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Captain No Beard Books 310

In this Back to School Giveaway, 5 Minutes for Mom contributor, Jenny Nanninga, shares a look into a series of stories to spark your children’s imagination. This post is sponsored, but as always the opinions […]


Two Homes for Daniel

  Faydra, This is such a great book idea for children. What inspired you to write for children of divorce? Faydra: Thank you. I am very excited about Two Homes for Daniel. and sharing about how […]


A little red balloon sits on a toy store shelf in his box wanting desperately to be filled with helium so that he can be a big balloon, fly, make friends and see the world. […]


When my kids were little, I loved getting new books from the book fair and sitting on the couch for hours snuggling and reading. The kids were relentless in bringing me book after book to […]


I have a sweet little newborn cousin that I probably will not get to meet for quite some time. She lives thousands of miles away and it does not look like I am going to […]


These days it seems to be all about online games for kids. I know I am sometimes guilty of that myself. My soon to be 6 year old is in love with the laptop my […]


Richard Scarry's Busytown Town Hall Deluxe Set

Trends come and go, and as a child of the 80s, I’m frequently finding that many of the characters, toys, and shows that I enjoyed as a child are coming back now, just in time […]


Cool enough for six-year-old Jackson and cute enough for three-year-old Julia, Wow Wow Wubbzy from Nick Jr. is a hit with our kids! But it takes more than colorful characters to win me over — […]

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