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We all love contests – so before I announce our next contest, I thought I would let you in on some other fun contests happening in the blogosphere.

  • Laughing Mommy is giving away a copy of Ocean Star. Guess what? After winning a $20 Amazon gift certificate from KatKat at our Ultimate Blog Party, she chose to buy Ocean Star. (She selected Ocean Star because of Susan’s enthusiastic review of the book back in March.) Laughing Mommy loved it so much, she wanted to pass on the gift giving and offer her copy as a prize to one of her commenters. It is an incredible memoir and Laughing Mommy’s post only has a few comments so far – so head over there fast! (She is drawing the winner April 23.) You have great odds of winning this powerful book.
  • Designing Diva is holding a “My Mom Rocks” contest in honor of Mother’s Day. Just send in a short essay that is 250 words or less about why your mom rocks on or before May 4th. If they choose your essay, your mom will win FREE jewelry retailed at $250! Head over to find out all the details. What a fabulous contest!
  • Mothering Heights is having an incredible writing contest. This is your chance to show off your brilliant writing and win some awesome prizes. (Yes – I said prizes! The winner will receive a collection of prizes, everything she needs to enjoy a relaxing afternoon:

    1. A Caffeine Basket from Starbucks
    2. A Summer Reading Collection from Hachette Books
    3. A Pair of Rainbow Sandals from Hobie’s of Laguna Beach
    4. A Mother’s Day Tiara from

    And finally,

    5. Publication in The Laguna Beach Independent, May 11, 2007 and on the home page of

    So what do you need to do? Head on over to Mothering Heights to find out the theme for the essay and all the other stuff you need to know.

  • In celebration for National Scrapbooking Month, Joyous Creations and your Scrapping Servant a.k.a. Carolyn are going to have a blog party this May 19th! We all remember what fun a blog party can be – so don’t miss out on Carolyn’s bash. There will be prizes and of course new friends to meet! (You don’t need to be a scrapper to attend.) Sounds like a ton of fun Carolyn! :)

    The final two links I want to pass on aren’t contests, but you still don’t want to miss them!

  • So Much to Say, So Little Time is kicking off her new Scrap-Happy meme. She just hosted her first week. If you are a scrapper, this might be the perfect meme for you to join in on. It is still a “baby” meme, so it won’t be too overwhelming to visit the other participants. Head on over and check out this new meme at So Much to Say, So Little Time.
  • Boutique Cafe – a fun couture site that I met at our Ultimate Blog Party, is having a Girls Getaway this weekend. If you live near Salt Lake City (or want to go for a trip) head on over to read more about this exciting weekend.

edited to add:

Oops – forgot one!

  • Sallie is starting up a new meme as well called Train Up a Child Thursday. Sallie’s idea is really wonderful, “On Thursdays I will do something specific to teach my child about an attibute of Christ and then post it here. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or way out there. Jesus wasn’t like that anyway!” For some unique teaching ideas and to be part of this positive meme, head on overr to Sallie’s.


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    Janice and Susan —

    Thanks so much for adding me to your list! God is slowing blessing me with traffic to my site and I just wanted to give everyone something to think about with their children. Be blessed!!


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    Oh dear, I have so much to do. I have to now block off time for all of these wonderful contests, memes and another party?!

    Thanks for the heads up.

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    These are fabulous links – thanks for the info! We are also having a giveaway contest at “Work It: A blog for working moms” – readers can win a Presto unit and 3 months of free service. This allows non-computer users to receive emails and photos, very cool. We’re at – we’d love to have your readers enter to win!

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