A 5mm Kidney Stone Has Taken Up House Inside Me

Susan here…

After a day of camping out at the local Emergency Room, I was finally given my ultrasound sound results from earlier that morning.

It turns out as we suspected that my cramps and blood were the results of stones scraping around inside my kidney. But I didn’t expect the radiologist to actually see the stone in the ultrasound.

My last trip about 3 weeks ago to the ER ended with the assumption that I had kidney stone(s) but the ultrasound didn’t reveal any images of the actual intruders. After a few days of minor pain and discomfort, it appeared I must have passed a very small stone.

Well now, I have been officially notified of the impending doom of having to pass a stone that’s at least 5mm in diameter. And I am officially scared.

I do not like pain. And I especially do not like the thought of having excruciating pain while I’m pregnant that is not the direct result of birthing my baby.

So, I am thankful that the baby inside me appears to be in good health so far, and that my biggest health problem at this time is only a kidney stone and not something life threatening. But I sure wish it would quietly flush through my system without sending me to the floor screaming in pain.


  1. says

    For all my kidney issues, I’ve never had a stone. But, praise GOD! It’s not baby related. We were all worried.

    Lord, let this pass as painlessly as possible. And quickly. And thank you for keeping the new baby safe.

  2. says

    Oh…I’m feeling your pain! After 2.5 months of the dr not knowing what was wrong with me, I ended up in the ER where they finally used the right imaging equipment to see my 5mm by 10mm kidney stone. I believe the ER doc used the very scientific phrase “a whopper of a stone!” to let me know what was wrong! BUT…I was not pregnant, and they gave me some very nice morphine in a drip. Then they “went all Star Wars on me” (as my husband explained it to our young son) and used lasers to surgically remove the stone (no way it was going to pass on it’s own).

    So – long story short, my heart goes out to you. Be strong! And best of luck!! Hang in there!!

  3. says

    I had to pass kidney stones for the first time 2 weeks ago so when I read your post fresh memories came to my mind and I had to say a quick prayer for you that it will not be incredibly painful and that it would happen quickly. ***Lot’s of water, cranberry juice,(pain meds for me, but I wasn’t pregnant), and prayers. ~ Crystal

  4. says

    Oh I am so sorry!
    I didn’t realize how common kidney stones during pregnancy was until I joined the babyzone pregnancy message boards. Half of our due date club mommies dealt with kidney stones during their pregnancies.
    Luckily I’ve never had one.
    I hope it passes quickly and easily.

  5. says

    I’m so praying for you! I’ve been through the kidney stone thing twice but the first time was 4 stones and 4 months pregnant…it was not fun. On knees and everything for you.

  6. says

    I’ve never had kidney stones (knock on wood) so I don’t know what you’re going through. But, I am thankful it’s not baby-related. Here’s hopes and prayers you get through everything with a minimum of pain.

  7. says

    Hi Susan,I didn’t know that so many pregnant moms get kidney stones.Do the symptoms feel like a UTI infection ?? Praying your stone will move soon and rid your body of pain. Take care.I will check back with you later. Baba

  8. says

    Oh, Susan, I feel for you! I truly do, as I’m going through the exact same thing right now. Although I’m not pregnant (I was going to ask you if they planned to blast the stone, completely forgetting that you can’t do that when you’re pregnant…duh!)

    I have an 8 mm stone in my kidney and have been dealing with the pain for weeks now, subsisting on Vicodin and Prosed.

    Mine hasn’t “come down the track” so to speak yet, but I believe I’ve been passing sediment and debris. I’ve passed a stone before and thankfully the pain this time is NOTHING like that was (haven’t had to go to the ER yet).

    I’m waiting to hear from my urologist on what type of surgery I’m going to get…either a scope into the bladder, blasting of the stone, or both.

    I recently had surgery for endometriosis and a ton of it was on my bladder, so they’re worried that might be the cause of my pain.

    Anyway, long story short, I know what you’re going through and my heart breaks for you. It is the worst pain imaginable…way worse than childbirth!

    You are in my prayers!


  9. says

    Wow, I’m sorry to hear that you have to go through that. I’ll be praying for you and hopefully this will be the last one. Praise God that your little one is ok!!!

  10. says

    I just came online after a busy day of gardening, landscaping and a bunch of other outdoor activities. I am happy to hear that your health issue is not baby related Susan, but sorry to hear about the stone. I am told that those things can be brutal, but also that they can break up late in the game or even pass whole without an incredible amount of pain. You’ll certainly be in my thoughts. :)

  11. Ramie says

    Oh man….feeling for you. Seems that there’s lots of pregnant women with Kidney Stones this year. I know 4…and I think I only know 5 or 6 people who are pregnant! HUGS

  12. says

    I have yet to experience that kind of pain! My best friend had several problems with stones when she was pregnant with her first.

    Dear Lord,
    Keep your hands on Susan – even in this – you have plans. If for nothing else, Susan will be able to comfort others with the same comfort she received from You during this. I do ask, though, that the pain won’t be as excrutiating as she’s expecting. I know You want us to ask, so I am.

    We praise You that Baby is healthy, and probably happily unaware of Mom’s ordeal. Please keep Your hand on Susan’s precious blessing, and continue to bless her with good health!

    You are such a good God!
    In Jesus’ Name,

    There. You’re officially covered. :-)

  13. says

    Dear Lord,
    First of all thank you that Susan’s baby is safe. And Lord, we know that You work miracles, and we ask that you please make this kidney stone pass without Susan suffering.

    In Jesus Holy Name We Pray,

  14. says

    Oh boy! Do I feel for you! Kidney stones stink! My hubbie gets them about once a year and sends a BIG guy to the floor with nausea from the pain! I’m praying that they pass QUICKLY and PAINLESSLY!

  15. kyle says

    i too am suffering from a 5mm stone.. the first symptoms put me right into the hospital where they told me i have a 5mm stone.. they told me that they wanted to see if it would pass on its own… opon leaving the hospital i began to feel better.. now about 6 weeks have passed and the pain is back to the point where it makes me vomit. but it feels as though it has moved lower one fact that scares me yet also tells me its almost over… bottom line is its going to hurt and i feel your pain… i have found that in time of pain to drink a few oz’s of lemon juice or eat a few lemons helps with the pain for some reason..

  16. Emz says

    I also had one now, a 5mm stone as well, Just gone from the hospital for a terrible pain. I am still under medication if it will just pass through. I hope that you’re baby will be fine and I will also pray for you. I can truly share the pain and agony to have one.

    My prayers will also be for you and your baby…

  17. linda says

    im not a mom….i have one and i am 18….just found out i have 5mm stones(STONES….NOT JUST ONE OR A FEW) in both my kidneys…im very scared and im constantly crying

  18. JENNA says

    Im a 22 year old female and ive have 5 stones within 4 years. I have a 5mm stone passing right now. My last one i past was 4mm. And my first one was surgically removed a whopping 6 1/2mm Ive only had 2 that I couldnt handle that being one and had to be taken to the hospital for. But they are no fun no matter what size they are.

  19. Lisa says

    From March to June I have passed 5 kidney stones. I have 3 left. 1 in my left kidney that is 5x7mm and 2 in my right that are 3mm each. I have also had 2 surgically removed by the uteroscope or basket. I feel like a ticking time bomb. Is there a way to get these things to move from the kidney to the bladder faster or do you have to wait on them?

  20. j malouf says

    I found out i had a 5mm kidney stone about 4 weeks ago the pain is now in my lower ab area has anyone passed a 5mm stone befor and how long did it take Im getting kind of scared just need some input on this thanks jennifer

  21. RJH says

    Hey Susan, I pray that you pass the stone with little or no pain, and quickly. I was just told last night that I have kidney stones as well, and I do not know what to expect. So far, I feel fine, but I have been told it won’t be like that for long. Apparently mine are only 2mm, but I still do not know what to expect as they are still in my kidney. If anyone has any information for me that would be great, and good luck to you susan.

  22. Diana Trueblood says

    I feel all of your pain, just a week ago, I got so much pain I could not urinate, I got sick the next morning I went to the ER,they found a 5mm stone, they gave me something for pain and sent me on my way, 2 days later same thing, finally 2 days after that I found a doctor and went to another hospital I was admitted had that shockwave thing done, didn’t work, went back had something else done, it is finally gone, but still painful, dont wish this on no one.

  23. Jessica Coffman says

    Oh my gosh!!! My prayers go out to you. I am only 21 and last thrusday had my first kidney stone. Passed it this morning and then they found another one. The first was 3mm this one is 5mm, I hope all is well for you. Just keep drinkin the water.

  24. justin says

    yeah kidney stones suck i just had a 5mm stone removed they put a tube up in my penis all the way to my kidney and sucked it out that was yesterday now im really sore and peeing out blood :\

  25. Bob says

    I have a 5mm myself, it is almost ready to pass, after the CT scan was done. The doctor said it was 80% to pass on its own. I do have the choice to go in and get it removed (if I can’t handle it). I am self pay so it might be expensive? I have some pain killers and it is best to take them as the pain starts, and worse to take after the pain really gets going, ouch. It’s not easy that’s for sure, but I would say it is a BIG lesson to eat and drink right for the future.

  26. Victor Patterson says

    Oh the pain. I have had 5 stones. Three have passed on their own as they were under 7 mm in size. Two were larger. One was remove via sitting in a water tank and having shock waves transmitted through your body, there by shattering the stone. The second removal was via physically going into the ureter and taking it out. This was I was put under. My last stone (yesterday) was 5mm and it is passing as we speak. Lots of pain the first 20 hours. I went to ER and go some morphine…ahhhhh morphine. After a CAT scan determined it was only (ONLY) 5mm I was sent home with some pain pills which I would take every 4 hours. It was still painful and uncomfortable. It got to the point that I felt I had to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes but couldn’t. At last after about 20 hours it had left the kidneys and either was out or sitting in my bladder. No pain now for about 5 hours, but very groggy as I’ve taken lots of pain pills…Vicodin.
    Good luck, rest, drink lots of water.

  27. says

    My wife is going threw that exact same incident, she is pregnant with twins and has had this stone for almost 3 days now and she is in horrible horrible pain, the babies are ok but I also want her to be ok and just pass the dam thing, Any sugestions that anyone has out there on passing it faster.

  28. Kim says

    I am currently at work and am either just passing the kidney stone I was diagnosed with right before Christmas or this is a new one, which would make it the 3rd in 6 months. I had my first one during my pregnancy. My son is 10 weeks old tomorrow, and w/breastfeeding and just starting back to work, I don’t know how much of this I can take. I still have my pain pills so luckily I had them in my purse.
    When I went to the ER on 12/20 they said it was 5 mm, but could it take this long for it to pass.
    This is insane, thank GOD there is no throwing up this time.

  29. Sandra says

    OMG, was rushed to the emergency room after enduring the progressive pain that started about 4:45 am yesterday 3/17/2010. I got dressed for work but the pain bacame unbearable and excruciating. I wished I had called an ambulance or had driven myself sooner to the emergency. Finally got there around 7am to be dx with three stones but passing one size 5MM. I was sent home on Zofran,Teradol,Vicodin and Valium. My kidney is sore but have not had to take pain meds today. But I’m scared the pain will return full force and cannot afford to miss more work. My kidney feels sore. So from what I hear this might take weeks before it passess. Is the pain less when your excreting it? I felt the pain travel and I was told it was moving down so I hope it’s in my bladder. Drinking a lot of pure 100% cranberry juice and water although I’m a good water drinking.

  30. Beeta says

    I’m sorry you are going through this…funny thing though….my radiologist just yesterday told me that the 5mm lump that showed up on my mammogram is “most likely” benign and I should wait six months to decide to biopsy it….to me 5mm is pretty big as I’m sure it is to you.

  31. rara says

    hi fellow sufferers. i all of a sudden woke up n excrutiating pain on my left side on 4-8-10. i drove myself to the er. dx is i have a 5mm stone in the top of my ureter blocking the urine flow from the kidney. i was admitted and was n surgery @ 930 am. they put me under to only wake up to the bad news that the cystoscope wouldnt fit thru due to having small organs, i guess cuz i’m only 4’10”. they did insert a stent tho. im n so much pain at this point so they give me torodol n send me home. on the 20th stent was removed but stone still n place. now i have a uti. now my dr says i just have to wait for it to pass n take antibiotic cipro n pain med but im still n so much pain plus i have a fever n my bp n pulse r elevated. it feels like it may have moved down a little tho. hopefully the cranberry juice n h2o works. any home remedy suggestions?

  32. Joe says

    Passing a 5mm stone as we speak. Woke up with intense pain on my right side went to the er where they gave me morphine. The pain has subsided now and the stone is 50% through. The waiting game begins.

  33. T. H. says

    I have had 3 stones, the first was passed under morphine in the hosp, the others were at home. I went to my health food store and asked for help. They told me not to drink black tea, orange juice or soda. I wanted more of a prevention plan or something to do when i felt one start to pass. Once you have had one you know the signs and its terrifying. ANyway, they gave me a homeopathic remedy for healthy kidney function and told me it would disolve a stone. I was skeptical but have carried the stuff in my purse ever sense cause truth is, Id try just about anything to stop that pain. The stuff works! As soon as i feel the pain come on and nausea start I take 15 drops under my tongue every half hour up to three times then lay down on the bathroom floor with my blanket and pillow. It typically take 2 hours to totally be pain free again and the pain is no where near as intense as it was the first time in the hosp. In fact I am able to take no pain pills. ITs no worse than bad “monthly” cramps. They also told me that you can use this daily as a preventative but I dont do that. I have changed my eating and drinking habbits to help prevent the stones instead. The stuff I use is called D-27 Nephrocal by Dynamic Nutrition and comes in a bron glass bottle, 1 oz.. It was $14.00 a bottle when i bought it 2 years ago. Hope this helps someone else.

  34. stephanie says

    So i know what you went through. I have now been going through the same thing. The doctor said is was 5 mm and I started crying. since April 1 2010, I have been dealing with it, a surgery and a stint and a removal. and now its starting to move again and its May 17 2010. so a month and a half.

  35. Shreeram says

    I’m having kidney stone now. The ultra sound report says that there is 5 mm size stone. I don’t want to have an operation. I’m regularly having lot of water and green tea as well. Whenever it pains it give a lot of ache and trouble. I hope it will pass out through urine. Do anyone have good advice for me what should i do in this condition, I’ll be very pleased to get this answer.

  36. Jane says

    Hello, I read your posts, and I am going in for lithotripsy on Wed. 03.21.2012. I have 4 children who are grown, and 9 grands, of which 5 are with me now. I am scared because mine is 8 mm. I am hoping they can stay for the procedure as they live out of state. The being alone after the lithotripsy is what scares me the most. Did any of you go through this…being alone after/during passing of the stone? Thanks, and in advance, thank you for your prayers also! I can sure use them.

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