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This may sound silly – but I often say, “You can only see what you are looking at.”

Is that just a tad too obvious? But really, it helps me keep my eyes focused on the right things, the important things and the good things.

The moment I let my eyes drop and fixate on the negative stuff collecting around my feet, I miss seeing all the wonderful things in my life.

Sometimes life is agonizing and finding the good is incredibly difficult.

But often life has lots of wonderful moments, but we miss them because we are obsessing over the bad – the person we can’t forgive, the bad mood we can’t shake, the mess the kids just made, the argument we had with our mate.

So for me, I need to continually stop and refocus. Get my eyes firmly fixed on the good things God is doing and his many wonderful gifts.

Over at Faith Lifts today, Heather gives us a Thankfulness Challenge.

This week is thanksgiving. My challenge to you is to daily write down the small things you are thankful for. Not the obvious things, but the little things that happen in your life. Journal them, so you don’t forget them. Truly appreciate them.

Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.

So today, I am thankful for my husband.

I have been thanking God for him all weekend actually. I have been really sick these last several days and I don’t know how I would have made it through without him. All week, when he came home from work he would let me go lie down.

And this weekend, I have slept and rested so much that I am starting to feel a bit better. He has done dishes, made meals, and looked after Jackson.

I am so grateful – thanks Phil!!! :)

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    I love it too, what a wonderful observation!…thanks. There are so many things I am grateful for my hubby, my children, my church, my mum & dad…I am a blessed girl!

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    Janice, “You can only see what you are looking at” – I love the way you put that!

    It’s a matter of focus. You know, like when you first fall pregnant and suddenly there seems to be pregnant women everywhere… it isnt a baby boom – it’s just that now you are thinking about pregnancy and therefore you notice that. Or when you decide to buy a new car, and all of a sudden there seems to be thousands of that particular car on the road everywhere.

    It’s the same with anything. So your reminder to firmly fix on the good things in our lives is beautiful. When we’re looking for good things, for the ordinary miracles of our lives – we’ll see them everywhere! [and attract more of into our life too!]

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    I find myself thinking of the bad more than the good. I need to make a concious effort to see the good things in life, so I don’t walk through it grumpy! Thanks for your post! It was a nice reminder!

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    You’re so right when you say that finding the good is difficult sometimes.Like you, I often have to stop and refocus on the good things from time to time.Remind myself that I have lots to be thankful for too. It’s a great post Janice.

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    I hope you are feeling even better today. (Catching up late here as my girls have been battling colds.) How sweet that your hubby let you take the time you needed to rest. Rest does wonders for a weary body. :0)


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