Make the Spookiest Halloween Decorations on the Block

Spookiest Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just round the corner and there’s so much fun you can have with the entire family. Not by just eating so much chocolate and candy that you’re sick, but by spending quality time together by making your house as spooky and scary as possible.

Making your own Halloween decorations from what you have around the house is easy and fun for all the family – and it means you don’t have to spend a fortune.

In the house

There’s so much you can do in your house to make it scary. Start in the kitchen; do you have any leftover jars or beakers? If so, you can put some creepy objects in the jars with some water, use a couple of drops of food coloring and hey presto you have a mad scientist’s work bench. If you have a lot of framed pictures of family members around the house, they will still need costumes too! Cut out little devil horns and witches hats to stick to the glass frames with sellotape or white tack (something that can be easily cleaned off the glass) and everyone will look suitably creepy for the occasion.

In the garden

Create a weird walkway for the trick or treaters to walk along when they come looking for candy. Get some cardboard and cut into different shapes and paint them dark grey. By writing some ghoulish sayings like “Here Lies” and “RIP” on them, they will look like horrible grave stones. You could even go the extra mile by making a scary hand reaching through the soil to really make it look like zombies are rising from the ground! Alongside the obligatory creepy jack o’lanterns, you backyard cemetery will definitely send a shiver down the spine of the would-be trick or treaters running around the street!

Spiders are pretty scary creatures – especially when they are enormous! Make some giant spiders to crawl up your house and perch on your garden shed to really make your garden a spooky sight. You could even use silly string to make a web for the spiders to sit on.

To make giant spiders…

  1. Fill a garbage bag with old newspaper or bubble wrap and tie the end to create the body.
  2. To create the legs, fill one of the bags along its length with more newspaper, but wrap the bag over itself to make it leg-shaped.
  3. Run wire along the length of the legs to make them stiff and spider-like.
  4. Tie the end with a cable tie, and repeat the process seven more times to create all the legs.
  5. Add googly eyes to the body, stick on the legs and there you have a giant spiders.

It goes without saying that if you and the children are working on these peculiar projects together, they should be supervised at all times to prevent any accidents occurring.

Everyone loves it when you can recycle household objects to make someone new, so have a hunt around the house and see what you can come up with. Hopefully these scary ideas will inspire you to go a little Halloween crazy this year, and make it one to remember.

Guest post written by Danielle Burch

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