Horizon Organic Contest Extended…

We just wanted to let you know – in case you missed the post about it – that due to the down time during out hosting change last week, we extended the duration of the Horizon Organic contest (you can win $300 of free dairy products!!! Click over and enter!) for another week to give you all extra time to get your comments in.

The winner will be announced August 2nd, 2007. All entries must be in by 12am Eastern, Aug 2nd. If you have commented already at the Horizon Organic post, please check that your comment is still there and was not lost in the change. If it is missing, please leave another comment to enter. (Please do not leave duplicate entries.)

PLEASE NOTE: To enter the Horizon Organic contest, do not leave your comment at this post. Click over and comment on the contest post. Thanks!


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    Oops! Sorry! I only saw a recent post about a different contest being extended. I already entered, but I am really happy that lots of other moms can try to win for their families too! Awesome. What cool ladies you are Susan and Janice. :)

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    Our family loves Horizon Organic products. It’s nice and rewarding knowing you can trust the dairy farms for the freshest products at all times. We would love to win a contest like this!!!

    The Peyton Family

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