A 5mm Kidney Stone Has Taken Up House Inside Me

by Susan

Susan here…

After a day of camping out at the local Emergency Room, I was finally given my ultrasound sound results from earlier that morning.

It turns out as we suspected that my cramps and blood were the results of stones scraping around inside my kidney. But I didn’t expect the radiologist to actually see the stone in the ultrasound.

My last trip about 3 weeks ago to the ER ended with the assumption that I had kidney stone(s) but the ultrasound didn’t reveal any images of the actual intruders. After a few days of minor pain and discomfort, it appeared I must have passed a very small stone.

Well now, I have been officially notified of the impending doom of having to pass a stone that’s at least 5mm in diameter. And I am officially scared.

I do not like pain. And I especially do not like the thought of having excruciating pain while I’m pregnant that is not the direct result of birthing my baby.

So, I am thankful that the baby inside me appears to be in good health so far, and that my biggest health problem at this time is only a kidney stone and not something life threatening. But I sure wish it would quietly flush through my system without sending me to the floor screaming in pain.

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