3 Things I Have Learned While Wearing Braces

Jennifer here…

When I am talking to people, the first thing I look at is their teeth. I am not sure why that is. I think it’s because I have always dreamed of having straight teeth. If someone has extremely straight teeth and they are clean and are a beautifully shaded color of white, I always ask them — What’s your secret? I want to know what they are doing to keep their teeth looking so amazing.

Since having my Damon Braces, it has really become my mission to take care of my teeth. Before braces, I took care of my teeth somewhat — I brushed them every day and every night — and that was basically my extent of caring for my teeth. Now that I have my braces on, there are three things that I do religiously to make sure that my teeth stay clean and well maintained.

3 Things I Have Learned While Wearing Braces


I never use to floss at all. I thought it was a waste of time and to me, my time is precious. Now that I have my braces on, I floss every single day. I cannot believe the amount of gunk that gets stuck in between your teeth that does not come out with regular brushing. When the dentist who filled my cavities talked to me about why I needed to floss, I began to see the importance of it.

Flossing keeps that yucky stuff from turning into plaque, which is what causes tooth decay in the first place.

I keep floss sticks in my purse so anytime I am out somewhere, if I need to floss I can. If you were like me before hand, don’t skip flossing. It is super important for the health of your teeth, and for your braces.

Eating the Right Foods

One thing I have come to realize is that sugary foods are not good for me physically or internally. The sugar not only makes you gain weight and is disgusting to your body, but it also breaks down on your teeth as well. Since getting my braces on I have cut out almost all of what I eat that is sugary. I don’t think I will ever go back to eating those types of foods either — for the health of my body, and for the health of my teeth.

Going to the dentist regularly

All my life I have been scared of the dentist. Now that I have faced that fear, I make it a point to go to the dentist on a regular basis. Once my braces come off, I am going to continue that trend. I want to really care for my teeth so that I can have a beautiful smile the rest of my life.

Taking care of your teeth is essential. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to take care of you — and you can start that by taking care of your smile. A smile can light up the world, but if you are not happy with your smile, then you will probably be like me and hide it from the world. Don’t do that.

Do something about it. If you need orthodontic treatment, check into it. Braces are SO much more affordable now than they were 10 or 20 years ago. Braces are not just for kids and teens anymore. More and more adults are getting them on NOW because they are ready for that boost of confidence to return. A beautiful smile can do that for you.

A small amount of time with Damon System braces is absolutely worth it for a lifetime of white pearly beautiful teeth that everyone will fall in love with!

Let Damon Braces Get Your Smile on the Right Track

Damon Clear is part of the innovative Damon System, and offers a virtually invisible orthodontic option that delivers fast, comfortable treatment to accommodate today’s image-conscious adults and teens. There are two types that you can choose from — Clear on top and bottom, or clear on top with the silver brackets on the bottom.

Me on the right smiling my biggest smile yet!

Over the course of the next year—as an official Damon Diva—I will be checking in periodically to let you know how my treatment is going, share tips for having braces as an adult, and to share information about the Damon System and how these wonderful braces can help you achieve a gorgeous, more self confident and beautiful smile!

If you don’t want to wait, you can visit the Damon Braces website today, find an orthodontist in your area that specializes in the Damon System and make an appointment and get started.

Don’t be like me and wait because you think braces are too expensive or that you are too old. That is the beauty of this system. These braces are made for everyone — young and old. It’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always longed for!


I’m a Damon Diva and am being compensated for my time and will be treated with the Damon System and sharing that experience with you.

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    Before I had kids, I was very good about taking care of my teeth and flossed daily. Now, I hardly ever floss my teeth, and have gained three cavities!

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