Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up

Wouldn’t your kids absolutely flip for a chance to see Elmo live and in person? I know my kids would!!!

We love Sesame Street in our house (that’s probably an understatement)! We watch it nearly every morning and have numerous DVDs, including the recently released 40 Year of Sunny Days celebration DVDs. So I am completely confident when I say that my girls would go crazy if they ever saw Elmo in person!!!

This is why I am so excited that we are offering our readers a chance to win tickets to see Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up in New York City!!!

My four year old loves talking about what she wants to be when she grows up. Of course each day it is something different, but it is fun nonetheless! And your family will have fun as you watch Elmo and his Sesame Street Live friends as they explore what it is they want to be when they grow up!!!

As the musical show-and-tell unfolds, Bert dreams of being a forest ranger, Telly longs to be a cowboy, and Abby Cadabby, fittingly, wants to be a fairy godmother just like her mommy. But what will Elmo want to be?


Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up will be playing from February 4 – February 15 at the Theater at Madison Square Gardens. If you live in the New York area or are planning a trip there during that time, consider making a trip to The Theater. With tickets starting at just $15 this will be an affordable and unforgettable experience to share with your family!!!

As I mentioned earlier we are giving away tickets to this fabulous event to one of our readers. Here are the details*:

    We have a family four pack of tickets to the February 13th performance of “When Elmo Grows Up” to give away to one reader who lives in the New York area or is planning to be in the area. Transportation is not included.
    To enter, leave us a comment below answering this question: How do you feel Sesame Street helps teach compassion?
    The total prize is valued at $176 and the contest is open until Friday, February 5


Why are we asking about compassion? Well, this contest isn’t just about one of our readers winning this fabulous prize. It is also about bringing the love and fun of Sesame Street to a few kids who might not otherwise get to experience the show.

We love that Madison Square Garden is committed to working with The Garden of Dreams Foundation to “make dreams come true for kids in crisis”. To join in with their dedication to children and because we love extending our good fortune to less fortunate families, we will also be giving FOUR tickets to “When Elmo Grows Up” to either the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization or the Make a Wish foundation. The lucky receiving charity will be determined by our contest winner.

When leaving your comment to enter the giveaway, tell us which charity you would like to receive the other four tickets and, if you’re the winner, you will get to pass the good fortune on to another deserving family!

For even more opportunities to win tickets to Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up and to learn about some amazing charities, head on over to!

To recap: To enter please leave a comment below answering this question: How do you feel Sesame Street helps teach compassion?

You may earn additional entries for the following:

If you are already subscribed and are on our newsletter list, you qualify for those two additional entries. Go ahead and leave your additional comments below.

This giveaway will close on Friday, February 5.

Due to legal restrictions, this promotion void where prohibited. Please see our site’s Terms and Conditions of Use for a complete list of our Contest and Giveaway Rules.

*Transportation is not provided as a part of this giveaway. Both packs of tickets are being generously provided for this giveaway by Madison Square Gardens. We did not, however, receive any tickets for review purposes or other incentives for writing this post and all opinions stated are the writer’s personal opinions.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Contributing Writer: Stacey Lynn


  1. Stefanie says

    Oh wow, my little boy would be so thrilled to see Elmo live! If I win, please give the other tickets to Make a Wish foundation.

  2. Cyndy Ergen says

    How do you feel Sesame Street helps teach compassion?

    I grew up watching Sesame Street and now that God bless me to be a mom, I want my little baby that grows with happiness, humor, kindness, respect and compassions for others, ALL THESE is what Sesame Street can bring to our lives!

    Seame Street has characters and songs that give examples of love and compassion. Like Oscar the Grouch, he taught me “not to judge a book by its cover”, he was mad always, but when somebody need help he always was there. He is a beautiful example of love and compassion!

    Songs like: Kermit’s “It’s Not Easy Being Green or “Everyone Makes Mistakes” by Big Bird, are songs that moves feelings, make us have a reflection, feel compassion for certain situations and let our kids and us with love in our souls!

    Daily I can see that Sesame Street helps educate children, gives good examples and teaches lessons that will enrich our children’s hearts and minds!

    Compassion is a human emotion and Sesame Street activates the button to feel the desire to help and alleviate another’s suffering!

    I think it is awesome what Sesame Street can do in our kids hearts! We need a better world, we need to help others and with sesame Street our kids can learn that!

    We need this kind of TV show in our lives!

  3. Cyndy Ergen says

    Also I will love to see Make a Wish Foundation happy with the tickets! Lets give them some happy moments and light their lives!

    Cyndy and Julia Ergen

  4. says

    OMG my lil girl would love to see elmo live, sesame street teaches compassion by making learning fun, teaching kids the importance of being kind to people, animals and the enviroment

  5. Brianne says

    We are huge sesame street fans! The characters in the show are always helping each other out, taking care of one another and (my favorite) talking about taking care of our planet. When someone is having a down day on the show or needs help, the characters jump into action to help out. It is just a great reinforcement for our kids on how and why we should be kind to others and respect their feelings!

    As for a charity – this is a hard one. I am going to go with the Ronald McDonald House.

  6. heather says

    Sesame Street teaches kids more then just compasion. They teach kids to be friends with everyone ( even if they are a little monster). To Love, help, support and learn from everyone. Every one that comes into your life makes a differanc to you,they teach you something, and it doesnt just stop after watching Sesame Street. You keep what you learn in your heart and pass it on to others.
    Please give FOUR tickets to “When Elmo Grows Up” to a luck family in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters

  7. says

    My daughter would be so thrilled to see sesame street live in NYC! She loves them. I love them too because they teaches kids to be compassion. They teach kids to be nice to others, share, respect etc.
    If I win I would choose Make a Wish foundation to donate the tickets.

  8. mommietj says

    I would love to take my younger kids to see the Live Sesame Street in NYC. I love that Sesame Street still continues to teach children good values and character, as it did when I was a young child. I believe it has a very effective approach in teaching our kids not only their numbers and abc’s but also whats right and wrong. They learn best through example, so when they see Big Bird giving a friend a hug when he’s sad, they know they should be there for their friends too. If I win, I will donate tickets to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization.

  9. says

    *****Ok I thought I posted this already but I didn’t see it in the comments! When I first commented I didn’t realize we had to pick between the two charities that you mentioned! Thought we just had to pick one! Ooops!! So the charity I would choose is the big brothers/big sisters!!

  10. Kirsten T. says

    Sesame Street was a staple in my house growing up, and now its an integral part of my daughter’s life. She is a huge fan of Elmo and Oscar the Grouch. Sesame Street is the only TV show that my daughter is interested in (she’s almost 3).

    The way the characters and humans interact with each other teaches compassion. Although they may show conflict, the resolution to that conflict is postive. In addition, they show kids and adults that have various afflictions/handicaps, and presents them as regular folks, capable of all sorts of wonderful things. Its good to see everyone incorporated.

    My choice for charity would be Make a Wish Foundation. However, any charity you deem worthwhile is more than acceptable.

    PS I signed up for RSS feed…glad I can check more often now!

  11. Lisa says

    Sesame Street helps teach compassion by having them all get along no matter if they’re a human or if they’re furry. They are all different colors yet they are all friends! This shows kids we’re all the same and when someone is hurting, sad, etc, we should help them!

  12. says

    I remember that there was one episode that was dealing with death. That is a pretty tough thing to teach kids about and get them to understand. Sesame Street did a great job in doing that.

    My family would love to see this show. I watched it when i was younger and now my daughter watches it now. They have always shown so many lessons and how it is important to be kind and to share. They do a great job in bringing all of the characters to life and giving them personality along with feelings.

    we even have sesame street books at home too, my favorite is red or blue, i like you. this book is great because there are so many people that judge you by your outside appearance and it teaches you that you shouldnt.

    my family would totally really love to go see Sesame Street live at Madison Square Garden. My husband is totally obsessed with every detail of sesame street, and my daughter absolutely loves the show.

  13. trixx says

    Sesame Street teaches compassion by having negative situations they encounter solved in a positive way. They are also always sharing what they have and helping others!

  14. Marc Kelly says

    In an age where children are exposed to so much violence in their programming it’s nice to know we can rely on Sesame Street to help educate by showing traits such as compassion in their programs. Their characters, even when they do wrong, learn from their experiences and show compassion to one another through forgiveness amongst other things. Long may it continue.

  15. Jennifer M says

    Sesame Street helps me teach compassion because it normalizes differences–different colors, nationalities, abilities, etc. are neatly streamlined into the program without being pointed out. Therefore, my daughter learns that everyone should be accepted as a full person, rather than defined by their differences.

  16. says

    REALLY ??? who can teach compassion? Sesame Street!
    Who can love Oscar, a green monster, and a Huge Big Bird? The message IS LOVE EVERYONE, and if anyone has a problem help them, and make them feel better about themselves and there troubles. Who teaches that better than all the characters’ on Sesame Street.
    I had 12 hours “taped” on vhs for my Children, and if they were bored or out of control, I’d pop in a tape and all was good. I’m now introducing my Grand daughter to them and I DVR all the shows. Compassion,,, I love ELmo.


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