Monday Mingle Feb 8 2010

monday mingleHave you ever vlogged before?

Monday Mingle is a vlogging carnival created by Eighty MPH Mom and it is a great way to get started vlogging.

You can join in Monday Mingle by recording a video answering the weekly questions and publish it on your own blog and/or even just as a response on Say It Face To Face. Then link up at

My Monday Mingle response is at our video conversation site Say It Face To Face.

This week’s questions were:

1. What would Super Nanny say if she came to your house?

2. On the show Wife Swap/Trading Spouses, they typically pick opposites – what type of spouse would they send to you? (meaning what type of spouse would you really hate having around!)

3. If your spouse (or if someone were to propose to you) what would your ideal proposal be (ie setting, creative)

Monday Mingle Feb 8 2010

sayitfacetoface.comAnd again in February, we’re running the same contest with cash prizes as we did in January.

1st Prize – $150 – User who starts the conversation that receives the most video responses.

2nd Prize – $100 – User who adds the largest total number of conversation starters and replies.

3rd Prize – $50 – Random user who adds a reply or starts a conversation in the month of January.

Join the vlogging fun… turn on your video camera or your webcam, start mingling with Monday Mingle and join some great conversations at Say It Face To Face.

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