That boy can eat!

Some kids are good eaters. Some are not. My son Jackson is a good eater. My niece Julia is not. And they came out that way – quite literally!

When the doctor plopped Jackson down on my stomach, all squirmy, red and covered in guck, he opened his mouth and reached out to eat – and he never slowed down.

When Julia entered the world, it was quite a different story. It took weeks for her to learn to suck and nurse. With terrible jaundice and refusing to latch, Susan had to resort to giving her a bottle to get food into her while Julia slowly learned how to nurse. She eventually became a champion nurser – and still nurses now at two – but she never did become a good eater. Julia defines “picky” and at two barely weighs 22 pounds.

It sure is a huge difference feeding the two of them. Mealtimes with Julia are so stressful as she routinely refuses to eat. (They both like broccoli though, which is nice!)

But tonight I had to laugh at my dear, sweet son and his dependable tummy!

Jackson had baseball this evening and my husband Phil was picking him up from the babysitter and taking him directly to his game. Since there wasn’t time to come home for dinner, I packed them “dinner” to eat on the way. I made Phil a salmon sandwich, Jackson a cream cheese and apple slice wrap, and packed about a dozen cherry tomatoes.

My husband came home after work, got the meal out of the fridge and somehow assumed it was all for Jackson. (He doesn’t listen very well. I called him at work and told him I had made him a sandwich. But I guess he didn’t quite hear that part.) Phil grabbed himself a muffin and headed out to get Jackson.

Now the funny part is that my son ate all of that food – except one little tomato!!! The poor little thing just kept eating all the food he thought I had sent him!

When he got home and Phil asked why I sent him so much food, I was shocked. “Phil that sandwich and half of the tomatoes were for you!”

We all laughed like crazy about the mistake. Jackson thought it was quite a riot, moaning “I was so full Mommy – when Daddy passed me the tomatoes I thought, I can’t eat another meal!”


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    Ha! Ha! Why don’t men listen to details!?!?!? Ha! Ha! My dad once ate a WHOLE plate of compost stuff that had been sitting on the counter all night…. he thought Mom had said that it needed to be eaten… she had told him that his dinner was in the fridge! Men crack me up!

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    bwaaahaaahaa! Too funny! Little Princess is hard to get to eat. She would have taken a look at all that food and decided that she wouldn’t be able to eat all of it, so she would have eaten none.

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    LOL! That is so funny! I wish I could get Toddler to eat that much, he doesn’t mind trying new foods, but he only eats a few bites of anything. At 2.5yrs he’s still only 26lbs.

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    Too funny! I can just see him trying to finish it all off. Aren’t Dad’s funny, too. That sounds like something my hubby would do, never questioning the amount of food sitting there. :v)

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    How funny! What you said is so true though. My son is not a good eater he jus turned 3, but my 19 month old daughter, now she can put some stuff away. Sometimes I think she just won’t stop. You should have seen her tray for breakfast one day when daddy made it. Goodness!!!

    That’s wonderful though!

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    hilarious!!!! OMG that is too cute.

    my son is like julia. he will try to survive on air if he could. he’s 2 1/2 and just hit the 30 pound mark. *sigh*

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    My daughter is the big eater here. I mean, I have a teen who eats all the time, but that’s typical of being a teen. My daughter burns calories like me, I guess – very high metabolism – because we have NO idea where it goes!

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    so funny… my boy came out hungry too!! but he is not a good eater of table food.. I think he is a boob boy.. yep.. lol! One day he will be hogwild for something and the next day not at all.. I found “Smoooshed Fruit” and for the past 3 days he has eaten that! yipppeeee! If he had his way and could reach for them he would eat jelly beans.. but I don’t think they count as a food group! lol! At least he is nursing..
    just like my girls.. I know it won’t last forever… lol!

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    That is such a cute story and yes my husband would do the same thing except he would complain to me later that I didn’t make him a meat & potatoes meal……LOL…..poor little guy!

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    My little boy can eat too!!!!

    LOL thats what Daniel would do

    Yesterday I went shopping for groceries about late morning. I gave Daniel some sandwiches to eat in the car. I picked up a cinnamon roll and a slice of fudge. Do you know what my gannet did?? He saw my lunch and threw his sandwich onto the car seat and I just knew he wanted some of my lunch LOL. I did share :)

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    hilarious!!!! i swear my boy would keep eating if i didn’t eventually stop feeding him, it’s scary! I keep waiting for that signal that goes from the brain to the tummy to tell it it’s full but it never seems to happen!

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    I’m impressed that he ate salmon, really impressed. My boys would have run screaming. That’s not to say they aren’t eating me into the poor house because they are! And a couple of years ago I complained that they were picky and never ate enough. I’ll be careful what I ask for next time.

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    I have twins that are exact opposites when it comes to food. One eats regularly and heartily. The other eats sporadically and nibbles all day.

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    ROFLOL! Oh Susan, I totally laughed out loud. How funny. And he had to go to baseball with his belly all full like that. Oh my! And the cream cheese apple slice wrap, why didn’t I ever think of that? I think my kids will like it.


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    “Some kids are good eaters. Some are not. My son Jackson is a good eater. My niece Julia is not. And they came out that way – quite literally!”…

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