Innova Nature’s Table Pet Food #Giveaway

Our writer Jennifer D. received a product sample to aid her in writing this giveaway. We were also compensated for this post.

What is in the bowl

Most of us are taking more notice of what we eat. We want to know what’s in it and we want it to be as natural as possible. What about for our pets?

My dog Shadow was happy to do her part in testing out the new Innova Nature’s Table Grain Free Ranch-Raised Beef & Red Lentils Recipe Adult Dog Food and Innova Nature’s Table Grain Free Farm-Raised Chicken Recipe Dog Treats. She can be picky when it comes to treats in particular, so I was glad that she seemed to enjoy it.

Innova, a leader in the natural pet food industry, believes pets deserve the best nature has to offer-high quality, natural ingredients from trusted sources. Inspired by the farm-to-table movement, Innova Nature’s Table is a new line of premium, grain-free, natural recipes that bring the farm to your pet’s bowl.

I like the idea of being able to read and decipher the ingredients on my pet’s food, just like that which I buy for me and my family.

And I’m happy to see quality protein – like farm raised turkey and chicken – as the first ingredient on the list. Pets deserve our love, attention and healthy food without fillers or artificial preservatives.

innova table

Find out more

Innova pet on Facebook
Innova Pet website

Enter to Win

One of you (U.S. only) can win your choice of 2 bags of food and a bag of treats for your cat or dog:

  • Innova Nature’s Table Grain Free Ranch-Raised Beef & Red Lentils Recipe Adult Dog Food and Innova Nature’s Table Grain Free Farm-Raised Chicken Recipe Dog Treats
  • Innova Nature’s Table Grain Free Cold Water Salmon & Peas Recipe Adult Cat Food and Innova Nature’s Table Grain Free Cold Water Salmon & Savory Chicken Recipe Cat Treats

Just follow the instructions in the widget below, starting off by telling us if you would prefer dog or cat food. Just for fun, tell us your pet’s name as well!



  1. Erin Ellis says

    I would prefer dog food. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  2. Vickie Couturier says

    cat food would be my first choice,,but we do have a dog too,even though he is so little ppl say he isn’t a real dog,lol

  3. Anne says

    Well, we have one dog and two cats, so I’d be happy with either, but I’d prefer the cat food package.

  4. Linda Szymoniak says

    Well, I have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds and three cats – all rescues, so actually either dog or cat would be good for us. If I have to pick one, I’d go with dog.

  5. Jill Myrick says

    I would prefer the cat food for our kitties Moses, Scooter and Abbey.


  6. Nancy Loring says

    I would prefer cat food because I have 3 cats but I also have a dog who would never let the cats get something and not him. He would just try to get their food anyways so I would want the dog food and save the cats a hassle.

  7. G says

    While I have both cats and dogs, I would choose the dog food and treats. I have two rescue cats who are a bit finicky whereas my dogs all enjoy trying great high quality foods and treats like these. I have eight dogs, three of which are rescues. I’m very picky about what I feed my dogs but this food/treats meets all my guidelines when choosing…. Since my current food is being discontinued by my local pet store, I’m looking for something to switch to that I’ll be able to buy locally rather than ordering online. They do carry Innova and I’ve been curious about trying it for my dogs, so would absolutely love to win this in order to be able to try it and see how they like it and how they do on it. Most of my dogs are shelties, including one of the rescues, but I also have a rescue lo hair chihuahua and a rescue pit bull. The pit bull and chihuahua can and will eat anything, but I’ve been using grain free for he shelties for a while so was excited to see this is grain free too. And it sounds great. Thanks for the Chsnce to win to try Innova products for my fur kids.

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