Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

13 Reasons I Need My Twin

  1. I can wake her up at midnight because I can’t get my mister linky code to work. (Yup, drove over to her house in my pj’s at midnight and got her out of bed. It is currently 1:08 am and she is working away on my post while I type this. LOL)
  2. I can get her to watch my son so I can nap cause I was at my computer all night.
  3. Twice the wardrobe.
  4. Her daughter is the closest thing to a “sibling” my son has.
  5. I have a baby girl to buy cute pink clothes for.
  6. I have someone to talk to anytime about anything.
  7. To do all the techie work for our business.
  8. For her husband’s advanced technical support.
  9. To proofread. (She’s no editor, but better than nothing.)
  10. To Tivo “The Office” for me.
  11. For a reality check when I am obsessing.
  12. To fight with.
  13. To be the ultimate Auntie for Jackson.
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  1. says

    Hahaha u really drove to her house in ur PJ in the middle of the night?? now i’m sure you really need ur twin! :) Great list of TT u got, happy Thursday! mine is up!

  2. says

    We,, I do have a twin but somehow twin brothers are not the same as twin sisters…sounds like you are really close to each other…that is great! *s*

  3. says

    A twin! Your list is great – I hope it made her smile real big. I don’t have a twin but I do have an older brother who I love dearly – just can’t share his clothes. We do wake each other in the middle of the nights and stuff tho. hehe

  4. says

    I’ve always said everyone should have one! I have sisters who are twins, and I have twins… but I always wished I WAS a twin! I think it’s an amazing and miraculous gift you’ve been given!

  5. says

    I stumbled onto your blog, and HAD to leave a note about your Twins 13….Too fun!! If you get a chance to visit my website, you can get to know my life as a twin too!…I just started today with a blog, and I hope I can “borrow” your idea of 13 things to be glad I have a twin! I enjoyed it very much!

  6. says

    I wish I had a twin too! I have a brother and sister who are twins, kinda close, huh? I guess it is as close as I am gonna get! You are very blessed. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Susan says

    Techie Twin Susan Here –

    Yes, it is so great to be a twin. And yes, I also am very thankful to have Janice as a twin. We always laugh that if you put us together, we almost form one functional person. LOL

    Being a twin is such a unique experience and I think if everyone in the world had a twin, there would be much less loneliness and the world would be a happier place.

    Some days we drive each other crazy and yell and scream (we used to kick and punch too), but when one of us goes on vacation for even a few days, we miss each other.

    I used to live about a 40 minute drive away, but as soon as I got pregnant, my husband and I bought a townhouse 2 blocks from Janice. So now we see each other literally every day and our kids are practically siblings.

  8. says

    Is being a twin a positive or negative. Do most conversations revolve around you being a twin? How do you break free of the twin mold if you’re a twin? Each person should be able to have their own persona. I think being a twin is a stigma that might work against you in the long run. Of course you can’t control that you’re a twin, but a change of hair, different clothes, and a funky attitude can get you on the path to individuality!

  9. Susan says

    That’s a good question Classroom Carpet Mom…

    Sometimes there are disadvantages to being a twin. But for us the advantages are so much greater than the disadvantages.

    On looking back at our past, I can see how we were sometimes competitive. But nothing overly significant. In fact, I didn’t even realize it until I was an adult.

    About conversations being based on the twin subject…
    We probably have talked more about ‘being twins’ here on this blog than we have in a while. So no, it’s not really a huge issue for us.

    One of the kinda negative parts is that we are super critical of each other in the same way that people are normally critical of themselves. For instance, if we’re at a party and one of us is talking too much (which we both have a tendancy to do… especially Janice LOL) the other twin might get annoyed because if one of us is behaving a certain way, people perceive that we are both behaving that way. And talking too much is definitely a character trait that people very often associate with us.

    But that negative also has a positive side. We do help to keep each other in check. So if one of us is doing something dumb, the other can kick her under the table. (Except, Janice sometimes has a tendency to say outloud, “Why are you kicking me?” Which kinda spoils it.)

    We have lots of friends in common, so another advantage is that Janice does more socializing and I and tend work almost all the time, but then when I want to go out… there are still parties that I can go to. We have laughed about how we have gone through different stages of life when one of us has “maintained the friends” for the other. For example, when Janice was bedridden with her illness for a couple of years in our late teens, I maintained the friends. So when she could go out every couple of months, she’d have a party to go to.

    And we do have rather different personalities and we do actually look rather different. You can see in our photos that my hair is highlighted. But we definitely wear the same clothes. We’ve always shared clothes.

    Overall, being twins has been one of our greatest blessings and I definitely Thank The Lord for my twin.


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