Thursday Thirteen – Things That Make Me Smile

Thursday Thirteen
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13 Things That Make Me Smile

Since last week I think I may have scared a few people into thinking I’m always stressed out, here are some things that make me happy.
  1. My son Jackson’s squeals of delight when I pick him up from school (Okay – about a million things about my son Jackson make me smile, laugh, cry, etc. But that would be a very long list.)
  2. Really good ice cream – throw in a warm brownie and things are really looking good
  3. Cuddling up to watch one of my favorite TV shows
  4. Movie dates with my husband
  5. Eating fish and chips at the beach with my husband and son
  6. Julia laughing and showing off all her little baby teeth
  7. Taking a good photograph
  8. Completing a scrapbook page
  9. Getting comments on my posts
  10. Those moments when you just feel God had you in the right place, at the right time and you actually listened to what you were supposed to do.
  11. Writing (on the good days, when it works)
  12. Blogging buddies
  13. My family – all of them – my hubby Phil, my son Jackson, my Mom, my twin sister Susan, my niece Julia, and my other nieces and nephews…
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  1. says

    Wonderful smiles! I love comments too :) I realize there are many bloggers enjoying their scrapbook, I just wonder how do you all find the time to do it ?? happy TT!

  2. says

    Oh yes, I have to agree – those things will put a smile on anyones face. I like spending time on the beach too. Haven’t had fish and chips though – but sounds great.

  3. says

    all sound lovely! i could do with some ice cream and a warm brownie for breakfast! :) love movie dates with better-half as well.
    btw, just letting you know that the URL you left in my page and another T13s linking to your blog was wrong. :s

  4. says

    I think ice cream makes anything better (especially Bluebell, but I can’t get it here in Kentucky).

    Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  5. says

    Those things are good… ice cream, chocolate brownie, photographing. You could even do a TT on things your son does that make you smile/laugh/cry.

    Thanks for visiting!

  6. says

    Awesome list, glad to know that you have so many things to be happy about. And I am so happy that I could make you happy this morning! Have a great day!

  7. says

    That’s a very lovely, happy list.

    I scrapbook too (even run an online store), but I’ve not done a page in a very long time. Hope to do some this summer, maybe we can share!

    Have a great day.

  8. says

    What a great list! I like to think of things that make me happy instead of stressed out as well!!!! What a cute son you have too! Thanks for visiting me!

  9. says

    I really like your list. Especially number 10. And ice cream is good on any list in my opinion! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my first TT.

  10. says

    Except that I’m not a fish person, I totally agree with your whole list! I love writing when it flows, otherwise, it’s just worse than a trip to the dentist.

    My TT is up, too.

  11. says

    Aww, what a great list! So warm and fuzzy. I did a T-13 on things that make me smile one week, too, and there was a LOT of Baby Bee on there. :) Mmm, #2 sounds SO good!!

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