

    No more stick-on sanitary napkins for knee pads! Just kidding, but I HAVE seen them used for all sorts of things besides what they were originally manufactured for.

    Did I make you laugh? 😉

  24. Kelly-Anne D says

    I agree. I am a Nanny for an 11 month old and her knees are pretty red and rough from the tile floor. I can’t wait to get a pair.

  25. Erika Monroe says

    What a great idea! My 10 month old son just started crawling! 1 month ago we put in laminate flooring because he has asthma and we have 2 dogs who shed. It is much easier to deal with the pet hair. James just learned how to crawl Monday Sept 1st his little legs get sooo cold and red. When we put pants on him he has no traction and ends up on his tummy! poor little guy! Can’t wait to get a pair!

  26. Lisa says

    The pad in the knee area does not stay in the knee area. I like these but I also cannot leave these pants on my baby 24-7 (which is the amount of time my baby wants to be crawling) = (

  27. sara studley says

    I’m looking forward to seeing my baby crawl for the first time. It will be so much easier for him to crawl on our hard floors thanks to these pants. Great idea.


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