5 Steps to Embracing Simplicity in a Photograph

by Erin

Simply… Go-Gurt’s Embracing Simplicity contest here at 5 Minutes for Mom inspired me to think about how to capture Simplicity in a photograph. Here are my thoughts:

  • Choose a simple subject. Light coming in from the window is a simple way to make an everyday object beautiful.chair
  • No need for fancy props, tutus on babies, or anything fussy. Snap the things in life that bring you comfort every day.fan
  • Minimize your Photoshop time. Let your camera help you with exposure and focus, and you’re 90% there. I found this leaf on a walk the other day and spent less than 2 minutes in Photoshop adjusting it.leaf
  • Keep your portraits simple. Zoom way in so that you are only including the face, or maybe a hand or foot. Avoid distracting details – simple beauty is enough.edited baby
  • Sometimes, one image is all you need to tell a beautiful story. Focus on key elements and don’t feel compelled to capture the entire scene.tutus

Show us how you Embrace Simplicity. Find the details on entering the 5 Minutes for Moms photography contest here.

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Erin helps moms become better photographers anywhere she can. Her home blog is Texas Chicks Blogs and Pics, where she caters to mommy photographers and the Photoshop Elements crowd. She is the director of advertising for Clickin' Moms, where her job is to spread the word that Clickin' Moms is THE place to improve your photography skills and get quick and supportive answers to your questions. And, she is working with Jodi of MCP Actions to convert her wonderful actions forPhotoshop Elements.

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1 mindy April 23, 2010 at 11:46 pm

Very nice tips! Thank you. I need to get out and shoot more.


2 Liz April 26, 2010 at 2:40 pm

I really need a new camera. My husband wanted to buy me one for Christmas but we never had the chance to do any research. I think it is time.


3 Marcel April 28, 2010 at 12:50 am

Beautiful shots Erin! Thank you for reminding me to step back and enjoy “the simplicity’ of the moment.


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