On Thursday, Phil and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary!!! Honestly – I can’t believe I am that old! In my defense, we did get married quite young – I was 23 and Phil was 22. (Yes, I married a younger man!)

Happy Anniversary Honey! (Although my husband never reads my blog – so there isn’t much point writing messages to him here!)


And speaking of anniversaries, 5 Minutes for Mom’s one year anniversary came and went and I didn’t even mention it! Am I terrible or what?!?

I knew it was happening sometime in March. But I have been so busy and preoccupied, I didn’t check until last night what date our first post was. It was March 12, 2006.

Thank you so much to all of you who have made this year such a fantastic experience. It seems like a lifetime ago that we started this site. It has grown so much and we have made so many friends. When I started blogging, I had no idea how many wonderful friends we would make – nor how much time it was going to take! LOL

We are so grateful for your support. 5 Minutes for Mom is all about YOU – thank you for making it such a great success.

Hey – I have an idea – to celebrate why don’t we have a huge contest and give away something really big…like a Dyson vacuum? Oh…we are already doing that! 😉 Have you signed up yet?

So – no big anniversary parties this time. But I will leave you with a link to one of my first posts (it is a very short post and will take you less than 30 seconds to read) about my sweet son Jackson.


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    My hubby and I are celebrating 12 years today. I’ve read about many anniversaries lately on blogs – March must be a great month to get married!

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    Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating 10 years as well later this year. Also married young and no regrets there. And yeah, I have to drag my husband to the computer from time to time to get him to read something on the blog. He never initiates it saying he lives it.

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    Happy anniversary! :^D My husband and I are coming up on our 10th too (in May). And I was younger than you when we got married! LOL!

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    Happy Anniversary a little late I know. I just wanted to say that I married a younger man as well and I had just turned 21 :) I hope you guys had a great day together.

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    Hi Janice!
    HH and I had an anniversary (6 years) on Saturday 3/31. How neat our anniversaries are so close together!

    I, too, had a beautiful post pledging my undying love to post (b/c HH does read my blog) but he was sick & I was miffed about having to skip our day-trip… so I deleted it! :-)

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    Happy Anniversary! We’re approaching our 9th. It felt really odd saying that to a newlywed who was older than me recently and only married 5 months. I was married young too (20). :0)

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