Mothers and Others Join Us

“5 Minutes for Mom” is really for everyone… not just moms.

We want to give a HUGE welcome to all women (and men too) whether or not you have children.

We use the term “Mom” to include everyone who loves children and is interested in the types of things that generally interest moms.

We especially want to include moms-to-be and women struggling to become moms.

I had to wait over 3 years to finally become a mom and it hurt terribly to feel excluded from the club. For two of those years, I worked at home and was part of the work at home mom community. I called myself a “work at home mom-to-be full-time aunt”.

I found that all of the mom sites were very welcoming when I told them I wanted to join in the community even though I was not yet a mom.

So I understand that it can be hard when everyone uses the term “mom”. Please accept our apologies… we use the word “mom” because it is generally the easiest way to group together women who have many common interests.

Also, we love diversity and welcome women from all religious backgrounds. A few ladies have written to us wondering if this was a site for Christians only. And the answer is a huge NO… we are definitely not a site just for Christians.

“5 Minutes for Mom” is for everyone. Many of our readers are Christians and we also happen to be Christians. We hope that does not discourage anyone from joining the community and listing their websites in our directories.

We are thrilled to list all types of blogs as long as they are in good taste.

So to everyone… Welcome!!!