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May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.-Romans 15:13

Discussion: How do you display the joy and peace that Christ has filled you with? How do you use the gifts that He has trusted you with to heap joy on those around you?

Did you cringe a little when you read that discussion question? Did you feel a twinge of guilt and want to quickly change the subject?

Because I did! And I don’t think I am the only mom out there who feels so overwhelmed with her family’s needs and busy schedule that she feels that there is little left for service.

Sure before I had my son, my life was all about ministry. I was a volunteer junkie!

But once my son entered the equation, I became overwhelmed with the tasks on my plate. Housework, mothering, working, and all that suburbia driving – I am so tired I can barely make it to church and Bible study let alone add volunteering!

So these kinds of questions leave me squirming.

Yet I don’t want stay in that negative place – so I faced the issues head on. Yes, I cannot add anymore titles to my name. I am not going to chair any committees and I am sorry, if there is a bake sale I will not be arriving with baskets of fresh-baked goods.

But does that exclude me from passing on joy? Am I ever too busy to spread peace and joy to those around us?

No way girls! I do not have to miss this party – it doesn’t require babysitting! I can sink deep into the Spirit, surrender my frustrations and my stresses and allow the Holy Spirit to refresh me. I can refuel my spirit all day long – even while I am driving. (I actually listen to Christian music now when I drive. It transforms the errands and taxiing of motherhood into a time of praise and renewal.) I can breathe in the Lord’s peace standing in line or reading my child a story. The Holy Spirit is with me everywhere.

And then, when I am full, I naturally overflow. I smile without noticing, I chirp friendly greetings and I pray as I move through my day. I can hear God’s voice and move through my day more aware of people’s needs.

We busy mothers can sprinkle joy throughout our days. And when home-schooling or sick kids trap us indoors, separated from the world, we can spread that joy to our families and beyond – I mean girls we do blog!!!

And as Kelly mentioned in her article here on Saturday, Service to Others, we can include our children in serving. It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment – remember I said I am overwhelmed as it is – it can be raking some leaves, bringing a gift to someone who is hurting or ill or even offering babysitting to another worn out mom. Our kids need to see us giving to others and learning how to give too. For me right now, that giving can’t be a huge time commitment, but if I keep an open spirit I will see the opportunities God is putting right in the middle of my day.

So, now that I think about it, this question isn’t so scary after all. I can allow God to use my friendly spirit and my gift of mercy to scatter joy around me, wherever my day takes me. I may not be going to meetings and planning events anymore, but I can still spread joy!

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    I loved your topic today. I don’t do as good a job as I could spreading the talent God has given me, but all my fellow artists know my faith and all my fellow churchgoers know I’m an artist, so I am trying to bring all facets of my life together. I too, used to be a volunteer junkie. I’m trying to pray heavily before accepting new tasks, to make sure God and not my ego is behind it.

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    I think we (I know I do) forget a simple smile or a cheery hello can spread joy. Your post really reminded me that when I’m feeling inner joy I’m most likely spreading it without even thinking about it. I think taking the time to stop and pray anytime we feel our own inner joy start to slip away might be a good way to remind ourselves to share that smile… Even if it’s in the busy check out line at the grocery store and the kids think they just HAVE to have that “Juicy Bottle Pop”.

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    Thanks for sharing that! :) I definitely needed it, and yes! It is so true. Being a mom can sap the service right out of you. It was good to have a reminder of what we can still do for Christ before the year’s end.

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    You said that you listen to Christian music. I was wondering if you could give me some names of good artists! I would like the Christian rock, so if you know any titles please do share!


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