Works For Me Wednesday
A Peanut Butter Substitute

by Janice

works for me wednesday

Susan says this isn’t much of a Works for Me Wednesday

But I think it is. So here it goes.

The other day I saw an ad for Philadelphia Cream Cheese featuring a new cream cheese with a swirl of jam in it. I chuckled because Jackson came up with this combination for his toast when he was three and it is still one of his favorites.

When he first suggested it, I thought it was kind of strange. But then I thought, “Well I put raspberry sauce on my cheesecake – so why not?

Works For Me WednesdayIn these days of peanut free lunches, I think this is great alternative to the old peanut butter and jam sandwiches. It has some protein and substance and yet is quick and inexpensive.

I eat it too – it is sweet and yummy on warm toast.

Sorry if it was not the most original idea – but it works for us!

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