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In my Tackle It Tuesday post this week, I “tackled” my glucose tolerance test for Gestational Diabetes. I had failed my initial glucose screen and had to go back for the three hour fasting test.

Your comments were so encouraging and helpful – thank you so much!

I promised to let you know my results – so here is the news: Not great – but not the worst. I haven’t spoken to my doctor yet, but according to the receptionist, (my Dr.’s office has the nicest receptionist in the entire world!) I failed the second value. So I do not have Gestational Diabetes, (I needed to fail two of the values, not just one, to be diagnosed with GD,) but I am carbohydrate intolerant and will need to adjust my diet etc. I am also at risk of a larger baby and so they will monitor that as well.

I figured something was wrong – I have such unquenchable thirst and fatigue and I have to pee every twenty minutes – and so I am not surprised at my results. I am relieved that I only failed one of the values and do not have to do the daily blood tests etc.

I am frustrated that I didn’t get to talk to a doctor about it. The doctor said I could wait till my check up next week – but I really want to ask more questions and find out more about my situation. Oh well – at least it isn’t full blown GD. I can wait.

As for Susan, tonight she was back in the ER with pain, cramping and blood in her urine. It appears that she is having more kidney stone trouble. The poor thing! After monitoring the baby and checking for pre-term labor, they sent her home to drink lots of water and hope it passes without too much pain. The doctor said the blood is because the stone is on the move. (They will likely do another ultrasound tomorrow to check her kidneys.) So we will see what happens. I feel so bad for her. Kidney stones and pregnancy should never go together!

jan-preg-belly-fullshot-28w.jpgSo in all, we are surviving over here. We have a couple little bumps in the road – but nothing life threatening! Our babies are growing and they appear to be healthy so far. We are so grateful.

I am sorry that I don’t have any twin pregnancy photos for you. Susan and I rarely get our photos taken – especially together. We hate being the subjects of photos – so we just take lots of pictures of the kids. (When Susan was pregnant with Julia, she didn’t have any pictures. So at three in the morning when her water broke, she quickly got her husband to take some photos before they left for the hospital. When I was pregnant with Jackson, we took the only photos of me less than a week before he was born.) At camp two weeks ago, my friend Crystal took a couple quick shots of me. So here is a look at my pregnant belly at 28 weeks. I promise to get some shots of Susan and I together soon. (Our bellies are getting bigger every day!)



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    Thinking of you and sending best wishes your way. You look so cute with your pregnant belly. I have yet to have a photo taken of me this pregnancy and the only shots I have from when I was pregnant with The Boy are from my showers. I prefer not to remember myself all bloated and whale-like :-)

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    Cute Belly!
    The only risk isn’t bigger baby. The baby can have complications after birth if you don’t watch your diet carefully. Not meant to scare you, but to let you know that being very diligent with your diet now is KEY. Believe me, there will be plenty of time for “bad” foods after the baby is born! For the next 12 weeks….do whatever they tell you to do, diet wise! 😉 Best of luck!

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    Oh…so not fair to look so darn cute 28 weeks along!

    Sorry about “the bumps along the road”! Glad you don’t have full-blown GD…and you will get used to your modified diet (even if it isn’t much fun!). And you are so right…no one should have to have kidney stones when they’re pregnant! That’s just not right! Take care of yourselves!

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    Oh my Janice. I will be keeping you and Susan in our prayers to have a smooth pregnancy and no more bumps in the road. Big (((HUGS))) to you both.

    The picture of you is so cute. You have the cutest pregnant belly :)

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    Love the pictures!! You look adorable :) I hope you both are feeling better and taking care of yourselves. I’m glad you don’t have full blown GD and that things can be taken care of by altering your diet.

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    Well, in all my pregnancies I have had GD. With my first two I was so able to control it with just diet/exercise, this time I’m on insulin. I NEVER got to not check my blood daily . . you lucky thing!
    One plus about being carb intolerant is that I tended to lose wight in my pregnancies, and don’t gain very much at all . . . that’s sure is nice.

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    Thanks so much ladies!!! We really appreciate your encouragement and prayers.

    As for the diet – I sure wish I was a protein loving girl. But honestly, I am not too fond of it – eggs give me a headache (weird but true) and it is a struggle to eat meat. But thanks for the warning Karen – yes I must do everything I can to do this diet right!

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    I was in the same boat as you with my last pregnancy – and as much as it seemed so frustrating at first – it really became second nature – and – I have to say – I felt really really healthy. There are a lot of great diabetic cookbooks out there that give so many more protein and fiber alternatives. I met with a nutritionist too – and that was really helpful.

    Don’t dwell on the negatives – just think of all the positives and the fact that you are almost there!!

    Fun photos too!! :)


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    Janice, you look simply adorable! I’m sorry to hear and yours and your sisters health problems, though. I’m wishing you the easiest and most comfortable pregnancy’s possible.

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    You look great!

    Glad you don’t have to deal with full-blown GD! Although I’m sure it won’t be fun to give up the carbs, at least you aren’t having to do blood testing, etc.

    Hope Susan feels better soon! So sorry she’s having to deal with such pain.

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    I’m sorry to hear about the carb intolerance, Janice, but I know you’ll figure it out. And I’m really sorry to hear that Susan’s having so much pain – I hope she passes the stones soon and it’s over. You’re both in my prayers of course.

    You look so cute!

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    You girls should get your pics taken, and do them in black & white, which is so flattering! Or convert a few of your favorites to b&w.

    You look adorable in this picture. :-) And don’t let “large baby” scare you. Just remember that when it comes time to push, you gotta take it S…L…O…W, use lots of hot compresses, olive oil, and lots of deep breathing, in a comfortable position. And you should be fine.

    Another tip: starting at about 32 weeks, if this baby still looks big, learn how to do perinial massage, or have hubby do it. If your doc isn’t familiar with the technique, you can easily look it up, or email me, and I can tell you. :-) It’s not hard, and really helps prepare that area for stretching.

    I also highly recommend pushing on your side, so there’s less strain on your back, gravity won’t rush things, and you can relax in between contractions more easily. It’s my favorite pushing position!

    There. I think I’ve covered everything. Not that you asked me to. I just can’t help “helping” preggie moms when I have a chance. I sincerely hope this did help, and didn’t seem like a lecture or a know-it-all thing. It’s just that this kind of thing is my passion, and I sincerely desire to help. :-)

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    I had GD with my daugher as well — I had to monitor my diet (carbs), prink my finger 4 times a day to watch my sugar levels, but I did well — no big baby, no complications — everything went well. I found that exercise (even if just walking up and down the stairs twice after eating a meal) did wonders to help keep my blood sugar levels even — good luck — YOU CAN DO THIS!

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    You look great…so trim despite your pregnancy…and great to hear you do not have diabetes. I hope the diet adjustments you’ll have to make won’t be too tough!


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    Hi Janice–
    You’ll do fine on the diet. You can eat lots of veggies, too. I know it can be hard to cut back on the carbs. I had GD with my first baby and then was diagnosed as type II. I didn’t follow the diet to a t (I mean…we all have pregnancy cravings) and still, both of my boys weighed in at 7 pounds 2 oz. (one born at 38 weeks and one at 39 weeks). Neither of my boys had any complications from me being diabetic. They will likely check your urine for sugar at more of your visits (if they don’t do that already).

    I knew something was up before I was diagnosed with GD. I was only 20 weeks pregnant and kept insisting something was wrong. They kept telling me I had morning sickness, but would go ahead and run my 28 week labs to be sure. Yep…turns out I had GD. It can really make you feel yucky!!

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    Wow you look great! I can sympathize with the protein bit–eggs give me a headache as well and milk makes my throat swell shut. If meat doesn’t work try beans and nuts. That’s how I get around it. Oh and Morning Star Farms really makes a difference. Praying for the both of you.

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