How to Host a Fabulous Cookie Swap

This time of the year is my absolute favorite time of all. In my home, there is always some type of holiday baking going on. In fact, the tradition in our home is to invite our friends over and host a cookie swap! Cookie Swaps can be a ton of fun, and everyone walks away with a wonderful variety of delicious home baked goodies.


How to Host a Fabulous Cookie Swap

Here are my favorite tips for hosting a fabulous cookie swap!


Everyone should bring 5 to 6 dozen of their favorite cookies. When I host one, I try to make 3 different kinds, but if you want, you can just make one kind, but be sure to make at least 5 dozen.

Don’t Bake too early:

If you are going to bake your cookies a few days in advance, try to choose cookies that will last longer and still taste delicious. The best time though is bake them just a few hours before you take them to the swap so that they are still fresh!

Create fun invitations:

Enlist your creative child to make your cookie swap invitations. Include all the party info as well as what to bring. Especially make sure to include how many dozens to bring.

Give out a fun party favor:

Create an adorable keepsake gift by having everyone send you all their recipes ahead of time. Create an e-book and give them out to your party guests.

Create a packing station:

Set up a really neat station with packing boxes, ribbons, wax paper, and more so that guests can carry all their goodies home in one package.

Have fun baking your cookies!

Baking the cookies is always my absolute favorite thing to do. Ever since I got my Kitchenaid mixer, my daughter and I have put it to use. It has been one of the best investments my family has ever made! They gave it to me as a gift for Christmas one year. That item has now been marked off my Christmas wish list!

Another item of mine that really helps make my cookie swaps such a success is my wonderful Keurig Coffee Maker. You just cannot sample cookies without a delicious tasting cup of coffee and Keurig makes THE best coffee ever!

Best Buy Can Help YOU Have a Great Cookie Swap!

Check out the 5 Minutes for Mom Gifts That Do wishlist for more ideas on items that can help make your cookie swap a success as well as beautify your home in the process. One of my wishlist items this year is a fire pit. I want to sit out on my porch during the holidays drinking my coffee and sharing my cookies with my family while we stay warm around a crackling fire. That is total holiday fun right there.

What would you add to your wish list? We’d love to hear about it. Share yours in the comments below.

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