The Magic Ends…

by Janice

For four and a half years I could fix things with a kiss. I remember Jackson holding out his injured arm saying, “Keep kissing, it still hurts,” truly believing that Mommy’s kisses had power.

So the other day, when I heard my sweet child’s screams of pain, I ran to tend to his injuries and offer a kiss.

But instead my little boy retorted, “Kisses don’t help anything – they just give germs.”


edited to add:

Tonight as I was checking a few blogs, I read Diane’s heartwreching post about her son’s agony suffering with a severe mood disorder. If you haven’t already visited, make sure you read her post “Does it make any difference son—that I love you?” posted on Thursday, June 22 and send them your prayers.

A Mother’s love does have power.

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