Social Media Power Team

Social Media Power Team

A Power Group For Bloggers With Influence

Are you ready to push your social media influence way up?

We’re pulling together a group of men and women who are SERIOUS about social media. We want to find bloggers who are building businesses and who think of their time online as an investment. While their time on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest is fun, it’s also work and it’s serious business.

We’ve all got lots of ways to connect, but we think there is power in creating a very focused group of bloggers who want to work together and lift each other up.

It’s free to join this group. The only thing we ask, is that you’re willing to take active steps to help each other.

We’re not making a certain measurement of success determine whether or not you should be classified as a Social Media Power Team member.

We’ll let you decide if you belong.

  1. Are you motivated to grow your social media influence?
  2. Do you consider your blog and/or your social media brand to be a “business” and you want to increase your income?
  3. Do you want to support other bloggers to help each other grow?
  4. Do you agree to act professionally and never post negatively about other members?

While, we’re not defining the Social Media Power Team to be those that have a certain number of followers or page views, this group is not for beginner bloggers. That said, please don’t feel that since you’ve only been blogging for a year that you’re not as powerful as others who’ve been blogging for five years.

You define your power.

So if you tell us you should be part of the Social Media Power Team, you’re in.

Here’s what you need to do…

  1. First – Enter your email below. That email list is how we’ll alert you to valuable opportunities and share powerful resources. Don’t worry, we won’t flood your inboxes… we’re too busy for that.
  2. Second – Check your email. Click on confirmation link and add our email address to your contact list.
  3. Third – Enter your Twitter profile below. – This is Optional – Add your Twitter handle to the Linky list at the bottom of this page. You don’t have to publicly declare you’re on this list, but we are building a public Twitter List that we can all follow. We’re going to take entries from this linky and manually add them to the Twitter List. The Twitter List is Social-Media-Power-Team

We also have a private Facebook Group, and we’ll be creating a private page where we can all share our other social media profiles.

Just get on the email list, and you’ll be in the loop.

Let’s Go Team!

~ Susan and Janice

Add Your Twitter Profile Link Here

Please add the full url so that it is hyperlinked to your profile page.
For example, use a url such as and then you can add the link text as @5minutesformom

Please do not add any store/service/company twitter handles to this list. Only add your personal handle or your own blog/website handle.

(Note: We reserve the right to remove entries from the list.)