Scrapbooking Made Easy: Halloween Mini Album

If you are like me, you probably have tons of pictures of your kids from every holiday possible. Maybe you’ve thought I’d like to scrapbook but I don’t have the time to make full pages right now.

Well this post is just for you! Here I’ll share how to make a mini album that not only will be fast to create but easy.

I like to create with what supplies I already have at hand. I feel as long as you have an assortment of colors that go with the theme/Holiday you are ready to create.

Materials Needed

  • Cardstock
  • Accessories: Letter stickers (It’s fun to mix them up) Washi tape and any extra embellishments you’d like to add
  • Photo Prints
  • Fibers/Ribbon
  • Ink
  • Tools: Paper trimmer and adhesive


To get started I cut down my 12 x12 cardstock into 4×12 inch strips. I wanted to make a small mini album so I only used three strips. Two from the orange cardstock and one from the black.  The rest of the cardstock I will use to make cards my kids can give their friends with a little goodie bag as a treat.

To bind the album I like to use twine. Once I have folded and created the booklet  I mark the middle with 3 dots where I should insert my twine.  Once I have done this I tie a knot and I’m ready to get started to create my mini album.



I decided that since my kids costumes had so many different colors I would edit them into black and white which makes it easier to coordinate  with any  embellishments I would be adding.



To decorate my cover I started by distressing and stamping my front.  Ink and stamps are a way of decorating without adding too much bulk. When you use the same ink of your cardstock it gives a soft effect.

This is what I ended up after I finished decorating the cover.  I created my title with wood letters, sticker letters and added a spritz of color. For the spritz you can use any paint you have and just sprinkle color by using a paint brush tip to give a splatter look.


This is my first page  I used a large 4×6 picture to use as my focal point to start to tell my story about last year’s Halloween. I used a flair with the sentiment to start the story.


To be able to document each of the kids I used a page for each. I used my trusty journaling cards and used washi tape to decorate each of the cards.


Using different letter fonts is a way to also highlight what you want to showcase and a way to use your letters you might have left over.



To tie in the first page with my last one I once again used a 4×6 picture to end my little story. I left the journal cards blank so I could write what I wanted later which also helps the process of getting the album complete easier and faster.



I hope you enjoyed this little mini album and will create your own mini to document your Holiday or event you might have plenty of pictures of. I love to be have them to display and share with family and friends. This is a wonderful way to not only document your memories but have your pictures tell your story.

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