Thursday Thirteen
13 Reasons I Love Age Four

Thursday Thirteen
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Almost every age that Jackson is, I think is the perfect stage and do not want him to grow a day older. Being my only child, I just drink in every sweet moment and don’t want it to end. Now, I am not crazy – there are a few exceptions to this rule. Teething and separation anxiety were not fun.

But I really love age four! (Jackson is four and a half.) He is beginning to be a child, separate from me. It is so exciting (and liberating) to watch. I know these new steps are just the beginning of bigger ones to come – but I am reveling in each one! And while growing up can be bittersweet, I am trying to focus on the sweet.

So here are 13 Reasons I Love Age Four:

13 Reasons I Love Age Four

  1. No more diapers and very few accidents.
  2. He can carry on such great conversations.
  3. Adorable comments Jackson says like, “There is just so much to say. I can’t say it all. Like I love, love, love, love, love you Mommy. You are my precious Mommy…”
  4. Snuggles, hugs and kisses. While He has his moments of playfully refusing to kiss or hug me, Jackson is a huge cuddle bug. He has always been and it still hasn’t changed. I know it may end soon, so I am treasuring each snuggly second!
  5. No more separation anxiety and good-bye tantrums. Yes he still complains a little about missing me and prefers me to pretty much anyone (hey that makes a girl feel good!) but in general he happily stays at Preschool, Daycare, Auntie’s house etc. It is such a relief to walk out the door with him not even bothering to stop playing as he calls out good-bye.
  6. He can play with friends without major supervision and interference. Now of course I am watching or within earshot, but now he and his buddies can actually play without many tears, conflicts or handholding.
  7. Everyday I get to know him more. I love seeing Jackson develop into a little person and discovering more about his personality.
  8. Witnessing him learn about God and his sweet, pure love for Jesus. (I pray I get to watch this through every stage of his life.)
  9. Listening to him pray to God. His prayers are so honest and simple. Almost every prayer he says begins with “Thank you God for my friends and family”– whether it is at meals, bedtime or whenever. (He came up with that line himself.)
  10. Independence. He can dress himself, brush his teeth, put on his shoes, open the van door, etc., almost all by himself.
  11. Very few temper tantrums. Yes he screams, misbehaves and tests boundaries constantly, resulting in many time outs some days, but he is past that insane, cannot reason or calm down temper tantrum stage.
  12. Watching him learn. He will learn everyday of his life, but I really enjoy this stage of learning as he masters his letters and now begins to read words, learns more French, learns how to use the computer etc. With each new achievement he beams with pride.
  13. He is just so cute. Ok – this is at absolutely every stage – but hey I am still loving it!!
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  1. says

    oh, it seems so long ago. My son just turned 6…I really dont miss many of the things on your list

    thank you for visiting my list

  2. says

    It’s that magic age right before they go off to school!They become independent and out of the terrible 2s or is it the terrific 3s. Enjoy him. Mine starts first grade this year, and I’m really going to miss not having him around the better part of the day!
    Happy Thursday! Thank you for visiting my list.

  3. says

    Seems like eons ago to me too. My children are 13, 11, 10, 8, and 8. The last three are my step-children, but we share equal time with their mother; two weeks on and two weeks off. I’m thinking age four was a lovely time. Yup, my kids were much sweeter then. :)

  4. says

    Yeah, four is a fantastic age. They’re still young enough to be your baby, whilst being old enough to actually do things. You’re right to relish every moment of it:-)

    I’m dreaming of the day I can finally get rid of nappies! Probably at least another year to go tho:-(

    Although, I’m quite looking forward to 18 too – when I get rid of them & can start living my own life again;-)

    Mrs aginoth/Juggling mother

  5. says

    I love every age. It’s so fun. 8 year old nephew is a person, with real personality and at that stage that he thinks he is a grown up and then does something silly that a boy should do.

    5 y.o nephew, just love watching him want to do everything his brother does and then decides that he needs to play hide and seek, so he closes his eyes.

    20 month old princess (niece) every day is a new word, or look or something. She has so many things that she does that are like her cousin and she is so like her mother. Total nurture. And she makes me laugh so hard.

    All ages rock, they are soooo fun

  6. says

    I can’t wait! It sounds like so much fun. I really like the age my son is at (8 months)- he is growing so quickly.

    My TT is up.

  7. says

    Ohhhhhh, how sweet! I just love my 17 mo old little guy. We are teaching him to say a Hail Mary every night and he’s been finishing it with “I love you, Jesus!”. All on his own. It is so cute.

    My TT is up.

  8. says

    He sounds so cute! My niece loves to talk to God. She’s 2 1/2, and as honest as they come. She’ll tell God whatever is on her little heart! So adorable!Mine are up here and here!

  9. says

    Sorry I dont participate this week but thanks for the comment.

    What happened? well to make a long story short , do you think i have the right to be jealous and angry when i found out that he has a blog full of women with boobs and some naked? not one or two but 40! and he said it’s just friends, should i believe him?


  10. says

    You are right, every stage of a child’s life is wonderful. While there are ‘times’ (not sleeping, adolescence), the good far outweighs the bad if you let it. What a shame some people only see the negative–“I can’t wait until he outgrows this,” or, “I’m dreading the teenage years.” I had some tough times with mine when they were teenagers(nothing horrible, mostly curfew kinda stuff), but every day is a new day, every minute is a new minute. Would I like to have a moment where my little one says, “I love you ’cause you am my mommy!” back again? Not really, ’cause right now mine are the best 16, 19, 21 and 24-year-olds you could ever imagine. And one day, your wonderful 4-year-old will be a wonderful 14-year-old! How could he not be, with so much love around him?

  11. says

    I like four. I like the independence that comes with it and the dependancy that is still there! My son is five. I must admit to liking five a lot right now too! But I think, four through eight are my favoirte ages. (Of course, that’s the ages my kids are now….and I really don’t want my daughter to become nine….but maybe I’ll like nine too!)

  12. says

    I wouldn’t mind becoming 4 again. lol. Or returning to 1981 when I listened to 13 random songs listed at Bloggin’ Outloud. Can you guess the artists? lgp

  13. says

    Mine will be 4 in November and I am excited and scared all at the same time. I want her to stay young forever, but at the same time, its so fun watching them grow up and knowing that you are the main influence in their life. Thank you for sharing.

  14. says

    Hi Janice!!
    I couldnt’ find your e-mail and I had a question for you — would you mind shooting me your e-mail onc again? I know I had it at some point.

    Hugs to you!

  15. says

    This made me want to cry thinking about the times ahead for Justice and I. I cannot wait till I get to really teach Him about Jesus. I play songs, read to him, and sing songs about Jesus and I really look forward to him really taking it in. Praying with him at bedtime. Four does seem like a great age. I am loving each stage Justice is going through. This one is wonderful. He is really starting to get his motion going. Tonight he pulled up for the first time to a standing position. Gosh how they grow up so fast!
    Oh you asked about Linda Hirshman. She wrote a book about how it isn’t good for moms to stay at home and that it is better for society if they go back to work. She thinks that women should pursue wealth, power, and position in the work force and staying home is not a real job. It infuriated me seeing her interviewed the other day and I have read several blogs mentioning it as well.
    Thanks for stopping by today. I may not be able to do Tackle It until Wed. due to the 4th–so it will be a Work It Wednesday for me. See you then!

  16. says

    I agree, 4 is a great age. My third is 4 1/2 and I love her innocence and how proud she gets when she learns something new. They also really start to develop an imaginzation at this age. I love to watch her imagine.

  17. says

    oh i got teary-eyed there. makes me want my son not to grow up too fast. thanks for sharing. i’m looking forward to age four!
    my 13’s up!

  18. says

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & commenting on my Thursday 13 (and the broad and diverse range of my musical tastes)!
    What an honor, to get a visit from one of THE 5 Minutes For Mom ladies! =D
    You know what’s sad? I see your blog link in alot of places & I’ve been over once, but had no time to stick around & explore. =( It seems like I don’t have 5 minutes to visit.
    I gotta find me some more minutes in my day. I’ll be back…

  19. says

    Oh, and duh! (It’s been a rough few weeks at work & I’m just frazzled here…) Pardon the double commenting. =)
    Your post was great! Our little Bean will be 2 in August. I’m not trying to rush her growing up…it will happen quickly enough on it’s own…but I do wonder what’ll be like when she can brush her own teeth & get herself ready for bed. =)
    Jackson sounds like a sweet, sweet boy! =)


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