Wordless Wednesday – Only Days Apart!


There is only one baby in there (huge relief!!!) but Jackson may be getting the “twins” he wants after all!

Susan had her ultrasound today and she is only days behind me! This is the first glimpse of her little one. Her due date is October 13th and mine is somewhere between October 5th-9th. My original date was the 5th, but after my second ultrasound, the doctor changed it to the 9th. But then if I go according to the third ultrasound, I am back to the 5th. So I have no idea when my due date really is! But regardless – these babies are coming pretty close together! So we really are having “twins!”

It is kind of funny that mine is scheduled first, since I am the older twin by ten minutes. But we will have to see who delivers first! It will be quite a race to the finish line! We will have to have a contest for you all to guess which baby comes first – and to make it tough, maybe we will make you guess the dates and times too! Both Julia and Jackson were born on schedule. My water broke at 3am on my due date and Jackson was born 22 hours later. Sue’s water broke a few days before her due date and Julia was born the day after her due date. So, it will be interesting to see what happens. I predict neither of the babies will be late, so we will see who gets out first!

We are thrilled to see Susan’s little baby and although our fall is going to be crazy busy, we are so excited to have “twin” cousins!

PS – I know these are “Wordless” Wednesdays – but it is just too hard for me to not talk. If you knew me in person, you would know how true that really is!!!

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    How exciting for the both of you! It will be so great to have someone so close to you going through all of this together! And how exciting to see the ultrasound pictures! My WW is up!

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    I’m very happy to see another precious little life.

    What an exciting fall it promises to be in your lives. I can just see the contest frenzy now…

    My WW is up, but not nearly so precious.

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    Adorable! My pic this week is my u/s from today. How amazing that you guys are so close together – wouldn’t it be funny if you did actually deliver on the same day! FUN, fun, fun!!!!!

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    Hey! Congratulations to you both! That is very cool. My younger sister and I (not twins lol) both had girls born 3 days apart and they are as close as sisters! They are 9 now.

    I love ultrasound pics….so sweet!

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    That is so neat! I once knew twin sisters who were both pregnant with twins at the same time. It was insane! Good luck to you both!

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    Ultrasound photos are too precious and amazing for words! Yours is no exception. How exciting!! Continued prayers for the “four” of you!

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    Im so excited for both of you. Its so nice to go through pregnancies together, and to have babies that could possibly be born on the same day..how fun!
    Happy Wed…words and all.

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    That is amazingly awesome! What fun for both of you an dyour kiddoes. I trust that all will go well throughout the rest of the twin pregnancies.

    I can’t do WORDLESS Wednesday either! Check out Kev’s safari, and last Wednesday, too, if you have a minute. We finally got our Chapter 4 pieces written, which is in between the two Wednesdays, if you’re interested.

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    I am so happy for the two of you :) – No matter what your due-date is; the baby will come when it wants to…

    Blessings on your Wednesday and always…

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    I don’t think I’d be able to be wordless either, Janice. LOL

    My goodness, look at that cute little face! How fun is this, that your babies are due so near the same time. Yes – a contest is definitely in order here!

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    How exciting!! Your twin and you having babies just days apart! My wordless Wednesday are never wordless. I feel like I have to explain all of the pictures!!

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    How cool! You guys are very lucky to be going through this together! Your kids will be so excited. Blessings to both of you (or should I say “all” of you!).

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    how neat! and i love those little bean photos.

    I just wrote a brief update on my baby today too. My ultrasound is scheduled for the 9th. Then I will FINALLY know if I am due late Sept. or early October (there are 4 October b’days in our house already. Mine is the 7th)

    Congrats to you both!!


    PS — it looks like by the time I am able to get the Mommy Cards out to Susan she’ll need another name on them!!!

    *Susan: HOW do I ship things to you without spending a forturne??? They wanted $50 bucks to send your cards to you at FedEx. Please Email me options you know of: karla at fruition-designs dot com

    Sorry for the long comment/email/letter lol!

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    I was looking through pictures and found one I had to add to Wordless Wednesdays, too! It’s great to see ultrasound pictures.. I bet you and your sister and so excited!!

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    Ah, this is a most beautiful WW image. God paints beautiful “pictures” after all. Thanks for sharing. You two sisters sure will have alot to blog about after the “twins” are born (the time to do it will be another story altogether, eh?).
    In The Midst Of This Season

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    Beautiful!!! How exciting for both of you. :)

    Hey, I was inspired by something on the Oprah show yesterday and have issued a challenge to all bloggers. If you want to stop by and check out the challenge, we’d love to have more participants!

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    I think that is so cool having babies around the same time!! My cousin’s wife and I planned it that way. We both decided to try at the same time to have kids at the same time, she had her daughter on October 14th (her due date)and I had my son on October 15th (he was due Oct. 27th). It’s so nice to have the kids so close together, if I lived closer to my sister – we would have done the same thing too. A few of her kids are close to my kids in age but none this close. Happy WW.

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    That is so so exciting! Congratulations to both of you!! Both my babies were October babies. I love love loved having them that month. The weather was beautiful, it’s right before the holidays – but with enough time that you can get back to your before “self”, it’s so hot you don’t care that you’re swelling, by the next summer baby is a great size to enjoy the outdoors . . . my list could go on and on! I hope you take some preggo pictures of you as you both grow. I’d love to see them! Did you plan to be pg together? Oh, and make sure once Pumpkins are ripe, to take a picture of your bellies next to a pumpkin – I did this and I look back and laugh! I originally wanted to paint my belly like a pumpkin, but once I got my behind in gear to do it, I was already in labor! Best wishes to both!!

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    I always love Ultrasound pictures- but be careful when using them to get a due date. My son’s due date, by the numbers, was May 20th, but the ultrasound said otherwise. So they moved it to May 5th. On May 17th, they had to induce me, and even that didn’t work right. I think if we would have given him a few more days- he would have come on out to meet everybody on his own.

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    LOL! You sound like me! How exciting to be pregnant with your sister. I would have loved to have that experience, but alas! Wasn’t happening. Oh well. Thank you so much for sharing that miraculous picture! I love love LVOE ultrasound photos…though my husband insists that he can’t make anything out!

    Congratulations to both of you!

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    so exciting
    my sister and I ended up with our boys 6 weeks apart (11 years ago) but yours are likely to be a lot less than that
    praying for u both

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    Congratulations to both of you. How cool to have two sister who are twins have babies at the same time. I was reading your blog this particular story when my almost 18 month old daughter came up to me and immediately saw the sonogram picture and said “Baby Baby” She was so excited. I thought it was so cool that she could recogonized the baby even though it was a sonogram picture and even though I am pregnant we haven’t really shown her a sonogram picture before.

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    yay yay yay!! sorry, i didn’t play wordless this week but i had to comment, congrats susan! what a wonderful picture!! and yay for “twins”!!!!!! believe it or not, we’re going to see that picture next week at our sonogram, too!! yes, believe it, we’re also pregnant! due probably in november or december, how much fun!! babies everywhere!!!

  24. katherine says

    How sweet! Babies are just so cute – even when they are in the “peanut” stage! :) I’m so excited for the two of you – and for Jackson — getting his “twins”!

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    That’s too cool! Maybe they’ll be born on the same day . . . not impossible! My mom and her cousin were born on the same day. :0) Blessings to all!

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    Congratulations! My sister and I were due within days of each other in November 2005 but both of us delivered in October. Mine was 5 weeks early. Hers (who was due before mine) was 2 weeks early.

    It was so fun to be pregnant together (even though we don’t live near each other.)

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