Lettuce Love One Another, a new Veggie Tales DVD! (Giveaway)

The first time I was introduced to Veggie Tales was in college. Strange, I know. I was a bit skeptical when my roommates were talking about a tomato, a cucumber, and some “Silly Hairbrush“. But, after a few episodes, I was singing along with the rest of them!

There is just something about those vegetables that draw you in. Maybe it’s their comical characters, their catch songs, or the fact that, despite their lack of arms, legs, hands and feet, they make you believe they are going through the motions. Or maybe it’s because they center each episode or movie or song around a heartwarming message!

Now, ten years and three kids later, I’m able to continue to enjoy the fabulousness of Veggie Tales and my kids fall in love with them! It’s hard to believe that after twenty years, Veggie Tales is still finding new ways to help kids that God Made Them Special. And they are doing just that in their new DVD release, Lettuce Love One Another!

In Lettuce Love One Another, Bob the Tomato shares three favorite Veggie Tales episodes demonstrating how we can show love to others — Tomato Sawyer & Huckleberry Larry’s Big River Rescue, Abe & the Amazing Promise, and King George & the Ducky. The DVD also includes 5 new “Bible Bits”, fun short stories that show examples of forgiving, helping, giving, praying and sharing!

If you’ve never seen Veggie Tales, now is a great time to jump in! Kids of all ages will love watching these vegetables come to life (even if they don’t like seeing them on their dinner plate) and they will be learning amazing lessons all the while. And if you’ve been a Veggie Tale fan for years, the there’s no doubt that you and your family will love Lettuce Love One Another!

With Valentine’s Day just under a month away, it’s the perfect time to grab Lettuce Love One Another and share it with your little Valentines!

You can find Lettuce Love One Another, released this week for just $12.99, and other great Veggie Tales DVDs at many major retailers!

Now the big question is, with all this talk of Veggie Tales, how many of you have the theme song stuck in your head???

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  1. Danielle says

    I’ve never seen Veggie Tales before but from watching Lettuce love each other’s clip, I know my son would enjoy having the DVD!

  2. seena says

    our daughter watches veggie tales constantly. never heard of them up until 2 years ago and now we love them as much as she does..SOO hard to choose a favorite DVD. The Penniliess Princess, The BFF song, The Sippy Cup song. All hilarious and sweet!

  3. Ally says

    My two love just about every one they’ve seen, but for whole family entertainment, even Daddy loves The League of Incredible Vegetables! We recently bought Sweetpea Beauty, but have only watched it the once because both of mine are scared by the creepy talking mirror!

  4. says

    I love veggie tales! We painted all the characters on the walls of the nursery in a church I attended years ago. It was so cute! My favorite is the Characters of the Bible stories one.

  5. Zandy Mc says

    I really love the Penniless Princess! I have three little girls, and the Penniless Princess helps to teach and promote Self Worth and being secure in your own beliefs regardless of how others act and believe!

  6. Beth Stabley says

    There hasn’t been a Veggie Tales video that we haven’t enjoyed. I especially love their Christmas ones, The Star of Christmas & It’s a Meaningful Life.

  7. Schala Lacy says

    We love Veggie Tales and my home. Raising 2 boys as a single parent veggie tales give me a bit of quiet time. My 6yr old Paul know every word & my 8 month Old Job nods & wiggles to it

  8. says

    Madame Blueberry was the first veggietales I saw and has always been my favorite, but I love them all. My kids just got the Princess and the Popstar & The League of Incredible Vegetables for Christmas.

  9. Sarah Hawkins says

    We love “The Ballad of Little Joe.” We think all the videos are awesome, but that one was our introduction to VeggieTales and it is the funniest and our favorite! We hope to win your giveaway! Thanks.

  10. says

    jonah the veggietales movie is our fav. we seriously CANNOT get “praise the Lord, he’s the God of second chances” out of our heads. all. the. time. quite a catchy tune. 😛

  11. Nicole Precourt says

    I loved them all, but the ones I remember are The Grapes of Rath, Larry and The Rumour Weed and The Pirates that Don’t Do Anything.

  12. Krista Braaten says

    I loved King George and the Ducky and have a yellow rubber ducky that has the movie title on it. My boys love Larry Boy!

  13. Denise says

    Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything is my favorite movie
    If It Doesn’t Have a Tail is my favorite silly song. Even got the shirt for my 3 year old “monkey”

  14. Tracy says

    I think my favorite Veggie Tales is The Penniless Princess! I love the sing the BFF Song…my kiddos however, are obsessed with anything LarryBoy!!!

  15. Dennis says

    My grandaughter (and I) loves Veggietales. She’s about to turn two years old, and when she comes to our house she goes over to the DVDs and says, “Tales! Tales! Sweet Pea!” She, of course, gets to watch what she wants.

  16. Amanda Sears says

    It’s a tie between VeggieTales It’s a Meaningful Life and VeggieTales The Little Drummer Boy I love them both

  17. Michelle says

    I have a 2 year old daughter. She has recently started watching Veggie Tales. I love that she is learning about God and how much she is loved. I love that these videos are simple enough for a kiddo to learn from them, but that the lessons really are important. Every time she sees Veggie Tales out and about she gets so excited!!!

  18. Kristine M. says

    How can you pick just one? We love Princess and the Popstar, The League of Incredible Vegtables and It’s a Meaningful Life. I don’t think the could make one that we wouldn’t like. We LOOOOOOOVE Veggie Tales!!!!

  19. Shaena F says

    Esther, the girl who became queen, is one of my favorites, because it was one of the very last gifts that my grandmother gave, to my kids, before passing away. She was so excited to give that to them, which made it even more special!

  20. jILL says

    Our favorite is probably the Princess & the Popstar…although we do love LarryBoy, Dave & the Giant Pickle and the Wizard of Ha’s

  21. JR says

    All three of my girls LOVE Princess and the Popstar! My twins love to sing and dance with the songs and their older sister will stand up and belt out the songs. But I think my eldest definitely perfers Sweetpea Beauty. Aurora is her favorite Disney princess but she never asks to watch Sleeping Beauty…only Sweetpea Beauty!

  22. Sherlyn says

    My daughter Loves Veggie Tales…her favorite dvd right now is the “princess & the popstar”…we took her in October to see them live and she is absolutely hooked!!

  23. jeri says

    my Favorite Veggie Tale right now is penniless Princess but i love all of them we own most of them and my 5 year old nephew that lives with me watches at least one or more every day even with going to school.

  24. Jayne Cacioppo says

    My grandson, 8 months old, loves “Silly Little thing Called Love”. His parents love it too, along with all of the other ones.

  25. Theresa Hoff says

    We love Veggie Tales here! King George & the ducky, God made you special. Keep them coming they are so great for the kids!!

  26. Candice Hull says

    I love this giveaway! My favorite is either the Pirates That Don’t Do Anything or one of the Silly Song sets
    Thank you

  27. Hannah L says

    It’s so difficult to choose a favorite. One of the most recent ones we watched that I was quite impressed by was the one about St Nicholas.

  28. Wayne Lecoy says

    Please Enter Me In Your Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The Veggie Tales Lettuce Love One Another DVD.
    In Response To Your Question Of
    Which Veggie Tales DVD has been your favorite?
    My Favorite Veggie Tales DVD Is VeggieTales:The League of Incredible Vegetables.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!

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