One hundred and three dollars later…

by Janice

I wasn’t planning on stopping at the Christian bookstore on the way home today. I just sort of found myself driving that route home and turning into the parking lot while I heard my conscience warning, “You shouldn’t be doing this!”

Why? Well, I actually try to stay out of bookstores – especially Christian bookstores. They are just dangerous! There is just too much I want to buy – and it isn’t cheap!

Which is quite sad. I love to listen to Christian music – but the CDs cost more than mainstream music. (Since I became a mom my CD collection has pretty much stopped growing. I only occasionally download via itunes now.) And books – don’t get me started. I love books – I can spend a fortune in any bookstore and I really have too many books waiting for me to read as it is. So I try to just stay out of the stores.

But if I am going to buy DVDs, books, etc., for my son, it is darn nice if they are teaching some good stuff. So, I do venture into the Christian bookstore from time to time.

Today, as I pulled my car into the parking lot, I thought, “I will just treat myself to a new CD.” I almost told Jackson before we went in that today was Mommy’s turn and we weren’t going to buy him anything today. But, I know myself too well, and figured there was little chance I was going to get out of there without buying him something. So I kept my mouth shut.

And yup – you guessed it. I did do some serious financial damage – to the tune of $103! And – not one CD for me – just stuff for Jackson and Julia. (I went to the nearest Christian bookstore – their music selection is pretty weak – and I didn’t fine anything that I really needed.)

So what did I get? I bought:

  • The Music Machine and Bullfrogs and Butterflies, which I had on vinyl as a kid and adored! I had been meaning to buy them one day for Jackson and Julia, but just never did. So when I saw them today – and on sale – well I just had to grab ‘em!
  • a Bible story book Jackson picked out – I forgot to check if it was on sale or not
  • an Easter story book – on sale
  • a bizarre arithmetic toy thing Jackson wanted – very odd, but oh well, I was already doing some damage, what was one more little thing?
  • a new Bibleman video for Jackson – have you seen this Bibleman stuff? Very cheesy but Jackson is too young to know that! And despite the low-budget production, it is actually pretty good. It is packed full of verses and great messages about living for God. Jackson is so obsessed with superheroes and good vs evil, that when he found them during our last visit to the store I agreed to buy one. Since it is far more edifying than Spiderman, I bought another one today.
  • and finally I bought Resurrection Eggs (they are cheaper at Amazon than what I paid!) I have heard the buzz about these eggs – and have wanted to try them out. While I know a lot of you resourceful moms make them yourselves, I know there is no way that I will get around to tackling that – so it was buy them or forget it for another year.

Which brings me to my questions for you. Have you tried Resurrection Eggs?
(Did you make them yourselves or buy them?) And do you have any tips for me? I haven’t pulled out the instructions yet – sure hope they tell me what to do. Cause I have no idea!

For hundred+ bucks that sure doesn’t seem like a ton of stuff. Which is why I really loathe bookstores! Money goes bye-bye way too fast! Moral of the story: I need to use our church library more!

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