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If you would like to advertise with us, or you work with a PR company, we are pleased to help you. See our Advertising/PR page.

Here are 6 ways that you can use “5 Minutes for Mom” to promote your own website:

  1. Add your website(s) to our Reader’s Blogs, Mom-Run Websites and Mom-Owned Stores sections.

    Each listing includes a photo, a description and an additional full page interview or description about your website with several links to various pages of your site. To read more about how it can benefit your site, read this post Do You Want Your Site Listed?

    *** We’re sorry but due to the volume of listing requests there is currently a WAIT of approximately THREE WEEKS to be listed. ***

  2. Comment on posts.
    When you leave a comment on our blog, you network and build relationships with other moms and in turn your site gets traffic.

  3. Request a product review/giveaway.

    The best way to advertise your product is through an honest product review/giveaway. If you would like us to review your product, we will use the sample you send and write up a post on the blog. That post will be stored permanently under our product review category. Please contact us to make arrangements for your product review/giveaway.

  4. Apply to be featured in The Sampler.

    If you have a mom blog, you may apply to write a post for our weekly column “The Sampler”. Click here to find out more about how to apply.

  5. Apply for a site award.
    We are excited to offer a range of site awards for mom-run websites and mom-owned stores. You may qualify for a Great Site, Mom Approved, or other award. (We do not currently give these awards to personal blogs.)
    Great Site Award

    Contact us if you would like your site to be considered for an award.

  6. Submit a link to our weekly column 5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere.

    Each Sunday, we bring you the best contests, informative posts, and interesting happenings throughout the Blogosphere.

    5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere includes stuff we come across in our daily bloghopping as well as recommendations from you. So, if you have something noteworthy happening on your site and you’d like to be considered for a future post, please send us an email at features5minutesformom at gmail dot com and we’ll see if it can be arranged.

    We’ll try to accommodate as much of your requests as possible but please keep in mind that we do have space constraints to consider.

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