The Magic Ends…

For four and a half years I could fix things with a kiss. I remember Jackson holding out his injured arm saying, “Keep kissing, it still hurts,” truly believing that Mommy’s kisses had power.

So the other day, when I heard my sweet child’s screams of pain, I ran to tend to his injuries and offer a kiss.

But instead my little boy retorted, “Kisses don’t help anything – they just give germs.”


edited to add:

Tonight as I was checking a few blogs, I read Diane’s heartwreching post about her son’s agony suffering with a severe mood disorder. If you haven’t already visited, make sure you read her post “Does it make any difference son—that I love you?” posted on Thursday, June 22 and send them your prayers.

A Mother’s love does have power.


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    The magic never really ends, it just matures into other avenues of expression! (Atleast that is what I tell myself!)

    Im off to visit the link you posted… I hope you have a great day!


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    Thank you for the sweet post. Our kids say the funniest things at times, don’t they?

    I visited the link you offered and oh wow, what a post! Thanks for sharing!

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    Mine are 13 and 9. They still want me to kiss it make it better. There are some things you just don’t want them to grow out of.

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    It is kind of sad when they realize that kisses don’t really take the pain away. Right now, my littlest still runs to me for kisses when she’s in pain. And she kisses me when I get hurt. It is so sweet!

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    I wonder if when he’s a young man he’ll still think kisses give germs! :) Bittersweet the first time they say something like that, isn’t it? Sad that they say it, but hard not to chuckle at the logic.

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    Mine just entered the stage where I have to kiss everything and I love it. She’ll make it up just so I give her kisses! Both hands, both knees and both feet are constantaly getting reinjured…AND CONINCIDENTALLY…all at the same time!

    Your boy is so funny and smart!

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    Yeah, it is sad when our boys ‘grow-up’ and they don’t need the hugs and kisses any longer.
    Thank you so much for sharing the link to Diane’s post. She is an incredible woman…

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    I read your comment on one of my posts, Tori Spelling, I have heard that before. My goal has always been when raising my children that If I can raise them to love God the rest will fall into place. I had to live without Parents who loved me and it is so lonely. My Children are deeply loved and I am so grateful. Thanks for your rich words. They mean alot.
    Have a wonderful day!

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    Boy do I hear ya. Mine is just 3 years old but he is already cutting down on mommy kisses, only something REALLY bad is allowed to be rewarded with the kiss LOL

    Hope you have great weekend :)

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    Thank you so much for linking to that post! It filled me with admiration, empathy, and thanfkulness. No matter where our children are in age, mental or physical health, or situation, we will never stop loving them will all our hearts and souls. It can be awful, but it’s also wonderful.

    I really like your blog!

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