Wordless Wednesday – Sleep Over?


If only it were that easy!

(I took this picture during our New Years’ vacation with my in-laws. Let’s just say – the cousins’ “sleep over” part didn’t work! Each night they would not settle down and we had to separate them. But they sure had fun trying!)

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    Cute! That’s what I imagine the scene at my sis-in-law’s house looking like if she ever gets her wish and The Boy spends the night — a 2 year old, 3 year old and 4 1/2 year old? In the same room? Not a winning recipe for a successful sleepover — if you measure success in the amoung of sleep anyone in the house gets! lol

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    Aren’t they lovely when they are asleep? Or pretend to be (I like that even better!) Especially after a long, happy day! Wishing you lots of happy vacations, sleepovers and smiles!

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    Awww… Cousin sleepovers (or non-sleepovers) are the VERY best!! I have one to put up in the next couple of weeks, Joey and his cousin had a sleepover in a tent at Nana’s house and Papa had to take Elizabeth in to the tent because she was just TOO curious to be left out! :)

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    Sheesh, I’m blowin’ brain cells as I push ’em to the limit to learn about “all things bloggy.” I figure I blew another cell or two as I figured out Wordless Wednesdays. Uh, I did figure it out, right??? 😉
    Toni (In The Midst Of This Season)

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    OMGosh, they are so cute! I remember sleepovers, but can’t figure out why they’re called sleepovers since we never got any sleep! LOL!

    Sarah in Canada
    CDN 1, INTL 1, INTL 2


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