Ranch Chicken Wraps with Dried Cranberries

Want to know a quick meal I throw together when I have spent too much time at my computer?

Wraps! I love them and so does my son. It is his favorite meal. I make all different kinds of wraps, but my favorite is this one I created that I call Ranch Chicken with Dried Cranberries.

Chicken Wrap with Dried Cranberries

Okay with wraps the beauty is in the improvisation. Anything goes. Add or substitute to your liking. (I often make them “veggie” without the chicken. The nuts, cheese and avocado give it protein.) I really love dried cranberries in it though – so do give them a shot if you haven’t had them before.

Here’s how I make them:

Wraps – my favorite is spinach or sun dried tomato, but any kind you like will work well
Greens of your Choice – spinach, baby greens, or lettuce etc. Whatever you like – I use all different kinds of greens.
Cooked Chicken sliced or cubed – I never have time to cook. So I buy the whole rotisserie cooked chickens in the deli. Perfect for us busy moms.
Peppers – red, yellow or orange, sliced. I usually put five slices in ours. It is the main vegetable in the wrap. (You could use green – but I prefer the sweet ones.)
Cucumbers – sliced, diced or quartered
Tomatoes – quartered
Avocadoes – thinly sliced
Sunflower Seeds or Nut Mix of your choice
Dried Cranberries – you can buy them bulk or buy the name brand Craisins
Grated Mozzarella Cheese
Creamy Ranch Dressing – preferably low fat/light

Place a bed of lettuce on each wrap.
Arrange chicken and then add veggies. Sprinkle with nuts, cranberries and cheese. Top with Dressing. Wrap and enjoy. (For easy eating, wrap bottom half of wrap in tin foil and peal away when eating.)

Quick Kids Meal
Plain Cream Cheese
Avocado slices
Chicken (optional – I often just do avocado, which is my son’s favorite)

Spread cream cheese on wrap and place avocado slices and chicken in middle. Wrap and cut in three equal pieces for little hands.

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    I will have to try adding Craisins to a wrap. A nice change of pace!

    I make lots of quick meals. Luckily, I have a deep freeze that I keep stocked. My problem is that I don’t always plan far enough in advance, so everything is frozen. This meal comes together quickly, even when everything is frozen when I start.

    Pasta and Peppers

    I box penne or fusilli pasta (1 lb.)(I love the new Barilla whole grain that looks like regular)
    1 lb. turkey sausage polska kielbasa, bias cut into oblong slices
    1/2 lb. shrimp (I buy bulk bags of frozen, either raw or cooked is fine), peeled, tails removed
    1/2 lb. scallops (I buy the tiny frozen ones, but can half large ones if desired.)
    1 orange or red pepper, sliced
    1 yellow pepper, sliced

    Cook pasta according to directions. Drain and pour a little EVOO(extra virgin olive oil) over it. Toss. Set aside.

    In your largest skillet, brown the sausage slices. Set aside.

    Add a little EVOO to the pan and saute the peppers until they get a little char on the edges (medium high heat). Add the shrimp and scallops. Stir fry until they turn opaque. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and crushed red pepper flakes if you desire. Add the sausage back in. Stir in the pasta. Add more olive oil if you like. Serve!

    (My kids don’t like sausage, so we just tell them it is turkey….which it is….and they eat it no problem.)

    You could also use only shrimp or make it with just the peppers if you wanted. Chicken would probably be good too.

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    We really think so much alike! I was considering posting “What to do with a Rotisserie Chicken — including my world famous chicken salad recipe” on Friday … and it has cranberries, too!!!


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    Gibee – great minds think alike! LOL!

    I love rotisserie chickens! They don’t cost that much more than a raw whole chicken and it saves me so much time!

    I do so many things with them – it would be great to see your list and find out if I haven’t thought of something!

    Le tme know if you are going to post your list and I will link to it on Friday.

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    Thanks Janice! I printed this out from the email you sent me. It sounds wonderful; a great summer type recipe, too. No hot oven required! :-)

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    OK try this– have you ever seen the broccoli slaw in the produce section? I like that in a wrap with chicken , ranch dressing and a little cheese (colby is good.) I like to use Jamaican Jerk chicken in this, but it’s a little spicy for the kids.


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    I still haven’t mastered the art of wrapping the contents so that they don’t fall out or drip all over…do you have any tips for for me or a link to show me how?

    Sarah Zeldman
    Wrap Newbie :)

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    I love the idea of adding nuts and cranberries to the wrap! I can’t wait for our garden this summer, so I can make this with the veggies! There’s nothing like garden tomatoes!


  1. […] But one of my tricks so that my family does not starve to death is the rotisserie chickens from the deli at the grocery store. I use them for tons of different things. I told you about my son’s and my obsession with wraps and shared with you my recipe for Ranch Chicken Wraps with Dried Cranberries, but it doesn’t end there. Oh no ladies – I figure why cook when I can blog? So, I use rotisserie chickens for as many things as I can think of. I make salads a lot – any kind – Greek salad, coleslaws, green salads with apples and whatever veggies and cheese I want, Caesar salad, etc. (I adore salads. In fact, I think I could almost live off them.) […]

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