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The sun was out today. Now if you live in my part of the world, you understand that when the sun finally shows up and the rain takes a break, you must be outside. I think it is a law actually. Cause if you don’t go out the second it stops raining, you might miss your chance. And kids who haven’t had sunshine on their skin for months, need a least a moment or two – however fleeting it is – to remember that the sun does actually exist.

And it is on days like this that I really wish I lived in a house with a big fenced in yard – well hey – if I am dreaming I will take a big ol’ country house with a huge yard and a few acres for the kids to tear around in. And I could sit on my porch, laptop or book in hand, (and if I am down in the South I guess I would have one of those sweet teas you all talk about,) and just watch the kids play in their natural element. Oh… how glorious that would be!

But I don’t live in such a land. No – I live in a suburb where it costs way too much money to even live in a parking lot (what I affectionately call living in a townhouse.) To have a piece of land, let alone a nice big yard, is just not a financial option for us. We do have a great little house that we share with my mom and I am so grateful for it. But our yard is more of a small garden and so I have to take the kids out to the park, or for a walk, or dodge cars in Susan’s townhouse “streets” if we want the kids out playing. It is full on, active parenting trying to make sure the kids don’t get run over. Yes, not exactly country living.

Which brings me to my tackle – or lack of it. Tonight, after I got Julia and Jackson inside it was after 6pm. I was not an organized diva of a mom with a crock pot creation waiting. No, I was the disorganized “what-am-I-going-feed-the-kids” mom. So by the time I got dinner made, fed and cleaned up, it was 7:30pm. And I was no where close to having a tackled completed.

And really, what I need to do is a “catch up” tackle. I am way behind on laundry, the house is scattered with toys and clutter and I have people coming over on Wednesday night. And then there is the Ultimate Blog Party visiting that I have gotten stalled on these past two weeks. I have over 600 blogs to visit still and I have got to get back to it. I had hoped to be finished by the end of this month. I have failed miserably! I hope you will still be my friends even though I am a blog visiting failure!!! 😉

So ladies, tonight and tomorrow I will be catching up!!! Laundry, tidying and blog visiting. It isn’t exciting. I am not even going to take any pictures. But goodness knows it all needs to be tackled!

PS – Do you have a yard and do you want to switch houses? I think I should become a country girl! 😉

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  1. says

    Well, the positive side is that you don’t have lots of yardwork to do??? I would go crazy without some sort of yard as would my daughter. I feel your pain.

    Good luck getting caught up with everything.

  2. says

    I didnt know we were so blessed having our fenced in section. Most houses in New Zealand have a bit of a backyard.
    will be thinking of you tomorrow

  3. Janice says

    Devildogwife – what a name 😉 – I WISH we didn’t have gardening! The IRONY is that the garden patio thing – which is very beautiful when properly gardened – is a ton of work. WHICH none of us have been doing – SO it is now not looking so good! (My mom is a gardener and had it looking STUNNING before we started our stores. Now the poor women hasn’t touched a gardening tool in months!!!) Our front postage size lawn we get cut by the lawncutting business that does most of the street. So we don’t have to drag out a lawnmower to mow the tiny thing. So it isn’t a ton of yardwork, but it sure does require gardening. (Did I mention I am NOT a gardener!) So in the future, if I get my own house – I will have a basic back yard with grass and minimal gardening. Flowers are so pretty – but I don’t want to touch all the bugs and dirt that is involved!

  4. says

    Could it really be Tackle it Tuesday AGAIN!!! Jeeze. I am waaayyy behind tonight. My husband (Navy) paid us a very brief visit, which meant that I dropped all things domestic in favor of take out and quality time with him and my little one. Daddy time is scarce these days and as it were, we only got about 9 hours with him. Yes- I know- perhaps I should have done more housework since he WAS working most of the weekend, but just allow me to use that excuse and we’ll all be happy :-)

    So- Tackle it Tuesday may or may not happen. . . does work online count?

    and PS- I’m a Flower of the South and Sweet Tea is like a little piece of Heaven Y’all!

  5. says

    Oh, how I recognize that! Funny, I mentioned that too in my TIT’s post, slightly different though :-)

    EVERYBODY: Come on over and have some FUN!!!! Tear yourself from the household tackles and dream away in the Paradiso!

    Let’s partyyyyyyyy!

  6. says

    My tackle is not exciting. Hooking up a printer in boring. We do have a big yard. Almost 4 acres. Just remember though. Somebody has to mow all those acres (hubby does it for now). It’s a lot of work (but we love it). Happy spring :)

  7. says

    You tackled something, FUN TIME! I live in the country and believe me it is work! I have 15 acres that I have to keep clean and cut and failing miserably at it!

  8. says

    My tackle was just everyday things as well. I’m glad you had fun in the sun, and you can come visit my yard if you want. It’s not huge, but it’s big enough and fenced in. 😀

  9. says

    It’s been that kind of a week for me too. We have a huge yard here and will be moving into another place in 3 weeks. Rather stressful just thinking about it but i’m sure we’ll cope. I’ve set myself the draconian goal of keeping the ENTIRE house clean everyday. Although it’s probably not possible right now, i’ve assigned Tuesdays to make sure it’s in reasonable condition at least once a week.

    Enjoy the sunshine! We’re not getting much over here this last month either.

  10. says

    Great tackle! We were going to tackle the outside world yesterday but decided to get ALL the weeklies done yesterday so we could enjoy outside for the rest of the week!! Look forward to getting your house back in order after all the outside time as well ;o)


  11. says

    I think we have the same tackle today. Hee hee!

    I have about 12 acres that need tackling. Yesterday I was thinking how nice it’d be to live somewhere with an association to take care of my yard and exterior maintenance. We want to sell our house — anyone want to move to Small Town Minnesota? — but can’t even think about it until we get our siding replaced. (It is pretty bad when you have to replace your siding to sell your house.)

    It IS gorgeous here! I can’t wait to take the sheets out and hang them on the line. :o) That will be my favorite part of my tackle.

    Have a blessed day! Enjoy catching up!!


  12. says

    I have lots to tackle today – way too much to mention. I have guests from South Africa staying overnight tomorrow!! AUGH!!

    I have a favour to pass around – my baby sister was threatened – to take her kids away from her – on her blog yesterday by a anonymous commentor (they left a few nasty comments), I have the story on my post today. Can we pass the word and spread the love?

    She’s at http://insighttolalasworld.blogspot.com/

  13. says

    I found you at Mrs. Lifecruiser´s blog. I´ve always so many projects in my household that need to be tackled, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and join you =)
    My first tackle was to include the blogroll *just kidding*
    No, I´ve posted about the upcoming tackles – so many things to do! Thanks a lot for the opportunity to share my tackles!

    Good luck, everyone –

    Sanni (I don´t have a own yard, just a small patio. The yard behind our house is a kind of park, attened by the city council. So I dream of moving into an old country house, too. :-) )

  14. says

    whew! I’ve had those days with the late dinners and the messy house and people coming over to boot. Good luck with your tackle! I’m rooting for you.

  15. says

    This is my first Tackle It Tuesday! Good Luck! I am lucky. I live in a townhouse, but my neighbours have kids that play with my daughter so we have our yards joined together into one big yard that the kids can run around in and enjoy! Pretty great for the summer. Country type living in the city. The grownups sit around and chat and bbq and stuff and the kids run around and play in a big fenced in yard!

    My Tackle is up and I even included a little video clip. LOL

  16. says

    Thankfully, we do have a nice, fenced-in back yard. It’s as much a benefit for our little dog as it is our grandson.

    The only thing I’m tackling for the next 48 hours is having Cameron here while his mommy and daddy are in Denver to see a hockey game. :-)

  17. says

    hehe I’d trade ya.. we’re in the country! lol afraid it wouldn’t be much at the moment with the snow/muck and no plumbing put in yet! we’re not fully moved in! Anyhow I hear ya! I”m not real organized as I should be these days!

  18. says

    I love the spring! I found some flowers today… in my closet, printed on a shower curtain. Wish I’d gotten outside, but tomorow looks like I’ll be working out there, puting up a sign.

  19. says

    Janice I’m not sure if mine is more exciting than yours, but it definitely involves a good chance of physical danger. You gotta see it to believe it.
    Pictures only though, I wouldn’t allow a pregnant woman into this room in the state it’s in! :)

  20. says

    Yes I have a yard and yes I’d like a new house (more for the interior than the exterior, though). But new houses cost money and I’m not so sure that I care so much about my house at this point to spend that much money on it. :)

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