Here Come The PRIZES…



Sorry we’re a couple hours late posting the winners, but it took me (Susan) about 6 hours to sort out all these prizes.

First, I randomly generated a set of around 100 numbers using

I then went through that list and took each number, found it’s match in the linky and then looked to see if there was a prize preference list either emailed to us or posted as a comment. If I found a prize preference list, I then looked down that list to find the first preferred prize that was still available. If the winner had not submitted a prize preference, I took a look at their blog to see whether or not they had children and then choose the next available prize that seemed a reasonably appropriate match. I did my best to match baby prizes with moms who have babies etc.

I was thrilled with how often I was able to give out prizes that were on people’s wish lists!!!

Most of the winners who submitted prize wish lists actually received something from their list. So I think it was a huge success.

I hope you all love your prizes! And for those who didn’t win this time, don’t worry… we’ve already got tons more contests lined up for the coming weeks and months.


Here is another special giveaway that we’re going to give to a lucky member of our newsletter subscribers.

If you’re not a member, you can join for free now.

The winner of that draw will be announced March 23, 2007. (Please note that this is different than the FeedBlitz email subscription field you’ll find in the right column. The FeedBlitz email subscription will send you emails whenever we update our blog. If you are not already subscribed to our feed through Bloglines, etc., you’ll want to sign up for both features and stay connected.)

The winner will be able to choose from one of the following prizes from our store Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles.

Kids’ Chef Uniform
Big Wheel Ride on Toy
Musical Jewelry Box
Crosley Retro Wall Phone
a gift certificate for $30 to

(Canadian and International bloggers will only be eligible for the gift certificate.)

EVERYONE on our newsletter list is eligible for this prize draw. You do NOT need to be a blogger or post anything.

And no worries – we will not be clogging your email with tons of newsletters. Because we have been so busy, it has been months since our last newsletter. At best you will receive 6 newsletters a year, but you will receive notification of special events and contests at 5 Minutes for Mom.

And don’t forget to write a post next week linking to a few new bloggers you met at the party.

Note to those who offered prizes:
Please find the blog who won your prize and contact them directly through their blog to arrange shipping. If you have any difficulties reaching them, just contact us.

If there are any errors where an American gift was accidentally assigned to an International blogger, please let us know.

Note to all winners:
A nice idea is to thank the blogger who donated your prize on your blog. Link back to their site and share a little link love.


Canadian and International Prize List

INTL 1 — Free Banner and Button
Provided by: Heather of Swank Web Style
Heather is responsible for the fabulous designs on sites like Faith Lifts, BooMama and our Ultimate Blog Party button and banner.

*** WINNER — Down the Garden Path ***

Prize details: Heather will design a custom banner and button for your use.

INTL 2 — Free Custom Design Service
Provided by: Lisa of Lil Duck Duck
Custom design for your special events, including photo birth announcements, party invitations, engagement & holiday cards.

*** WINNER — sognatrice of bleeding espresso ***

Prize details: A free custom design-only service for the event of your choice.

INTL 3 — DigiScrapped Brag Book
Provided by: Karlana from Kar’s Kreations
I “kreate” digital scrapbook items.

*** WINNER — Org Junkie ***

Prize details: A DigiScrapped Brag Book! This comes with (12) 4×6 photo layouts in digital images for the winner to get via email, and “kreated” with 12 photos of their choice. They get the images, and they can print them as often as they like!

INTL 4 — Free 3 month subscription to and
Provided by: Jim and Tanya Ryno from Lift and Podfitness

*** WINNER — Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) ***

Prize details: You will be included in the 2007 Podfitness National Body Transformation Challenge. You will receive 12-weeks of downloadable customized workouts from celebrity trainer Jim Ryno and 3 months of downloadable diet information from Will your podfitness success story be the one that inspires America?
There are over $200,000 in prizes that will be given away and you will also have the chance to be on TV.

Canadian Only Prize List

CDN 1 — Mystery Gift
Provided by: Melissa from
Our company offers to purchase mystery gifts for you or someone of your choosing once, twice or four times a year. These can be specific holidays or random days throughout this year.
This service helps those who are housebound, far from home or someone who just wants to have a little something special arrive in the mail just for them.

*** WINNER — Pure Joy — ***

Prize details: We will offer one Bronze Mystery Gift package to be sent.

CDN 2 — $100 Arbonne Gift Certificate
Provided by: Stacey

*** WINNER — Fruitful Vines ***

Prize details: I would like to offer a $100 virtual gift certificate redeemable through me for any Arbonne products of the winner’s choice. You can view products at my website.

American Only Prize List

1 — Big Wheel® Ride On Toy
Provided by: Janice and Susan from 5 Minutes for Mom
As well as running this site, Susan and I also own two online toys stores: A Rocking Horse To Love and Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles.

*** WINNER — Crickl’s Nest ***

Prize details: The lucky winner can choose an Original Big Wheel®, an Americana Big Wheel® or a Princess Big Wheel®.

2 — Free Banner and Button
Provided by: Laura of Swank Web Style
Laura is responsible for the fabulous designs on sites like My life Shifting, Faith Lifts and Boomer Babes Rock.

*** WINNER — Rebecca Ryan ***

Prize details: Laura will design a custom banner and button for your use.

3 — Custom Made Crochet Shawl
Provided by: Dogwood Dreams
My site started out as my crochet blog back in 2004 and quickly evolved into an uncontrollable glimpse into my real life. It holds my thoughts, poems, rants, my adventures into craftiness, my comments on life in general and the struggles of life in this day and age with a hubby, a 4 yr old suspected ADHD boy, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 tanks of fish. LOL.

*** WINNER — Mama Says — ***

Prize details: I will crochet a shawl for the lucky winner (or wife/girlfriend if said winner is male) in the color of your choice.

4 — Handcrafted Earrings
Provided by: Becca S Designs
Becca S Designs offers both feminine and modern handcrafted sterling silver jewlery made with top quality stones.

*** WINNER — Jennifer — ***

Prize details: One pair of handcrafted earrings.

5 — “All Natural Mommies” Gift Certificate
Provided by: Jenn from All Natural Mommies
Where nature meets nurture.

*** WINNER — Beth — ***

Prize details: Gift Certificate for $15.00 at All Natural Mommies

6 — Customized Toile Notecards
Provided by: Jennifer from J Designs

*** WINNER — Frugal Nancy — ***

Prize details: A set of customized Toile notecards.

7 — Magazine Subscription
Provided by: Dine and Dish
A place where I chronicle my adventures in food and entertaining as well as how our family entertains us.

*** WINNER — Leslie from ***

Prize details: One year subscription to Simple and Delicious magazine.

8 — Stationery Package
Provided by: ellie bellies
unique personalized goodies to celebrate life’s blessings!

*** WINNER — An Iowa Mom ***

Prize details: A stationery package which includes a set of notecards and matching address labels.

9 — Homemade Blackberry Jam
Provided by: Stephanie
My blog is dedicated to moving on to debt free living.

*** WINNER — Corie — ***

Prize details: A jar of homemade blackberry jam. Jam made from the wild blackberries on the 100 Acre Wood. It is good stuff!

10 — Norton Antivirus 2007
Provided by: Mommy Dearest

*** WINNER — This and That ***

Prize details: I will donate a copy of Norton Antivirus 2007, sealed and new-in-box (retail value $39.99).

11 — Picture Book Preschool
Provided by: Sherry

*** WINNER — Heather (AKA pinguinlvr) at ***

Prize details: A free copy of my book, Picture Book Preschool, a preschool/kindergarten curriculum for organizationally challenged moms who love to read good books to their urchins.

12 — Starbucks Gift Certificate
Provided by: Love, Laughter and Laundry
A mom of five talks about her life, her God, and her family.

*** WINNER — Amy’s Blah Blah Blogging ***

Prize details: $20.00 gift certificate to Starbucks.

13 — Handmade Crocheted Afghan
Provided by: Melissa
My blog is about my crochet and about my life here in North Carolina.

*** WINNER — Deanne — Fragile Flower ***

Prize details: Handmade Crocheted Afghan. I will be making a round ripple pattern. The winner can pick some colors for it. Coordinating colors for there home or maybe in there favorite colors. (Ex: Browns, Blues, Greens)

14 — A Book from Jennifer’s aStore
Provided by: Jennifer
At Snapshot, I blog about the things I love–my Lord, my family, books (for me and my kids) and writing, with a little chat about food and travel.

*** WINNER — Junk in the Trunk ***

Prize details: Any book (up to $20) that is listed in my astore.

15 — Body Shop Gift Certificate
Provided by: Single Christian Moms
A place for Single Christian Moms to stop by and feel encouraged, enjoy special devotions, learn what works for me and other SCMs and also interact with others like them around the world.

*** WINNER — Kristen Munson ***

Prize details: $20 Gift Certificate for my Body Shop at Home site.

16 — Gift Box of Ribbons
Provided by: Ribbon Rock Star

*** WINNER — Tanya Ryno ***

Prize details: I will be offering a gift box of various ribbons! (Great for scrapbooking mamas!)

17 — Hand-knit socks
Provided by: Cat’s Cradle Creations
Cat’s Cradle Creations has been primarily a crochet blog since early 2004, showcasing knit and crocheted items. Affiliated with Patterns by CCC

*** WINNER — Jenny — ***

Prize details: One pair of hand-knit socks in red/black/gray colorway. Winner to provide shoe size to ensure proper sock size.

18 — Comfy Crawler Jeans
Provided by: Gissy Bella

*** WINNER — Martha — ***

Prize details: Functional and stylish crawling pants provide padded protection to the delicate skin on crawling babies’ knees

19 — Homemade Honey/Pear Preserves
Provided by: Welcome to my World of Dreams

*** WINNER — Laura — ***

Prize details: A pint jar of homemade honey/pear preserves (no white sugar) made from the pears in our backyard.

20 — Finance Book
Provided by: Aimee’s Blog

*** WINNER — Kelly — ***

Prize details: A copy of my favorite finance book, The Courage to be Rich, by Suze Orman.

21 — Hand-crocheted Bag
Provided by: KnicKnac

*** WINNER — ***

Prize details: I can crochet in color and garnishment of choice a “Fat Bottom Bag” for either the prize winner or if the prize winner is a male, to the female of his choice.

22 — Hand-crafted Pottery Pendant Necklace
Provided by: The Devil’s Cloth
I am also a fellow blogger

*** WINNER — Jenny – Gus’ Gang ***

Prize details: I would like to donate a pottery pendant necklace that I handcraft. The winner can choose from my shop at the link above along with their choice of chain, gold, silver hoops, sterling silver chains, leather cords, etc. If any other blogpartiers would like to purchase from my shop they will get 15% off by entering UltimateBlogParty in the comment field when ordering until the party is over.

23 — Autographed Book: “Real Women Scrap”
Provided by: Tasra from Real Women Scrap
Tasra Dawson is an award-winning scrapbook artist, personal discovery coach, and author.

*** WINNER — Cherie B ***

Prize details: Create the life and layouts you’ve always wanted with an autographed copy of Tasra Dawson’s award-winning book, Real Women Scrap. You will learn how to create balance in your life and layouts, keep yourself in the picture, crop out chaos and clutter, and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Get inspired. Get happy. Get started today.

24 — Photo Print & Aromatherapy Eye Pillow
Provided by: Recy Vintage and Creations

*** WINNER — Our Little Corner of the Upstate ***

Prize details: Two of my photography prints, one custom bookmark and a lavender aromatherapy eye pillow.

25 — Digital Scrapbooking Kit
Provided by: The Scrap Princess

*** WINNER — knitfor6 ***

Prize details: Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit

26 — $15.00 CBD Gift Card
Provided by: Laurel Wreath

*** WINNER — Proverbs31 (Bringing Good Home) ***

Prize details: $15.00 CBD Gift Card —

27 — Woops… this number was a duplicate prize so there is no #27, but we didn’t want to mess up the numbering.

28 — Old Schoolhouse Magazine Store Gift Certificate
Provided by: Lyndsey from Enjoy the Journey

*** WINNER — Nancy Baetz ***

Prize details: Old Schoolhouse Magazine Store Gift Certificate

29 — 3M products
Provided by: Chris from Serendipity Mine

*** WINNER — Journey To Home Birth ***

Prize details: I will donate approx. $40 worth of 3M products (post-it photo paper, fun post-it notes, photo album, kids post-it drawing pad, etc.)!

30 — Storkcalling Gift Certificate
Provided by: Storkcalling
Stork Calling birth announcement lets you call up to 50 phone numbers. With one click, everyone you promised you would notify of your baby’s arrival.

*** WINNER — Faerylandmom ***

Prize details: Storkcalling Birth Announcements – Gift Certificate

31 — Hand Knitted Pedicure Socks
Provided by: Jodi
Celebrating the randomness of life.

*** WINNER — Suzanne — ***

Prize details: I will make a pair of hand knitted pedicure socks from knitty. You can use them your self or give them to whomever you chose.

32 — Arbonne Awaken Sea Salt Scrub
Provided by: Amy Porter
Arbonne is a botanically based skin care line that is committed to providing products that are pure safe and beneficial. They also have a Baby Care line.

*** WINNER — Simply…A Musing Blog ***

Prize details: Arbonne Awaken Sea Salt Scrub

33 — Crochet Scarf and “Barnes & Noble” Gift Certificate
Provided by: Allison from Simple Christian Living

*** WINNER — Amy in NY ***

Prize details: I would like to donate a prize of a suprise hand crochet scarf as well as a $10 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.

34 — Chocolate Covered Macademia Nuts
Provided by: Liza from Liza’s Eyeview

*** WINNER — Laura – Adventures in Juggling ***

Prize details: Ok, because I’m from Hawaii, I am donating a box of chocolate covered macademia nuts.

35 — Beth Moore Devotional
Provided by: eph2810

*** WINNER — Merci @ Spit Out the Cat ***

Prize details: I would like to donate the devotional Voices of the Faithful by Beth Moore.

36 — Knitted Hot Pad
Provided by: Fruit of the Spirit

*** WINNER — Linda — Middle Years ***

Prize details: I have a wonderful double knitted pattern for a hot pad. It works up fast and is really nice. I would like to offer one of my hot pads as a prize.

37 — Custom-made Knitted Scarf
Provided by: Jenean from Witherspoon Cabin

*** WINNER — Lisa – The Scrap Princess ***

Prize details: I will offer a custom-made knitted scarf.

38 — Mommy Cards
Provided by: Karla from Looking Towards Heaven and Fruition Designs
These handy cards are perfect for handing out at playdates, nursery… anywhere that you need to give important contact information. Consider adding any medical alerts (ie: medication, allergies, special needs etc).

*** WINNER — Shane ***

Prize details: One set of customized Mommy Cards.

39 — ‘Super Mom’ Book
Provided by: Melanie Lynne Hauser

Prize details: I will donate three signed copies each of CONFESSIONS OF SUPER MOM
and SUPER MOM SAVES THE WORLD – a total of 6 copies, for six individuals.

Stephanie —
Jamie Bird
Nicole —
Karen —
Friday’s Child
My life as a Mama/Designer

40 — Little Girl Onesies
Provided by: Mini Me Baby Gear
Your source for handmade baby gear. Dress up Boa Robes, “God Bless this Child” product line, wetbags, and many more custom accessories personalized free.

*** WINNER — Slacker Mommy ***

Prize details: Two little girl rufflebutt onesies: Drama Queen 3-6 months and Spoiled Rotten 9-18 months

41 — Handmade Bracelet
Provided by: Beki from Pampering Beki

*** WINNER — Mama C — ***

Prize details: A handcrafted little girls bracelet. It can be custom sized from newborn up to 8″ (mommy sized!). Click here to see a picture of the bracelet.

42 — Barnes and Noble Gift Card
Provided by: Lisa from Sew What’s Up?

*** WINNER — Dawn — ***

Prize details: A $10 barnes & noble gift card.

43 — Motherwear Gift Certificate
Provided by: Tanya from The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog

*** WINNER — Romie ***

Prize details: Motherwear would like to offer a $25 gift certificate as a prize. Motherwear sells wonderful nursing clothing and bras, maternity clothes, and breastfeeding accessories. Gift certificate would be good for anything on the Motherwear site.

44 — Precious Stitches by Beth Gift Certificate
Provided by: Beth from Precious Stitches by Beth

*** WINNER — Krissy — http://www.integritywebsite/com/quirky ***

Prize details: I’d like to donate a $15 gift certificate for my website for the party.

45 — Yarn from Alpaca Yarn Company
Provided by: Ranee from Arabian Knits

*** WINNER — mcmilker ***

Prize details: I have two skeins of the Alpaca Yarn Company’s Glimmer in midnight that I’d like to donate as a prize for the Blog Party. This is enough yarn for a baby set, or a pair of women’s socks or gloves or a shawlette.

46 — 100% Holland Wool Felt
Provided by: Melissa from Little Woolgatherings

*** WINNER — thebluestbutterfly ***

Prize details: I would love, love, LOVE to share five (5) sheets of my 100% Holland wool felt in assorted
*yummy* colors, sized 9×9 inches, and valued at approximately $10.00.

100% wool felt is so much more luxurious than those synthetic blends at the craft store for 20 cents a sheet. It’s an obsession of mine, and I love crafting with felt whenever I get the chance. Please visit my etsy store to see a few examples and my blog for projects-in-work.

47 — Autographed Copy of “The Velveteen Mommy”
Provided by: Author Jenn Doucette

*** WINNER — Beebee Mod ***

Prize details: I’d be happy to donate an Autographed copy of my book, The Velveteen Mommy!

48 — Custom Decoupaged Frame
Provided by: Christy from BonBon Boutique

*** WINNER — Katrina (Callapidder Days) ***

Prize details: The picture frame will be customized by you and made by me. Some sample pics.

49 — GiGi God’s Little Princess DVD
Provided by: Jessica

*** WINNER — Lisa B @ simply His ***

50 — Autographed Copy of “The Minor Protection Act”
Provided by: Author Jodi Cowles

I’m a first-time author out on the road in my RV promoting my book: The Minor Protection Act.

*** WINNER — Robin (Pensieve) ***

51 — Personalized Baby or Toddler Quilt
Provided by: Knitgirlll06

*** WINNER — Morgan (Mama Loves Papa) ***

Prize details:I would like to gift a prize of a personalized baby or toddler quilt. You choose the colors and give suggestions on layout with name or special message. Prize will take up to 4 weeks.

52 — Mini Book Journal
Provided by: Debi from Caught Between Worlds

*** WINNER — Amanda — ***

Prize details: I have a mini book journal available as a prize for the Ultimate Blog Party. It can be seen on the Journals Unlimited site. It’s a cute little journal to record books read and thoughts.

53 — “After Dinner Games” book
Provided by: Laura from The Seabird Chronicles

*** WINNER — Lani ~ The Wooden Porch ***

Prize details: A hardback book describing 40 fun after-dinner games! Great for families and party-hosts!

The SeaBird Chronicles is a candid and humourous look into my life parenting twin toddlers who started out as preemies with GERD. Many reference lists available including reviews of baby gear and great gift ideas for expectant mothers and young children.

54 — Handmade Mini-Scrapbook
Provided by: Christy from After a Cup of Coffee

*** WINNER — Feisty Momma ***

55 — Handmade Knit Scarf
Provided by: Stephanie from Adventures In Babywearing

*** WINNER — el-e-e (Hello, Self) ***

Prize details: You can see the scarf here

56 — Video titled “Paradise Blue”
Provided by: The Art of Living and Dying

*** WINNER — Sparky Duck ***

Prize details:I’d like to submit a prize from my publishing company of a video titled “Paradise Blue”. This video was featured years ago on QVC and sold a lot. It’s a beautiful video highlighting the ocean and sealife of Maui, Hawaii.

57 — Handmade Custom Frame
Provided by: Jill from Who Could Ask for Anything More

*** WINNER — Sue — ***

Prize details: A handmade custom frame for a 4×6 photo color and styling of the winner’s choice. The frames are custom made so once the winner is drawn I will have to work with them to come up with a design and then it takes 6-7 weeks for the frame to be made.

58 — Handmade Pin
Provided by: Christelle from Twenty Nine Thousand

*** WINNER — 60 Piggies ***

Prize details: I will donate one of my pins for your party.

I also have a blog:Making Things

59 — Handmade Pendant, Miniature, or Lapel/Sewing Pin
Provided by: Amanda from Amanda’s Musings

*** WINNER — Elegant Naturals Beauty Blog ***

Prize details: I create polymer clay pendants, miniatures and lapel/sewing pins. I would be willing to donate something from my store:Polyclarific

60 — Inspirational Books
Provided by: Gina from Portrait of a Writer…Interrupted

*** WINNER — Pam at Terrific Teens ***

Prize details: I’d like to donate a box of gently used inspirational books.

61 — Beauty Products Gift Set
Provided by: Erica

*** WINNER — Just Peachy ***

Prize details: a gift set filled with beauty products from my shop.

62 — “Angie the Ant” Book and Doll
Provided by: Keri from Team Angie Productions
Two years ago, my business partner came up with the idea to launch a national mascot for child abuse prevention. In the time since, we’ve co-authored a children’s book and have signed a deal with Prevent Child Abuse America to have Angie the Ant be their official mascot. We’re giving 50% of our profit from the sale of the book back to the cause, and our goal is to have Angie the Ant become a household name.

*** WINNER — chupieandjsmama ***

Prize details: A limited edition set of Angie the Ant and The Bumblebee Tree with a plush Angie doll.

63 — Mini Waist Pouch
Provided by: Ellen from So Be Babies

*** WINNER — Judy — ***

Prize details: Mini Waist Pouch, valued at $15 as a prize. This can be used alone as a small purse or around the waist, or can attach to the waist of any baby carrier with a waist strap.

64 — “Parent with Purpose” CD by Jill and Ann Savage
Provided by: Angie from Random Reflections from Angie
My blog is a collection of the random reflections of a 30 year old mom of three kids (including two with special needs) on life, our religious journey, trips to Chuck E. Cheese, my monthly menu plan, and all the other joys of family life.

*** WINNER — Alli — ***

Prize details: CD of the excellent and thought-provoking talk “Parent with Purpose” by Jill and Ann Savage from a Hearts at Home Convention.

65 — Matted and Signed Photograph
Provided by: Angie from The AutumnDaisy Shop
Our shop features original scenic Midwest photographs, as well as the occasional crafty creations.

*** WINNER — PT LawMom ***

Prize details: The winner’s choice of one in stock matted and signed photograph from The AutumnDaisy Shop.

66 — Beth Moore Internet Bible Study
Provided by: Terri

*** WINNER — Laura Christianson ***

Prize details: A Beth Moore Living Beyond Yourself Internet Bible study. You will have unlimited access to all of the non-streaming resources in the study: downloadable homework (including leader helps and bonus content for further study), listening guides, the online Bible study reference library, and the interactive community.

67 — CD of Classical Piano Solos
Provided by: Urailak

*** WINNER — Jen @ Joyful Notes ***

Prize details: A brand-new CD, “Hey, Ludwig! Classical Piano Solos for Playful Times” by Ric Louchard. The CD includes 20 piano solos of 7 master composers (Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Joplin, Haydn, and Scarlatti) The retail value is $15.95.

68 — Book by Cyndy Salzmann
Provided by: Cyndy from The Packrat Chronicals

*** WINNER — Michelle — Sparks and Butterflies ***

Prize details: A copy of one of my books.

69 — Handmade Soaps and Handmade Cards
Provided by: Wendy from Adoption and Fire

*** WINNER — GP — ***

Prize details: A set of handmade soaps and a set of handmade greeting cards.

70 — Customized Blog Design
Provided by: Liz (Looney Mom)

*** WINNER — Margaret — ***

Prize details: I will give a FULL CUSTOMIZED BLOG DESIGN (approximate value $50), preferably for the Blogger platform since that’s what I’m more experienced with. However I’m just learning the WordPress platform, so if the winner has WP we can work that out; it just might take a little longer – OR I just might have it figured out by the end of March.

71 — Signed copy of “Confessions of an Irritable Mother”
Provided by: Karen

*** WINNER — Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity ***

Prize details: A signed copy of my book, “Confessions of an Irritable Mother.”

72 — 3 Boxes of Twining’s Tea
Provided by: Csara from Baby Talkers

*** WINNER — Fly Baby Amy ***

Prize details: I would be happy to donate 3 boxes of Twining’s tea – Decaf English Breakfast Tea, Peach Black Tea, and Chinese Oolong Tea. Moms have to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of tea once in a while.

73 — Customized Onesie
Provided by: Damselfly from Growing a Life

*** WINNER — WhyMommy ***

Prize details: I’d like to offer a customized shamrock or springtime onesie in a small or large size.

74 — $25 Gift Certificate to Time Well Spent
Provided by: Katrina from Callapidder Days

*** WINNER — Owlhaven ***

Prize details: A $25 gift certificate to Time Well Spent, a terrific online game store.

75 — Baby Bib
Provided by: Prontip from Life In The Fast Lane…

*** WINNER — Jennifer — Frugal Delites ***

Prize details: A Lucky Ladybug chenille baby bib to the prize list.

76 — Handmade Animal Onesie
Provided by: Jennifer from Beebee Mod

*** WINNER — Tammy and Parker ***

Prize details: One of my handmade animal onesies from my shop.

77 — Banner Impressions
Provided by: Lori from Freelance Mom

*** WINNER — Liza Tucker ***

Prize details: 3000 banner impressions on

78 — Bath & Body / Bottle Starter Set
Provided by: Natalie from Natalie Whitlock’s Blog

*** WINNER — Leslie — ***

Prize details: A Gardenia bath & body set, and an Advent bottle starter set with a baby lullaby CD.

79 — Christian Fiction Books
Provided by: Amy from Sprightly

*** WINNER — Jen Holland ***

Prize details: Christian Fiction Books by Tricia Goyer: her new Parenting Book, Generation NeXt Parenting and her new novel Valley of Betrayal.

80 — Baby Bracelet
Provided by: Crissybug

*** WINNER — Chrissy — ***

Prize details: A baby bracelet of your choice at Beauty Queen Boutique

81 — Personalized Hand-Painted Plaque
Provided by: Rachel from Home Sanctuary

*** WINNER — utmommy ***

Prize details: A hand-painted plaque, personalized with your child’s name, for his/her room or your home in your choice of colors.

82 — Personalized Sign Language Cross Stitch
Provided by: Sandra

*** WINNER — Meghan — ***

Prize details: Any name done in cross stitch Sign Language letters.

83 — Handblown Glass Ornaments
Provided by: Dana fromOur Amazing Adventure in Romania

*** WINNER — Rachel (AGoG) ***

Prize details: Five ornaments from the Romanian Glass Factory. Beautifully hand blown. Can be used as year-round decoration or for the Christmas tree.

84 — “Thinking of You” Cards
Provided by: Angela

*** WINNER — Bethany — Ice Cream Mama ***

Prize details: A set of humor “thinking of you” cards, as seen here.

85 — Mary Kay Basic Set
Provided by: Liza

*** WINNER — Karla — ***

Prize details: A Mary Kay Basic Set. It contains cleanser, moisturizer and foundation and it runs at $54.

86 — Handmade Necklace
Provided by: Chel from Created by Chel

*** WINNER — No Diet Coke For Mommy ***

87 — Large Composition Book decorated with Stampin’ Up products
Provided by: Breyasmommy

*** WINNER — Debbie — ***

Prize details: I will be giving away an altered composition book (the large one) It will be decorated with Stampin’ Up! designer paper & I will also be using Stampin’ Up! exclusive stamp sets!

88 — 3 Pairs of Hand-beaded Socks
Provided by: Wendy from The Sock Shop

*** WINNER — …From the Belly of the Whale ***

Prize details: 3 pairs of the winners choice of my beaded socks. You can view my socks at my site:The Sock Shop
This prize value is approx. $15.

89 — $15 gift certificate to The Baby Boutique at Womb’s Window
Provided by: Erica from The Baby Boutique at Womb’s Window

*** WINNER — Frugal Delites ***

90 — Card stock, Stamp set and stamp pad
Provided by: Doris from Living My Happily Ever After

*** WINNER — These Our Treasures ***

91 — Woops… duplicate
92 — $20 iTunes gift card
Provided by: Working Moms Against Guilt

*** WINNER — Jewlsntexas ***

93 — Homemade Dog Treats
Provided by: Barnmouse

*** WINNER — Belly Dancing Momma ***

*** Congratulations Everyone!!! ***


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    WOOT! What a great Blog Party! Congrats to all the winners! I have contacted the winner of the prize I donated and will get it straight with her about when and where to send! Thanks for all your hard work!

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    You guys are amazing! I can’t believe you have almost 1,000 blogs that participated in the party! Thanks so much for putting this together and for all your hard work (especially while preggers and not feeling 100%). Congratulations to all the winners and Congratulations to you for one heck of a party. You ladies ROCK!

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    Wow, I just reread what you wrote before you listed the prizes and you certainly put a lot of time into picking the prizes for everyone. You’ve made a lot of bloggers really happy! I can’t believe I got my first pick!

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    Thank you guys for all your hard work on this party! I am looking forward tot he next one already!!!

    Congrats to all the winners, I have been so busy visiting parties I almost forgot the prizes!

    I contacted my winner already & now I am going to surf some more parties! I don’t even think I got halfway through the list…

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    Thanks 5 Minutes for Mom gang for the terrific job that you have done. I truly enjoyed visiting the many blogs. (and still will) I actually found some to add to my Favorites List.

    Congrats to all the winners. It’s great to see some of my blogger friends on the winning list too.

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    Wow, great prizes – congrats to all of you winners! – thanks for hosting such a great party and allowing me to connect with soooooo many great moms. Now, if only my eyes would stop bleeding!

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    Thank you for hosting the party – it has been fun to visit so many new blogs, although I still have hundreds left to get to!
    Congrats to all of the winners!

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    WOW! All those great blogs (and I’ve read LOTS of them!) won and deserved it. Not to say *I* wouldn’t have minded winning, but that’s another story entirely.

    Guys, the party was fun and I intend on plowing through those 850+ blogs some more.

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    Congratulations to all of the prize winners.

    I still feel like a winner even though I don’t see where I won an actual prize but with all of the party fun and people I’ve met – I definately am a winner as well. :-)

    Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party!



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    Congrats to all those who won. I have contacted my winner over the weekend.
    Hopefully we’ll get the ball (hehe yarn ball) rolling soon.
    Thanks so much again Ladies for hosting such a cool blog party.

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    Congrats to all the winners…….but I think we where all winners because we got to look at the sweetest and coolest blogs that we probably didn’t even know exsists…now we do….and it has been wonderful to visit most of you so far….lol….I still have some more to go thru, but I will be there someday…lollll

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    Congratulations to all the winners! What an amazing blog party! I’ll contact Martha who won a pair of comfy crawlers for her 9 month old baby…let’s do this again next year!


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