When Is Your Favorite Time to Eat Breakfast?

I am not a big fan of breakfast — in the morning. When I wake up, all I require is my coffee and some yogurt, which pretty much does me until lunch time. However, give me breakfast for dinner — and I will eat like I haven’t eaten in days. There is just something about breakfast for dinner. Am I right ladies?

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter has recently released a couple of new “Breakfast after Dark” videos that include delicious recipes for Breakfast Frittata and a yummy California Breakfast Pizza

In the first video, Lisa Vanderpump, who is known for her role on the reality hit television show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, gets a lesson on cooking breakfast for dinner.

To watch more fabulous men make delicious breakfast meals for Lisa and to get the recipes, visit the site here.

How about you? When is your favorite time to eat breakfast?

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    Jennifer – Personally, I think that often the “best time for breakfast” is most definitely at lunch time.

    After all the word is “break-fast”, so anytime you choose to break a fast is the right time.

    Looking into the science of intermittent fasting I am becoming increasingly convinced that allowing your body a few extra hours to heal itself in the morning is almost always a good idea.

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    I usually take coffee when I wake up, and then eat breakfast as lunch around 11 or 12. Or I eat fruit if it’s nearby.

    However yes, breakfast for dinner is insanely delicious.

    I’ve found that I’m starting to need to eat earlier in the day, though, since beginning perimenopause. A great source of information that I found for menopause is a documentary called “Hot Flash Havoc”. Comprehensive and helpful, if anyone is interested you can check it out here: http://bit.ly/11XQcWS

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