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    oh, that looks cold! I’m such a wimp…it hit 62 degrees this evening and I couldn’t take it and headed home.
    Great pictures!
    mine is up…what do you get with 21 grandchildren in the house for Thanksgiving? Wild times- of course.
    Jenny in Ca

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    Oh my goodness! It’s usually like this around here at some point by now or soon… kinda strange that I’ve had my windows open, the heat off, & Christmas decor up right now! I know it won’t last for long! So glad YOU don’t have to do the shoveling!

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    SNOW!!!!!!! Wow. That looks like so much fun. It was almost 80 degrees here today in Texas. I was Christmas shopping in a t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops. I wish we had some of that snow!!!

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    Wow, that is a LOT of snow! I live in Michigan and normally we have that much snow right now too. It has been uncommonly warm and for that we are thankful! The cold front is set to hit later this week and it is not fun getting little ones in and out of the car in that weather. Happy Shoveling-we will be doing that soon!

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    Love the pix – we got a bit today, but not enough to shovel – it’s helping get me in the mood for all I need to do, though. I don’t know where you’re from.

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    As for the shorts – yes my hubby barely even owns any pants. He wears shorts year round – except for work. My son follows his lead and wears shorts as much as he can. I don’t allow him in shorts outside in the snow – but when he comes in he changes back into shorts. LOL

    We rarely get this much snow and it will soon return to rain. So we are enjoying our bit of winter.

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    Ugh! That will be here at my house before I know it, and I don’t want it!! And he is shoveling in shorts???? I have to figure out what pic I want to use for today.

    Have a great Wednesday!

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    Snow..oh no…im not ready for snow…im still waiting for the town to pick up our leaves…then it can snow…and shorts? He must be cold…I hope they had fun. Mine is up too.
    Happy WW.

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    My husband would be out in shorts too! And possibly Tevas, although he says his rule is no Tevas after a snowfall, but he did it last year. . .

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    Oh Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
    Looks like the little one is having fun being like the big one tho!!! hehehehehe

    Happy Wednesday.
    Mine’s posted. I’ve started a decorations parade for bloggers this holiday season, hope you can join.

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    Yikes!! Look at all that snow!! (And you said there was even more later!) You are lucky you have two strong guys to do the shoveling! 😉 Happy WW to you!

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    Wow! I’m glad we don’t have any yet. We usually only get snow a couple of times a year in Jan. and Feb. — just enough to play in for a day, then it goes away. :) I like it like that. :)

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    I’m envious! I love snow but rarely get more than just an inch or two where I live. I do know that it’s really hard work to shovel it, though. My husband is from New England and I’ve heard all his war stories (at least twice lol)

    Have a great Wednesday….love the pictures!

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    That’s what our town looks like today. We got totally dumped on last night. Took me an hour to get to work today when it normally takes 20 minutes.

    Great pics!

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    Oh, my favorite thing is hubby in shorts shoveling snow. You have no idea what a “Colorado” look that is. I’ve seen people snow skiing in shorts! I love these photos.

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    Does that man own a pair of pants? LOL, love the snow. Our high will be 18 degrees today and it is snowing. So good you have 2 strong men to shovel.

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    I love the pic of shovelling in shorts! When we’ve had visiting preacher’s come from other countries they have remarked about people wearing shorts and winter jackets in the middle of winter. Only in Canada, eh? :v)

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    thank god i have no snow. i can’t even tell you the amount of times we had to shovel. i was willing to pay a months salary to have someone shovel for me:)

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    I don’t think there’s ever been enough snow here to actually shovel. What’s funny is driving around looking at all the snowmen kids build. It’s something akin to the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It hardly ever snows here in winter, but sometimes it will snow in like, April.

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    That’s usually what we’re doing just about now but for some reason our weather was switched with those on the west coast. My parents in BC, who never hardly ever get snow – are shoveling themselves out of about a foot and right now, here at my home around breakfast time, it is almost 15C (close to 59F) outside and slightly raining.

    Enjoy the pretty white stuff!!

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    OMG! That’s a lot of snow. Brrr. For once, I can say about someones picture: I don’t want to be there!!! Usually it’s travel pictures I always say the opposite too :-)

    I hope it will stay away from here as long as possible. We have unusually warm weather this fall and beginning of winter, thank god.

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    That snow looks great! We’re still waiting for ours! It just doesn’t seem like winter until we get a little of the white stuff! I guess I’ll have to keep waiting and enjoying your photos instead!


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