Bamboobies – Essentials for the Nursing Mom #Giveaway

5 Minutes for Mom contributor and long-time breast-feeder Bonnie Way received a package of nursing products from Bamboobies to try out for this review; all opinions expressed are her own.

I’ve spent five of the last seven years breastfeeding. I remember, as a new mom, struggling to learn how to nurse my baby daughter. Breastfeeding seemed like it should be so natural and easy, and yet it wasn’t. In the two babies I’ve had since then, I’ve learned more about the period of adjustment that comes after having a baby—the huge changes that happen in a mother’s body to nourish her child and how each child brings their own unique abilities to the breast as well. I’ve also learned to look for things that make this process easier.

Bamboobies Prize Pack

Bamboobies offers moms a variety of products to help with breastfeeding. The company began in 2009, when one mom needed a solution to her leaky postpartum breasts. Since then, the company has grown to offer more than just nursing pads. They now have a whole line of products to meet the needs of pregnant women and new moms.

I first encountered Bamboobies after my oldest daughter’s birth, when I needed a pad to soak up the constant milk leaking from my boobs. I found disposable pads annoying because they got lumpy and sometimes broke and felt clammy and, of course, created more garbage. Bamboobies pads are big, soft, and super absorbent, and even after three babies, my pads are still going strong. The pads come in two sizes, regular and overnight (for extra leak protection, such as when your milk first comes in).  The pads are discrete and never feel yucky, even when they’re full of milk.


Bamboobies Nursing ShawlThe Bamboobies chic nursing shawl is light and soft, easy to slip over your head. I love the fact that it’s multipurpose; it can be used as a nursing cover, but it can also be worn as a light shawl while pregnant. The flower is a bright and pretty design on the black shawl. The stretchy fabric made it easy to put on and use, even with a baby who was squirming and growing.


Nothing my midwife or nurse said to me as a new mom prepared me for the pain of engorgement. I seem to have a huge supply of milk for my babies, and after my second daughter, my breasts so big and heavy with milk that I had a terrible sore back. I wish I’d had the soothing therapy pillows back then. These beautiful little pillows are so soft against your skin and the perfect shape to ease boob pain. They can be used warm or cold to help with engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis, pumping and even for babies’ and toddlers’ bumps and bruises.


Bamboobies BrahhhIn five years of breastfeeding, I’ve tried a lot of nursing bras. Some work better than others or fit better than others. The Bamboobies lounge bra is one of that works. Made of super soft, stretchy bamboo and organic cotton, this bra is a sports-style bra with relaxing support that’s super comfortable. I liked how easy it was to slip on (no playing with clasps) and the pretty flower in the center (similar to the flower on the shawl).

I was very excited to try the Boob-Ease Organic Belly & Baby Butter. I haven’t had a problem with stretch marks (thankfully), but my youngest daughter has had very dry skin since birth. I’ve tried a variety of lotions on her skin but hadn’t found one that I really liked—until I opened my Bamboobies package. The Boob-Ease Butter felt greasy when I first rubbed it onto her skin, but I was surprised at how quickly it rubbed in and how smooth it left her skin feeling. The butter is also two of my favourite scents: lavender and lemongrass. I’ve tried it on my own skin too and I like it just as much as my daughter does.


Bamboobies Nipple BalmBamboobies also offers a lanolin-free nipple balm which soothes, protects and moisturizes sore nipples, yet is also safe for baby—so there’s no need to wash it off or worry about when you’re next feeding the baby. The nipple balm is soft and easy to apply.

All of Bamboobies products are natural and organic. The therapy pillows have flax seeds in them, rather than a gel or other chemical. Flax seeds hold their temperature longer than gel. These products are great for both mom and new baby.

If you are expecting or have a friend who is, I totally recommend checking out Bamboobies. They have the best pregnancy and postpartum products available. I could tell, even before I dropped by the website to find out for sure, that this is a company run by a mom for moms. Their products show that they’ve been tried and tested by real women with real problems who’ve found real solutions. They offer gift certificates as well as awesome bundles (perfect for a baby shower gift).

You can also find Bamboobies on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (follow them to hear about great deals and giveaways as well as new products).

Enter to win a new nursing mama prize pack that includes a Bamboobies Nursing Pads Multi-Pack (3 pair regular + 1 pair overnight), Bamboobies Nipple Balm, Bamboobies Brahh (black w/ flower accent), and Chic Nursing Shawl (blackberry w/ flower accent).


  1. Kara Griggs says

    I didn’t expect sore nipples that bled when my milk hadn’t come in yet. Then, when I returned to work I was not able to pump enough milk.

  2. Cassandra Eastman says

    With my son, I didn’t expect it to be so hard! But with great help and support we made it!

  3. christine jessamine says

    for me it was that each child was different. with my son it was alot harder to breastfeed even though he is my 2nd

  4. Rosa says

    I was caught off guard by how engorged you can get. I’m currently at the end of my pregnancy with my third daughter, after two unsuccessful bouts with breast feeding. My oldest needed neo natal care, where are my current youngest was a lazy sucker, and managed to kill off my milk supply to the point where dicletin was unable to help… Here’s hoping round three is a success!!!

  5. Kathryn s says

    I didn’t expect breastfeeding to be so hard with my third child. My nipples were so sore the first couple weeks and my son lost 13% of his body weight. I had to pump and am now still pumping 3 months later.

  6. katie s says

    What was unexpected for me with breastfeeding was that I heard it hurt when the milk came in, and holy moley it hurt, but that when you got full it would hurt then too. Another full year of not being able to sleep on my stomach. :(

  7. Susan says

    My *baby* girl is labouring right now … it would be so nice to give her this as a gift because even at my old age, I remember how difficult those days can be!

  8. Lara Clinton says

    I haven’t been able to start yet but plan on it — I read a lot of information though that it takes a lot of dedication to make it work sometimes!

  9. Lynda Thomas says

    With my first son it was unexpected that breastfeeding made my emotions go completely crazy. With my second son it was unexpected that everything went so well and I didn’t have any problems at all!

  10. Asha says

    I didn’t expect to love it so much. I have been so successful at it so far. The fact that I can give my daughter all she needs is a great feeling. Trust in your body. Breastfeeding really makes me feel empowered.

  11. says

    When I started breastfeeding my son as a newborn, I didn’t know it would be so hard and that latching would be so difficult for my baby.

  12. Shannon F says

    Pretty much all of it! Haha I don’t know if I thought it was all going to be rainbows and sunshine or something but man, I was not expecting any of the pain or suffering! ha

  13. Lorie Sanders says

    Clogged ducts!!!! They were the worst and the remedy is funny as hell. On all fours upside down to the baby breastfeeding

  14. Sonia says

    I haven’t started yet; my son is due in a couple of months. How soon the breasts start to prepare for baby was a shocker for me.

  15. Lauren E. says

    I had no idea how painful it would be when she started spacing out her feeding periods. Holy cow.

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