Freefall to Fly Review and Giveaway

Jennifer, 5 Minutes for Mom’s assistant, shares her insight into Freefall to Fly in this giveaway. This is a compensated post and she received a copy of the book but her opinions are her own.

I love books that come from a personal journey. When I first opened Rebekah’s book, my eyes were glued to the pages. I found myself nodding in agreement when she would share about her panic attacks.

I would wipe the tears away as I read about her fears for her family. In fact, I remember thinking to myself, “This book hits way to close too home.”

In Freefall to Fly Rebekah shares about her move from comfort and friends to New York, where she basically had to start all over again. With a special needs child and a growing ministry, life can sometimes overwhelm us. As moms, we have all been there.

About the book:

Women today are fading. In a female culture built on Photoshopped perfection and Pinterest fantasies, we’ve lost the ability to dream our own big dreams. So busy trying to do it all and have it all, we’ve missed the life we were really designed for. And we are paying the price. The rise of loneliness, depression, and anxiety among the female population in Western cultures is at an all-time high. Overall, women are two and a half times more likely to take antidepressants than men. What is it about our culture, the expectations, and our way of life that is breaking women down in unprecedented ways?

In this vulnerable memoir of transformation, Rebekah Lyons shares her journey from Atlanta, Georgia, to the heart of Manhattan, where she found herself blindsided by crippling depression and anxiety. Overwhelmed by the pressure to be domestically efficient, professionally astute, and physically attractive, Rebekah finally realized that freedom can come only by facing our greatest fears and fully surrendering to God’s call on our lives. This book is an invitation for all women to take that first step toward freedom. For it is only when we free-fall that we can truly fly.

Watch this video from Author Rebekah Lyons


Give yourself permission to freefall — and trust that someone will be there to catch you and to help you fly.

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 So — what is a defining moment in your life? What would you consider your freefall moment?


  1. says

    I would consider the 2 most free falling moments for me were when my oldest son was diagnosed autistic and when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. They have been amazing self defining moments that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

  2. Lisa A. says

    Wow – I love her video so the book must be amazing! Definitely on my list. Defining moment for me… having my sweet littlest munchkin nine years after my daughter. Our lives had been crazy busy and little man grounded me/us. My freefall moment — telling my boss of 15 years that I was staying home after mat leave.

  3. Angel S. says

    Hmmm. I would consider myself mid spiral right now. My mom is in end stage renal failure. I am literally losing her in front of my eyes. It is agonizing. While time is a gift, knowing what I am facing is excruciating. Sadly, through the process most of my friends have checked out. It is too hard to keep coming up with encouraging or comforting words after a while. While I will have time later to reestablish those friendships (hopefully), I will never have this time again with my mom.

  4. Margot C says

    I felt like I was in freefall when we lost our apartment when I was 7 months pregnant! (but we survived)

  5. michelle koerner says

    Right now. I am a mother of 3 girls. I am with their father but not married. 5 months ago I was in a bad car accident. Due to injuries I have been out of work since then. I live every day in severe pain. The doctors know something is wrong, but they dont know what it is. I wonder everyday if I will ever get better, and be able to be an active mother again like my children want, need, and deserve. Everyday is a struggle… not only with the pain, but fighting with insurance companies, having tests done, medicines, physical therapy, and the strain it has put on my fiance and our relationship. He has been a saint through this ordeal, but I know its hard on him.

  6. Kim says

    When I decided to walk away from a bad marriage of 18 years and go out on my own for the first time ever. I packed up a few suitcases, grabbed my dog and drove 1,000 miles, leaving my 3 children behind with their father until I could get on my feet back home with the help of family and friends. The whole last year have been a year of absolute Hell and yes, I’ve felt like I was in freefall for a whole year, never knowing where I would land. I’ve somehow managed to land with my wings in tact :) A year and a month after leaving I closed on my own home (NEVER, EVER thought that would happen), after living on friends couches and in a rough live in situation, and I’m getting my children next month to come live with me. I’ve done it. It’s still hard to believe.

  7. kathy dalton says

    my free fall moment was coming home from a church bbq with y five chldren and seeing fire engines surrounding my ome…we lost everything to a fire

  8. Barbara Blanton says

    My free fall moment was when I decided to go back to school and still work full-time. Well maintaining my home, raising my children, and trying to keep my relationship with my husband. Since I have been in school full-time the last 8 months life has been challenging to say the least.

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