One hundred and three dollars later…

I wasn’t planning on stopping at the Christian bookstore on the way home today. I just sort of found myself driving that route home and turning into the parking lot while I heard my conscience warning, “You shouldn’t be doing this!”

Why? Well, I actually try to stay out of bookstores – especially Christian bookstores. They are just dangerous! There is just too much I want to buy – and it isn’t cheap!

Which is quite sad. I love to listen to Christian music – but the CDs cost more than mainstream music. (Since I became a mom my CD collection has pretty much stopped growing. I only occasionally download via itunes now.) And books – don’t get me started. I love books – I can spend a fortune in any bookstore and I really have too many books waiting for me to read as it is. So I try to just stay out of the stores.

But if I am going to buy DVDs, books, etc., for my son, it is darn nice if they are teaching some good stuff. So, I do venture into the Christian bookstore from time to time.

Today, as I pulled my car into the parking lot, I thought, “I will just treat myself to a new CD.” I almost told Jackson before we went in that today was Mommy’s turn and we weren’t going to buy him anything today. But, I know myself too well, and figured there was little chance I was going to get out of there without buying him something. So I kept my mouth shut.

And yup – you guessed it. I did do some serious financial damage – to the tune of $103! And – not one CD for me – just stuff for Jackson and Julia. (I went to the nearest Christian bookstore – their music selection is pretty weak – and I didn’t fine anything that I really needed.)

So what did I get? I bought:

  • The Music Machine and Bullfrogs and Butterflies, which I had on vinyl as a kid and adored! I had been meaning to buy them one day for Jackson and Julia, but just never did. So when I saw them today – and on sale – well I just had to grab ’em!
  • a Bible story book Jackson picked out – I forgot to check if it was on sale or not
  • an Easter story book – on sale
  • a bizarre arithmetic toy thing Jackson wanted – very odd, but oh well, I was already doing some damage, what was one more little thing?
  • a new Bibleman video for Jackson – have you seen this Bibleman stuff? Very cheesy but Jackson is too young to know that! And despite the low-budget production, it is actually pretty good. It is packed full of verses and great messages about living for God. Jackson is so obsessed with superheroes and good vs evil, that when he found them during our last visit to the store I agreed to buy one. Since it is far more edifying than Spiderman, I bought another one today.
  • and finally I bought Resurrection Eggs (they are cheaper at Amazon than what I paid!) I have heard the buzz about these eggs – and have wanted to try them out. While I know a lot of you resourceful moms make them yourselves, I know there is no way that I will get around to tackling that – so it was buy them or forget it for another year.

Which brings me to my questions for you. Have you tried Resurrection Eggs?
(Did you make them yourselves or buy them?) And do you have any tips for me? I haven’t pulled out the instructions yet – sure hope they tell me what to do. Cause I have no idea!

For hundred+ bucks that sure doesn’t seem like a ton of stuff. Which is why I really loathe bookstores! Money goes bye-bye way too fast! Moral of the story: I need to use our church library more!


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    I have the Resurrection eggs as well. I got them from our church. I havn’t used them yet, but I plan on using them this year. Im actually getting my easter stuff out today, so I will be looking at the directions today.
    There is a Christian book store here as well, that I have been meaning to get to,but never seem to get there. Its probably a good thing.

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    NO NO NO!!! You really found those?!?! I mean on CD or what?? Bullfrongs and Butterflys I LOVEDDDD that!!!! I have the book, Music Machine. RIght here next to me. Oh heavens! What memories you just brought back for me. Mine may be too old, but I may get it for me. Did you REALLY find them on CD??!??!!

    My boys loved BibleMan. The original (don’t know if he is still any more or not) was WIllie Ames. From Charles in Charge? :) But his testimony is AWESOME. It’s basically Bible Man’s testimony but different of course. We actually saw him in person. *giggle*

    I still can’t get over the Cd’s. Truly, please let me know that is what it is so I can start the search for myself. Please.

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    I’m laughing – I can’t believe you bought Music Machine. I bought that several years ago for the same reasons you did. I was in a production of it at my church when I was a child and have always loved it. I can hear the song in my head now as I type. The other one I bought my girls was by the Rambo’s – Down by the Creekbank. Really cute too!

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    PS – my oldest daughter used to love Bibleman and had a Biblegirl dress up outfit. I guess I’d rather them watch that than some other “super heroes”. Now my youngest is into them and she is really gleaning a lot from them!

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    Did you know Willie Aames from Eight is Enough is Bibleman? Dh and I watched it just to see him and relive the ol’ Eight is Enough Days. I love the Resurrection Eggs as well, they are cool! Did you see the book Benjamin’s Box that goes with them? I hope I am not getting you in trouble financially by pointing that out………….

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    If you like CD’s cheap…sign up for Sound & Spirit. After your initial purpose you never have to buy anything again, and just let them know you don’t want the “CD of the month,” and they won’t send it. Once a year, they have an awesome sale: Buy one at regular price, get unlimited for 80% off. So, we try to wait for that, then buy enough that each CD ends up being less than $5, including shipping, if you average it out. It’s pretty sweet.

    Since our kids came, our collection hasn’t grown much either, but that sale is something we take advantage of if we have extra money at the time.

    I haven’t tried resurrection eggs yet, but I want to. I’d probably make them myself though. :)

  7. BLT says

    I have been using the Resurrection Eggs with my children for years. There is a book entitiled Benjamin’s Box that uses the eggs to tell the story of Christ’s death and resurrection. I highly recommend the book and it explains how to incorporate the eggs. Just one more thing to add to your shopping spree!

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    Hi! I’m new to your great site and have popped in a few times recently (sounds like I missed a GREAT party! Bummer!). Anyway, you’re not alone in your weakness for spending too much money at the Christian bookstore! We don’t have one very near our house, but I broke down and spent a chunk of money on a bunch of Psalty CDs online! I couldn’t resist! I had them on vinyl growing up and I can’t WAIT for my girls to listen to them. They’ll be here in a couple days… woohoo! As far as the Resurrection Eggs, I made some with my MOPS group and have yet to try them. I forget every year and remember when it’s too late! So thanks – I’ll go pull them out right now! :)

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    The Resurrection Eggs sounded interesting, so I looked ’em up – if anyone is wanting to make these themself, there’s a great page explaining how right here: Resurrection Eggs directions.

    It seems like a really neat visual and tactile way to get the kids to learn the resurrection story. Right now at the Dollar Tree (or your local “everything is a dollar” store) they’ve got tons of plastic eggs; an 18-pack for $1.

    For the non-christians or persons who simply want to introduce “spring” to their children, I bet you could also use this idea for your own religion/tradition. For spring, some things would be chicks (or some other baby animal), a puddle of clear dry elmer’s glue (melting snow), a daffodil, cherry blossom, etc.
    (Actually that makes me want to think up things to do this, lol.)

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    PS – Ouch on the damage to your wallet!
    I never go shopping for something like that unless I check prices online first. (Especially Amazon and eBay!)
    If I *do* go to the store, it’s just to hold the item in my hand and give it a good thorough checking-over to see if I really want it (did this yesterday with a camera I ended up getting last night on eBay for $70 cheaper than Wal-Mart had it).

    My suggestion is to check out Christian Book – they always have great sales.

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    Speaking of new books, have you tried PaperBackSwap yet? You get books for practically free! (You are expected to send out some books, too, the postage for which is the only cost.) I just got several new books, including Roar: A Christian Family’s Guide to the Chronicles of Narnia. :)

  12. katherine says

    Now I’ll be singing those songs all night! I LOVED Music Machine as a kid! I am going to have get that CD now. :) Too bad they don’t have it on iTunes. :)
    Thanks for finding that!!!
    Oh – my little one is too young for Resurrection Eggs yet, but one of the families I used to babysit had them and the kids LOVED them. I think they’re really great for kids because touching things really helps them remember parts of a story. I used them one time I was babysitting near Easter, and they drew their own books using the eggs as prompts for each page! :)

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    Do you use online auction sites. I use a New Zealand one and I find that the music and books are sometimes much cheaper than in the shops. I love books too.

    Ive never heard of Resurrection Eggs. Im now going to have to google them and find out LOL

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    My boys once loved Bibleman. They’ve become too sophisticated now….bawahahahaha…yeah, they’re known to share a single jawbreaker.

    I was in two bookstores yesterday. I will not discuss the damage. I will say I am loving one of my purchases “Having A Mary Spirit” by Joanna Weaver

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    MUSIC MACHINE!!! Oh wow – I loved that as a kid and was in it as well as the Down by the Creekbank (that someone else mentioned) productions as a kid at church -directed by my mom!!!! Oh the memories!
    My son also loved Bible Man, but has ‘outgrown’ him! A good friend of mine actually knows Wille Aames – how cool is that?
    Resurrection eggs are great – I used them when I was teaching the little guys at church. I actually made mine, and used a couple different versions. There are a few things that can be changed a bit depending on which things you want to focus on. I got my information doing online searches. What a great teaching tool.
    I can’t believe it’s already almost Easter. I was just thinking today, I need to get out my recipe for Resurrection cookies and be prepared to start those with the kids the night before!

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    Hey I did that the other day too…..I hate to go into the Christian Bookstore because of my lack of self control but I sure love going when I can…..but I spent 114 dollars this last time… hubby was not to pleased with me but I was excited about my purchases…..

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    Crystal – so glad I am not alone! (I hate to admit it – but I haven’t mentioned it to my husband yet that I even went there let alone spent over 100 dollars!)

    I LOVE hearing how many of you also loved Music Machine and Bullfrogs and Butterflies!

    And who knew that Bibleman was so popular – I had never heard of him until Jackson picked up the DVD at the stores a couple months ago.

    Jennifer – WHAT are resurrection COOKIES?!?!

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    Janice–you mentioned the prices of Christian music, and yes, at a Christian store they cost a lot more, but BMG music club has a Christian branch Sound and Spirit, and I have built up my collection there. I never buy them when they are full price, but they often have buy one, get 3 free sales, and the price with S&H comes down around $8 each. Also amazon and both have really reasonable prices and great selections.

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    We have that problem with Christian bookstores too. Everytime we go into one, we find ourselves spending more than we planned. The owners are always so nice, and there’s always the thought that what we’re buying for us is better than what we’d pick up at Borders.

    What’s funny, is that when we go to Whole Foods, the exact opposite dynamic is at work. The idea that we’re supposed to feel good about where we shop for food (which to me translates to spend more money to assuage your enviro-guilt) actually makes me want to spend less. There is so much propaganda in Whole Foods, I’m actually repelled at the thought of falling under their spell (and they really are terribly expensive).

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    I used he Ressurection Eggs a few years ago with a group of children I was leading. There are different versions, but the thing I remember is me and my children making little dice out of baking clay to put in the eggs. They were a huge success! Children do love the tactile thing… we also did the cookies with them that Saturday, so it was a really good and memorable lesson day.

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    oh FUNNY! ya know…i STILL know all the songs from bullfrongs and butterflies. i think that album will always have a special place in my heart. i am SO THRILLED they have it on disc now….eek.
    i think i might have topay a visit to the christian book store. maybe i’ll bring my husband with me to make sure i don’t go crazzzzzzzzzy. love ya. xo

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    Janice – You asked about the Resurrection cookies. The recipe is kinda long, so I have put it on my blog. They are also known as Easter Story Cookies, and are a great way to teach the story of Easter. You start them right before bedtime, and they are ready Easter morning. Check it out at:

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    I did some minor damage at the christian bookstore yesterday! For us it always veggietales. Can’t leave without something veggietales in hand. Yesterday i was shopping for easter basket goodies!

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    You can get some great deals on Bibleman and there are even a few Veggie Tales left at Visit my website first and I’ve listed some of their books that are on sale. I’ve not had a chance to list all the videos yet. But there are a few listed under “Toys and Gifts for Kids” on the Featured Selections Page. :-)

    (I’ve started saving money by “shopping” for others. LOL!)

    Oh, a second thumbs up for Paperback Swap! If you go, visit the discussion forums and look under “Book Bazaar”, that’s where everyone posts their 2 for 1 or even 3 for 1 deals!

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    Bullfrogs and Butterflies and Music Machine were my FAVES growing up. What lovely memories. I too have trouble not spending too much at the Christian Bookstore or any bookstore for that matter. If you don’t already have the CD I recommend Sing Over Me: Worship Songs and Lullabies (various artists). That was the last thing I bought and I definitely don’t regret it. I put it on in the late afternoon while I make dinner. It’s a beautiful CD. I was going to tell you about the easter story cookies but I just realized that someone already posted it. BTW the MOPshop at has resurrection eggs for 16.99

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    I found “Bullfrogs and Butterflies” on CD a couple years ago at Walmart, and I had it on cassette as a kid…My girls LOVE it.

    We also have resurrection eggs and they’re a good teaching tool, I think. We got them YEARS ago before they were marketed by Family Life.

  27. says

    I am EXACTLY the same way about books, CD’s, and movies!!!…I love to buy those things!!!

    Hmm, can’t say I have even heard of ressurection eggs.

  28. Linda Thompson says

    Hi Janice,
    I have a tonne of Veggie Tales videos, Christian books, toys, name brand kid’s clothes etc. that I’ve purchased used at Salvation Army. As a kid, I used to be embarrassed when my mom shopped there. Now I appreciate the fact that I’m saving money, helping the environment by re-using items, LOVING where my money is going, and I’m not bothered when my boys break things by mistake because I didn’t pay much for it in the first place. When I’m done, I’ll be passing the stuff on again for others to benefit from. Good that you supported the Christian book store though since your money gets back to the Christian artists and authors out there making the effort. Linda

  29. says

    I have recently went to a Christian book store and spent $75, and then turned around and picked up another $35 worth of stuff at a Christian book store that had a table set up at my MOPS meeting.

    I’m so bad about buying books! LOL

    I did, however, pick up a CD in that $75. It was one of the “Wow” CDs, I believe. I have yet to open it, but I know I will listen to it soon. LOL

  30. says

    We used Music Machine for “quiet time” in a Christian daycare I worked at long ago. I loved the songs and still sing them to my kids on occasion… especially the “Patience” song!

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    We have an annual gathering of the family…60+ folks. What a glorious time! My sister-in-law uses the Resurrection eggs to tell the story of Easter. She reads the story in the Resurrection egg kit and then the kids select a Resurrection Egg to open and they have to tell how it relates to the story. For each correct answer they get a prize! Yes, the kids pay close attention to the story and every child has an opportunity to answer a question…and win a prize. Following the story we have an Easter Egg Hunt. The kids are divided into age groups and we usually have 3-4 different age groups. Money is put into the eggs for the older kids and candy in the eggs for the younger kids. Also in each of the eggs is a message with the good news of Jesus Christ. Following the Easter Egg Hunt we eat, eat, eat. It is a wonderful time of fellowship and all of the kids look forward to Easter Sunday.

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    I too am addicted to music and CD’s, but can’t afford them at today’s prices, so I’ve done two things:
    1) I bought an MP3 player that could be used at a download subscription services (Plays For Sure) like Napster or Rhapsody, and I pay $15 a month to download to my heart’s content.
    2) I joined It’s like Sound and Spirit, but the Netflix version of it. You pay $5.99 a month, which includes shipping, and they mail you the first CD on your list. You can also buy CD’s at that price at any time, including shipping. They have a great selection of recent Christian music (and the classics too!), so I’ve gotten all the hits and my favorites at prices that fit my budget.
    Sorry this sounds like a commercial, just wanted to say what works for me. :-)

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