Wordless Wednesday – Only Days Apart!

by Janice


There is only one baby in there (huge relief!!!) but Jackson may be getting the “twins” he wants after all!

Susan had her ultrasound today and she is only days behind me! This is the first glimpse of her little one. Her due date is October 13th and mine is somewhere between October 5th-9th. My original date was the 5th, but after my second ultrasound, the doctor changed it to the 9th. But then if I go according to the third ultrasound, I am back to the 5th. So I have no idea when my due date really is! But regardless – these babies are coming pretty close together! So we really are having “twins!”

It is kind of funny that mine is scheduled first, since I am the older twin by ten minutes. But we will have to see who delivers first! It will be quite a race to the finish line! We will have to have a contest for you all to guess which baby comes first – and to make it tough, maybe we will make you guess the dates and times too! Both Julia and Jackson were born on schedule. My water broke at 3am on my due date and Jackson was born 22 hours later. Sue’s water broke a few days before her due date and Julia was born the day after her due date. So, it will be interesting to see what happens. I predict neither of the babies will be late, so we will see who gets out first!

We are thrilled to see Susan’s little baby and although our fall is going to be crazy busy, we are so excited to have “twin” cousins!

PS – I know these are “Wordless” Wednesdays – but it is just too hard for me to not talk. If you knew me in person, you would know how true that really is!!!

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