mother’s day giveaway 2012

Happy Mother’s Day (just a little early)! We have had TONS of great giveaways for this special Mother’s Day Giveaway this year. Our sponsors were more than eager to help treat YOU, mom,  to a […]

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Do you remember when you were a kid in school and when Mother’s Day would roll around you would make a necklace for her in art class? Usually it was a mix-match of beads. Or […]


Last year during our Christmas Giveaway I wrote a review for Charmies in which we also held a giveaway. Do you remember seeing it? If not, you really missed out on a wonderful chance to […]


I’ve mentioned before I’m addicted to all things personalized. That includes handcrafted items. And jewelry. These things melt my heart and my wallet. ;) Recently, I found a great website, Hip Fusion Designs, Inc.,  that […]


Did you know there are more than 85 million mothers nationwide? Statistics show that 50% of households give Mother’s Day cards to mom. That would be nearly 152 million cards on that day alone! Also, […]


Growing up our daughters want to be just like us. One of their favorite past times is dressing up and trying to look just like we do. Pairendipity knows this and has created wonderful mommy […]


Just a little over a month until Memorial Day will be here. And with Memorial Day comes the unofficial start of summer and the opening of all the local pools. Exciting for the kids. Not […]


You wouldn’t know it by looking at me but I love jewelry. I just never wear it very much – as long as I have on my wedding rings I’m accessorized. Between the kids pulling […]


Coffee. That’s a really sweet word, isn’t it? After a long night of staying up with a sick child, or a ballgame that is rain delayed — this is the one thing that can help […]


It’s funny that this is a Mother’s Day post because my dad absolutely LOVES Cracker Barrel. Any birthday, anniversary, or special occasion that he gets to pick where we all go out to eat –  […]