I Promise, Spring is Coming…

Spring is already here on the West Coast and I know she is making her way there too…

But until she gets there, here is some of her sweetness to remind you how wonderful it will be when she does arrive.


AND if you are feeling a little jealous of life on the West Coast, just remember we do have tons of gray, rainy days too. 😉

Written by Janice, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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    We had warm weather and sunshine here in the Midwest today – starting to see that spring is just around the corner! My 4yo and I played outside for a couple of hours and she asked to do bubbles, sidewalk chalk, ride bikes, play frisbee, kick around her soccer ball, and play baseball – all right after each other, lol. But with snow still on the ground, it’s bit early for at least some of that. 😉 We’ll get there though – the snow’s melting, little by little! :)

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    Hasn’t it been the most amazing winter! I had allergies during the first week of February- but so worth it since all the pretty trees were in bloom and the daffodils were out. I love living out on the West Coast :)

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    oh how I miss those West Coast springs. Sigh. I even miss the rain sometimes :) And I definitely miss the ocean. And the pink trees. And the smell of the trees after the rain. And I could go on and on and on…

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    I’ll take that as a reminder of what there is to look forward to. Its so easy to forget during the long frozen winter months here in Utah.

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