Tackle it Tuesday: Greeting The Holidays

Tackle It Tuesday

The other day I was on my way to a costume party and I quickly ran into the grocery store to grab some Halloween cookies. The frightening part of this activity was not all of the gory costumes or the tempting candy, but the fact that all of the Christmas decorations were already on display!

As hard as it is to believe, the 2012 holiday season is beginning so my “Tackle It Tuesday” project is to get a jumpstart on my greeting card preparations. If you are ready to get started on this activity, check out these tips to jumpstart the process:

  • Update new addresses. Delete old addresses and verify any changes in contact information.
  • Review the card list. Limit the list to fifty contacts. Consider sending cards to long distance friends or contacts you only see occasionally.
  • Make address labels. Type all of the addresses in a label format. Set a goal to complete this before Thanksgiving so that everything will be ready to print when you need it.
  • Select pictures. If you are sending photo cards or inserting snapshots in your holiday greetings, narrow down the choices or make a photography sitting appointment soon.
  • Outline a letter. If you like to send family updates with your cards, now is a perfect time to draft your holiday letter. When writing a family Christmas letter, check out the past year’s calendar to remind you of funny and happy memories you have enjoyed throughout the year.
  • Stamp it. Avoid waiting in long lines at the post office and order your holiday stamps online through the postal service.
  • Return to sender. To speed the card addressing process up, consider buying return address labels or a printed stamp.
  • Set an appointment. If the job of dealing with holiday greeting cards is a little overwhelming, make an appointment (in the near future) with yourself to handle this task.

Have you started any of your holiday preparations yet? Please fill me in!

What are you tackling this week?

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